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Friday, 8 December 2006


Searching for a meaning, where there ain’t none.
I haven’t got a clue ‘bout whats going on.

Got a rage inside
that I can no longer hide.

I keep on screaming, but I’m not mad.
I keep on crying, but I’m not sad.

Got a feeling that things are wrong
My brain is ticking, a human time bomb.

Do you know where your children are tonight ?
Dressed like tarts and dealers, what a sight.

You must be really proud of them.
To treat ‘em like grown ups at the age of ten.

Where are the morals we had before ?
An alco-pops bottle smashed on the floor.

Real life, fake and phoney.
Communities of the lost and lonely.

Alienation, boredom and despair.
Scapegoats are everywhere.

Asylum seekers and refugees,
Are bringing the country to it’s knees.

It’s written in the papers, it must be true.
Benefit scroungers are taking from me and you.

Stir it up a little more,
Fuel the fire for a race war.

All that is solid melts into the air.
A world turned upside down, doesn’t care.

Struggling on trying to keep it together.
In a disposable world nothing lasts forever.

The hardest thing is getting up each day,
Knowing it doesn’t have to be this way.

Searching for a meaning,
in a time when nothing means anything .

Living in a dead democracy,
Everything is all at sea

Riots, bombs and bird flu
Looks like they’re coming, for me and you.

As it all crashes down, round our ears,
The guilty feed on all our fears.

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