Monday, 8 June 2015

FLESH FOR LULU....Nick Marsh R.I.P

This post is in memory of Nick Marsh, formerly the Vocalist/Guitarist of Flesh For Lulu, and more recently a member of The Urban Voodoo Machine, who died recently. I had many a good time at Flesh For Lulu gigs back in the day, thanks for that Nick.

This live recording of Flesh For Lulu is from The Markthalle in Hamburg at the end of 1985, and the photo was taken at Bowes Lyon House, Stevenage earlier on in the same year. Thanx to the original uploaders of the music and pic, and Rest In Peace Nick Marsh.

Friday, 8 May 2015

CHARGE 69 - Much More Than Music (*A REVIEW*)

For over Twenty years Charge 69 have been France's premier purveyors of Punk Rock. Their latest album Much More Than Music is a best of with a difference. Ten original Charge 69 songs revisited and sung in English by a tasty selection of punk rock heroes; TV Smith (The Adverts), Matt Dangerfield (The Boys) Beki Bondage (Vice Squad), Colin (GBH), Greg (The Outcasts), Charlie Harper (UK Subs), Micky Fitz (The Business), Campino (Die Toten Hosen) Roger Miret (Agnostic Front) and Arturo Bassick (The Lurkers)
Each track is a punch in the face that floors the listener, these are killer blows from a pounding and pummelling rhythm section, and for anyone left standing razor sharp guitar riffs slash you in two. The guest vocalists inject their own passion into Charge 69's already potent punk rock mix.  
Powerful, polished and well produced stuff, catchy and tuneful, a frantic action packed adrenalin soaked street punk riot that is indeed much more than music. No self respecting Punk'n'Roller should be without a copy of this album. Available soon from the good people at Time And Matter Recordings.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

ENEMIES OF PROMISE - Heroes and Villains - (*A REVIEW*)

Following quickly on from their debut six track mini album, Please Enjoy Your Punk Rock Responsibility, Enemies of Promise unleash the follow up; Heroes and Villains.  Ten tracks of tuneful, thoughtful catchy polemic. This is blood red stuff, the machine gun drum beats, crunching and chugging guitars get your feet taping. Songs about labour exploitation, war, the abuse of power, right wing politics and the media get yer fist raised and yer heart pumping.

One day all things will change so long as there are decent folk like Enemies of Promise picking up guitars, writing pure and passionate political songs and singing them from the roof tops. Heroes and Villains is a perfectly timed musical head shot straight between the eyes soundtrack to the present political post election climate in this (dis)United Kingdom.
I haven't heard anything as politically charged as this since the Red Wedge, Anarcho Punk times of Thatcher's Eighties. Thirty five later and nothing much has changed, if anything at both a local and global level things have got worse.  

Enemies of Promise are a voice of sanity amongst the shouting of our political leaders and the silence of mainstream musicians in a time when there's a lot to be said and needs to be said about the state our society.   Check out Enemies of Promise here and hear what they've got to say with their Post Punk Rock Sixties Stained Pop'n'Roll music.

Sunday, 26 April 2015


Two weeks before the Great British Vote Off, and I thought it was about time I spewed a few snippets of thoughts your way, stuff that's been floating around my head over the last few weeks. Some of them are Election related some of them are more general.

Don't spend your life thinking, comparing or judging it against what others have or have not got. Dissatisfaction guaranteed!

Bad news and dodgy deals buried under under the wreckage of a plane crash, as the media bleed tears from the readers and viewers eyes as they watch another hyper real spectacle.

Migrants drown escaping from conflicts that Europe and America caused, then walked away from. Changes in EU policies to the way The Mediterranean Sea has been policed have made these human tragedies more commonplace, and I wouldn't put it past the powers that we let be to be complicit in the whole people smuggling business, what better way to control the numbers, sink a few boats because the dead and drowned don't need asylum.

Politicians will fight for votes with propaganda and lies....We'll do this, we've done that, we'll continue to do this, they'll do that. For the many or for the few. For the old or for the new. For the rich or for the poor. Here they come knocking on the door with their promises and lies.

What is it in our society about sex and children? If they've not been abused by Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris or Cyril Smith. Their parents have dressed them like mini drug dealers and prostitutes, now twelve year olds are freely able to access porn on the internet. A younger generation to sexed up to fuck the system, they're only heading in one direction.

Only in a dying Democracy could some politicians talk about making it compulsory for Young People between 18-24 to vote. Perhaps in the future we'll see people fighting and campaigning for the right not to vote. Then it's possible that the balance of power in this dis-united kingdom could be in the hands of the Scottish Nationalist Party, who no one can vote for unless they live in Scotland, and the SNP want to break away from English rule, or as the media are saying want to“Destroy the United Kingdom.”

If there is another coalition once again it will be an unelected government, showing once again that we are living in a dying democracy, where the buggering of boys is covered up by an establishment intent on protecting other prominent paedos; our justice system is just as corrupt as our political and economic ones, where the desires of the haves are all met and satisfied, while the have nots are brainwashed into desiring things they don't really need but, have to have. One law for one, one for the other.

Casting aside our Democratic Deficit for a moment, on May the 8th the citizens of Britain will wake to a new government, that if political pundits and their polls are to be believed will be neither red nor blue, but a rainbow colour. Old style left'n'right politics are dead; people are slowly starting to wake from their slumber and are seeing that 'traditional politics' have failed them on every level. Voters are turning to the smaller single issue parties, unfortunately this has seen a rise in support for the likes of UKIP, but in a 'Democracy' we have to tolerate their divisive, derisive and populist opinions about immigration. Nigel Farages bullshit, his so called honesty is just lies that people who are still half asleep believe to be true, but these people could awaken a Right Wing Beast if the Conservatives needed the support of UKIP in order to govern the country for another five years. Welcome to ConUK plc, so long as you are English.

Democrazy rules! If the SNP want to destroy the UK, which is what people fear about a Labour SNP coalition then fuck knows what a Tory UKIP coalition are gonna do; with their promises of referendums on Britain’s EU membership, because in order to trade with other nations you need to have something to sell them, and there is nothing Made In Britain anymore. Britain wouldn't survive in isolation we need Europe, yeah maybe some of the Brussels Dictates need to be looked at, but fundamentally just as people need to work together so do nations, but it needs to be about co-operation not competition if we cant see that then we are mad in Britain.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

GANG WAR! - A MPFree Download!

Johnny Thunders and Wayne Kramers short lived Gang War fell apart on the New York streets a few months after these four tracks were recorded in May 1980 at Max's Kansas City. They find the Thunders and Kramer partnership in fine form, sometimes this wasn't always the case. On paper it was an inspired connection (New York Dolls + MC5) the reality however proved different and the struggle between Thunders the entertainer and Kramer the musician on top of disputes over the dollar became too much and it all ended too soon leaving very little behind in the way of a musical legacy bar several live recordings, (the best of which is Jungle Records GANG WAR!) much of the studio stuff remains officially unreleased. (Now there's a project for Easy Action or Jungle Records.... The complete Gang War collection.) which is criminal, because the stuff I've heard is the real Rock'n'Roll deal, as are the four tracks here. Thanx to the original uploader.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

FS1E - The Drones (*A REVIEW*)

Should politics and music mix? Yes most definitely, Music Is Revolution!
In a right and just world The Drones would be a summer number one single.... mind you in a right and just world this righteous soundscape of a song might never have been written.
FS1E's new single is an address to a nation in distress and a response/reaction to the English we are better than them, with our rose tinted nostalgia glasses mentality It is a soothing and scathing public service announcement with... scratchy guitars a looping bass line and rattling drums. It hums, buzzes and floats around your head, and the chorus is a killer: “Send in the drones So the boys can stay home You think your living in Rome you should act like a Roman. Send in the drones go blow up some homes Then you think they'll leave us alone You must be joking.” There is something special going on here, and you really should jump aboard the FS1E ride....It's pop music but not as you know it....Yet!

Saturday, 4 April 2015

NIKKI SUDDEN - The Last Bandit in The World.

Here's another chance to get hold of a copy of a scare vinyl only, and no longer available on the free market Nikki Sudden album, The Last Bandits in The World (Side One) + (Side Two) Enjoy! Nikki may have been gone for nine years now, but his music lives on and so does his memory, especially when you've got the Easy Action Records stall selling new previously unreleased stuff. Check out last years Fred Beethoven album, it rocks like only Nikki rocks, and the two solo acoustic ones The Copenhagen Affair and Christmas Day Blues both find him in fine melancholy minstrel mood and mode. Great stuff.... Nikki Lives!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

the DeRELLAS - Rock'n'RollerCoaster EP (*A REVIEW*)

The DeRellas new EP is what it says on the tin.... A Rock'n'Rollercoaster trip....1...2...3 tracks of thrills, spills and Heartbreakers gitaaargh licks bleeding all over the garage floor. Hey, Ho, Lets Go! The DeRellas hurtle head long straight at yer on the manic riot rampage ride that is the opening track Rock'n'Rollercoaster. Next up is the fully loaded gunslinging growl, swagger and stomp of She's A Pistol, before the short ride ends with the woah, woah oh! swamp Ruts skuzz of Day Of The Dead....Slam! Bam! this is right between the eyes 100% Proof Punk'n'Roll....Pogo yerself aboard the ride over at their website or facebook page, and hold on tight!

Saturday, 14 March 2015

THE NOVEMBER FIVE - A Little Knowledge (*A REVIEW*)

Three years on since their dynamite debut album If You Are Satisfied You Are Dead The November Five are all fired up with their explosive new single. A Little Knowledge b/w Hot Cell
These are two punchy power packed tunes that crunch, chop and crash their way into your cranium, enormous and epic, emotive and essential. This is life affirming Rock'n'Roll, a wake up call to the mediocre and mundane.  The band are currently working on their second album, due for release later this year and on the strength of this single it should be a good 'un! Get the new single and past products over at The November Five Website.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

CONTINENTAL LIAISON - Update From The Machine / CONTINENTAL LIAISON - Update From The Machine / CONTINENTAL LIAISON - Update From The Machine / CONTINENTAL LIAISON - Update From The Machine /

Continental Liaison have been busy since I last put digits to keyboard and wrote about them.
UPDATE#1 The Future Tape has been released by boutique US label Exotic Aquatic, it is a 6 Track mini-album available on very limited cassette with download or as download only. All formats available from Continental Liaison's Bandcamp page. Cassette available in US from Aquatic Exotic.
UPDATE#2 Live at Red Rose records is a 5 track live recording compiled from a couple of gigs in Boscombe and when they supported Sigue Sigue Sputnik at The Railway in Winchester last October. Available from Continental Liaison's website.
A SYNOPSIS Musically out of time, but in perfect tune with post millennium Britain. Continental Liaisons have got something unique going on. Drawing from a vast and varied selection of influences they have created a 21st Century lo-fi techno garage Rock'n'Roll machine. They are armed and dangerous with a box of beats, a guitar, that fuzzes and phases as the hypnotic and robotic throb of the keyboards pulse around your brain.... like Depeche Mode on Dexedrine. Brilliant Stuff! Don't Ignore The Machine! 
*MPFREE DOWNLOAD* I Wanna Be Your Dog (Live @ Red Rose Records) click here if you want a blast from the Continental Liaison machine!  "LIFE CAN BE A WORK OF ART."

Sunday, 1 March 2015


I am no apologist for the evils that IS, ISIS, ISAL or whatever this Islamic State have been branded and re-branded as, but....Maybe there is some possible truth behind statements that British Secret Services have helped to radicalise people like poster boy 'Jihad John' who just like the three school girls that recently ran off to Syria to become butchers brides was on the radar of MI5, alongside the killers of Lee Rigby and the 7/7 London bombers, and pretty much anyone linked to acts of Islamic Terror against Britain since 9/11 and the subsequent war on an unseen force. Terror is not an object, it is a feeling, and the only thing we really have to fear is fear itself. There is only fear and terror if people believe there is, and thanks to the state and the media these feelings have been created and consumed by people. Fear keeps the people unfree, and that's the way the powers we let be like it. It has all been created; every suicide bomber and every head that rolls is a consequence of not only Western Governments war on terror but also their past involvement supporting the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in their fight against the Russians in Afghanistan during the 1980's to the more recent alliance with Islamic State in their struggle against the Syrian state. Without believers propaganda would not spread. Imagine if there was nothing to fear and no terror, without these fostered feelings who knows what sort of a world we would be living in today....Think about it!

Monday, 16 February 2015


The Conservatives say nothing about what they are going to do about the fat cat cash addicted tax avoiders and evaders, but announce that if the obese, alcoholics and junkies don't get treatment for their illnesses then they will get their benefits cut.
The Labour Party have an idea what to do about the Tax Crims; they're gonna target those at the bottom of the business money pile, the ones doing cash in hand work, yeah they may be evading paying their taxes but they are only doing what the big guys are doing, but in a small way. It's all relative, and the amount any small businesses avoid paying is small change compared to how much the corporate conglomerates and multi millionaires have short changed UK plc by.
Money talks and bullshit walks because the powers that we let be and their cash concealing cronies are contemptuous c**t's!


Smart phones aint that smart when they are dumbing people down with apps that take away the power of people to think for themselves, except when deciding what app to use and for what purpose. People need to wise up and apply themselves to thinking for themselves, it was the difference between humans and machines, but in this era or should I say error of total technology I'm not so sure, I mean you can get apps that enable you to talk to your phone and it will answer you back. People have become slaves to the machine and the tricknology of modern life which controls and confines them in the name of progress. The futures not bright, the future's gonna be dark as presently people are being turned stupid and they don't even see it happening in front of their eyes, because they are to busy staring at the screens of their phones!   

Saturday, 14 February 2015

BOB DYLAN - Shadows In The Night (*A Review*....of sorts.)

Bob Dylan's new album Shadows In The Night certainly swings....like a corpse on the end of a rope! It's a good album, but I think I'll only be able to listen to it in small (over)doses. I'm not saying its down and depressing, but I had to put on Lou Reed's Berlin afterwards to cheer myself up!

Monday, 9 February 2015


In a coalition government compromises have to be made; the student fees will haunt Clegg through out the rest of his political career, which could be cut short in May depending on what the voters think, but what did Clegg stop the Tories getting away with; welfare reforms seem pretty harsh with the community destroying bedroom tax, but how much worse could they have been if Cameron had total control of our un elected government, because lets not forget that the people didn't vote for a coalition! But hey that's democracy for ya! The people always get what they want; the pound in their pocket and the right to buy, the right to buy any old shit that the free market places on the peoples table at whatever cost, even our freedom security cameras on ex-council houses, total surveillance satellite navigation, flatscreen HD to see the bullshit bigger and brighter. Technology just keeps giving while taking away our freedom to think and feel like human beings. They stand in judgement as a hostages head rolls across Syria’s sand while forgetting the crimes committed by the British Empire. What we have today is because of Colonial slaughter and theft, it makes me proud to be British. It still goes on civil wars in Africa while the Chinese mine for the minerals to use in the mobile phones people have become enslaved to with their apps that tell them everything, what to do and when to do it; #Ineedashit The British government(s) support this new colonialism by the Chinese they want their money, and the Arabs money the powers that we let be shake the hands of regimes that kill and torture, and they are doing it in our name. But hey these are the good immigrants, not the ones stealing the jobs no-one wants to do, So when it comes time to vote just remember that in the world of global politricks compromises are made for what others have got. Well I don't want it, I'd rather we had and lived in a world were everything wasn't upgraded, one were people were satisfied with what they had. Supply and demand, they only produce if people consume. Money really does make the world go round and it is destroying it! No latest Nokia or Iphone....No need to mine for minerals, therefore no civil wars, cut down on our enemy consumption less need for oil. Too simplistic an idea for a complicated world, I dunno it would involve some corporate compromise because money is power and power buys governments....money talks....bullshit walks! That's why I aint gonna vote.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Something to say on a Sunday.

So if the Labour Party win the up and coming (Dis)United Kingdom election it will be “catastrophic” for the economy said a business leader, and that 'Big Business' will not support the Labour Party, funny that as Labour have said they will put an end to tax avoidance schemes and scams, well that remains to be seen, just like the Chilcott Report on the Iraq war that the Labour Party illegally fought in our name. No coincidence that business leaders wont support any party that says it will end all their offshore banking business, and probably no coincidence that the Chillcott Report wont be released until after the election, in-case there's anything damaging to the Labour Party, or the Conservatives for that matter, as the majority of them all supported it. Lets not forget that money, especially arms money makes the world go round and Big Business isn't gonna want to see their Tory friends chances of re-election ruined.

The Iraq war did not make the world a safer place, it made a few people a lot richer; those that worked in the arms and security industries for example companies with politicians from all parties on the board of directors.

In a bid to get into the minds of their members and voters that grew up on punk rock the latest magazine sent out by the UNISON Trade Union has appropriated the infamous Never Mind The Bollocks Sex Pistols album cover. So any UNISON members that have stuck with the Anarchy in the UK Fuck The System values....Keep on keeping on, don't sell out to the man, people may have died for the right to vote but this present political system is killing what's left of our democracy, so the only real option is not to vote if in your heart you don't support any of the parties standing for election. Back in 1968 Grass Eye a Manchester Underground Magazine had this to say - ”The Labour Party is no alternative...non-involvement in politics is a better option than trying to turn the Labour Party into a left-wing party. It should either be smashed or ignored. The revolution happens here, not tomorrow, but now. It's us versus capitalism.” Forty Seven years later these words still ring true.

Friday, 30 January 2015


Well....What can I say....The Mayor of London, a possible future Member of Parliament, and some say Prime Minister, opens his mouth and spews forth shit, (no change there then.) and The Sun Newspaper publish his words! What the Fuck!.... Why?….for what possible reason? It is hardly gonna make a bad situation any better when Islamaphobic paranoia already stalks the streets of Britain. Today’s story isn't gonna exactly please any Jihadist Scum readers, who are already pissed off with Guantanamo and British torture of detainees, talk about poking a sleeping dog with a stick. Lets wind-up the extremists so they go and kill with machetes, guns and explosives and the streets of London run red with blood. After reading the article the only conclusion I have come to is, that is exactly what The Powers That We Let Be want to happen in order to continue with the mass surveillance and militarization of British society and a future full blown religious war. Conspiracies become clearer, because otherwise this media nonsense makes no sense, unless Boris Johnson is just trying to show everyone that he's not scared or paranoid,posing with an AK47, who does he think he is Vladimir Putin? It is a piece of provocative publishing, a story that should never have been told and one that history will no doubt try and forget.  

Thursday, 29 January 2015

"It's only words, and words are all we have."

Total Remote Control.


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

URBAN DOGS - 'New Single' (*A REVIEW*)

After the sublime acoustic strum of the Bonefied album, the Urban Dogs have plugged in again and released this electrifying double A side single, which shines brightly in this new dark age.  Rebellion Song is a slow and solid tune that marches into your head, a lead guitar bleeds amongst the thumping rhythm as Mr Harper sings about writing rebellion songs in a world where the pictures of war and destruction write the history of governments One Foot In The Grave is an up tempo toe tapping little number, propelled along by a chugging guitar and Knox's narrative about nothing really changing over time, in a world where the poor are still the poor and politicians are still liars. This single is a gritty growling socio/political statement, possibly the best couple of songs the Urban Dogs have released....Ignore at yer peril, but be quick cos those cheeky chappies at Time & Matter have only pressed up 500 copies. Available here!

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Our freedom to think is being taken away by a generation content with having the new technologies doing it all for them. e.g. Sat Navs and apps. The power to think, at your fingertips. People are building their own cages, they are becoming prisoners of and to progress, slaves to the machine, captured and held captivated by its power, as they buy into the power of a HD 3D, Flat screen mega byte instant download world where the reality is virtual until real life explodes onto the streets like Grand Theft Auto the terrorist takeover. A Freeview freedom of endless repeats; DIY, Home swap dissatisfaction, a hundred channels of chewing gum for the eyes which tell you that your home is shit, your life is shit, but you can change it if you buy this and do that. Emotional needs and wants are manipulated. A created consciousness of life style choices, where one size doesn't fit all, and any thing different is deviant. We have been conditioned to conform. The market place sells food, alcohol and cigarettes yet people are judged and condemned if they are too fat, smoke or drink too much and then penalised if they need health care. Justice see robber bankers walking free while drug addicts are locked up. A disease is now a crime! It's all about the money the government says things are getting better the economy is picking up, some are spending while others rely on the charity of food-banks. The poor are being socially cleansed from their homes, they are priced out by Russian oligarchs, Chinese capitalists and Middle East oil sheiks buying up properties to sit vacant, while people sleep on the streets. The overweight smokers are stigmatized by a society that takes no responsibility for its actions but is quick to judge and label people. The free market has created all the social issues we see today; fast food, and cigarettes, if that's the problem, don't sell the product. They profit from the pain of people with too much choice. The poor become rich with credit as they try to buy into a Sunday Papers glossy magazine lifestyle they can't afford. Money problems! Another by product of over production.

There are solutions to every problem, but the problem is that the PWLB (Powers We Let Be) don't want to solve them, they use and manipulate them to their own ends. Terrorist evils are glamorised and condemned in the same breath and tragedies are beamed live and direct like disaster movies into viewers front rooms. A germ free society, cleanliness becomes an obsession in a cold clinical antiseptic world. You can't scrub away social decay or the blood of the war babies across the world.

Situations are set in motion..... The attack on French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo and the siege at the Jewish supermarket in Paris last week. Once again just like 9/11, 7/7 and Lee Rigby those involved where known to security forces across the Channel and the Atlantic. Attackers with faces covered leave a passport in the get away car, a policeman shot dead in the street who doesn't bleed? Just a couple of small things that might once again mean that the truth is not all that it seems in the world of global Politricks. Unseen forces at work helping to build the New World Order

The Charlie Hebdo Paris killings have taken the heat off 'Randy Andy' the Royal sex case Prince, there's no smoke without fire; let the fucker burn, just like we will if the far right take hold across Europe in a backlash against Muslims, as a result of a minority of individuals twisting and perverting their religion into something it is not and should not be, just the same as fundamental Christians. Religion Kills, especially if it's armed with Cruise Missiles and AK47's. Multiple attacks by lone wolves who are ready to strike anywhere. Public paranoia and fears grow everywhere. The forces of the far-right are ready to feed on the public’s fear and then throw it all up over them in the form of Racial hatred and bigotry. Anti Semitism is on the rise as Arabs fight Jews over the right to be become a separate free state. Radical Muslims oppose Western capitalist values of conspicuous consumption and The Far right hate them all remember Anders Breivik that Far Right supporter who gunned down 70 people in Norway a few years back.

The uncomfortable truth that everyone in the media is ignoring are the facts that the Western world has been waging war on Muslims since Sept 11th 2001 when the line was drawn, a war on terror has now become a war that is causing terror. Governments tell their citizens that they are fighting to protect the peoples freedoms while all the time security and surveillance takes them away. Fear sees people believing everything they are told, consent is manufactured.

Selective reporting by Western media means that we are told little about the two thousand killed recently in Nigeria by the hard-line Muslim fighters of Boko Haram. What price life? There has also been little comment about Western Governments involvement in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan and the number of innocent Muslims that have been killed by those Christian forces. But apparently talking about this diminishes what the terrorists have done. No, it denies that countries like America, Britain, France, Germany and Australia have done anything to contribute to the radicalization of Muslims across the world. So long as Western governments deny their actions have any effect on the radicalisation of Muslims, then nothing will ever change Humanity has diminished because of the actions of both radical/fundamental Muslims and Christians. 

Double standards and hypocrisy when the French Government speaks of freedom of expression having banned the burka in public places. It would appear that religious freedom in France only extends to satirising Mohammed in a cartoon.

Islamaphobia is fuelled by crimes such as the recent sex abuse cases cases in Rochdale and Derby which involved groups of Muslim men and young white girls the far right make propaganda from this as well as trying to link terrorism to immigration, not only are they taking our women, jobs, homes, benefits and health care, they want to kill us.  

The Far Right marched in many German cities the day before the attacks in Paris. In other European countries they are stronger than they are in Britain, the rise in support for UKIP is rather concerning, especially as they are a one trick; anti-immigration party with an invite to anyone with dubious views and opinions on women, foreigners, the disabled and homosexuals to become a member. Recent comments by Tony Blair about how the Labour Party is no longer a working class party will help push more voters UKIP's way. Their pied piper Nigel Farage is ready to play any populist tune the people want to hear, but his parties only answer to any questions is it's the fault of immigration and Europe.

We appear to be entering a New Dark Age, battle lines are being drawn, liberties are being taken with our freedom. Wars are declared on drugs, poverty and terror, wars that can never be won, the casualties just increase, divisions get wider until it all cracks and we drop into the abyss. 

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

GLM, A Landslide In Stereo.

The last time I wrote about GLM they'd released a video of their single Summer Nights (Are Never Like Movies) and were planning to release a 5 track EP this year. Well....things haven't gone to plan, upon hearing the bands new stuff their record label suggested an album instead, the recording of which has been making good progress and it's due out sometime next year. As a little taster GLM have just released a free download single and a video to view over at their website. The single, Smiling Inside is another classic slice of GLM; a bouncy, catchy and killer riff'n'roll tune with a slight pop flavour to it. The video is another great eddieredblood offering, as with all his visuals for GLM it compliments and adds to the music, creating a total artistic assault on the senses. Nearly Home (Tuning Pages) finds Gods Lonely Men at the edge of the unknown. It's like nothing they have recorded before; A beautiful atmospheric anthem, Stark and stripped down, fragile yet solid, haunting and hypnotic, a slow pounding catchy hum. A simple and simply stunning piece of work by GLM.

Sunday, 21 December 2014


It all goes round; year in year out, from month to month and day today. It's been the same story for years. (Check out some of my posts over the years I've been ranting and raving/raging to a expecting or unsuspecting public.) Nothing is new. The only perfection in our world is its imperfections. The real is made more unreal to the easy ruled unruly. A remake society where there is no originality when it is all been re-branded, there is no going forward if we are forever looking back. We need revolution not retrolution! 

Another year goes by and still no Chilcott Report into Britain involvement in Iraq, but now we've got the recent CIA enhanced interrogation, (or torture as it was called before.) scandal. Tell me something we didn't already know had been going on and I don’t think we need a costly enquiry into whether the British secret services were complicit in the torture of detained terrorist suspects. To paraphrase Crass “Of course they fuckin' were!” Just as many members of the establishment are guilty of abusing their power to abuse children while their peers covered it up. 

Cracking skulls to get inside the mind of the masses and driving stakes into the hearts of the vampire politicians and capitalists who have been sucking the blood from the masses, a zombie nation that fights over flat screens, in a horror movie of the media’s making. Everything is up for sale. Just how much do you want it? 

The more there is the less choice you have; because there is just too much to chose from. Can't people see this? No definitely maybes....Less is definitely more!

I'm with Russell Brand when it's election time in Britain in 2015.... Vote for no one, unless there's someone worth voting for. No tactical voting bullshit, make a cross with your heart not yer head, cos it's our heads they wanna get inside. But....Women died for the right to vote, yeah and a hundred years latter they are still being paid less than men, but at least they can vote for their servitude and throw themselves at the feet of people like Russell Brand.

Universal Suffrage....We all suffer!, emancipation....many are left emancipated while others get fat in a heartless society that labels and stigmatises the have nots as scroungers. Every thing is engineered to produce social divisions to keep us all divided and fighting amongst ourselfs, while the real enemies maintain their power and influence. Morally bankrupt Corrupt big business abuse their power and control by jumping through tax loop holes keeping the wealth in the hands of the few.

The powers that we let be's answer is more Grammar Schools, apparently it is because there are less grammar schools that a small minority have a lot more than the majority of people in Britain today. No it's because the minority have built their empires on the backs of the workers and less wealthy. More Grammar Schools would still maintain social divisions, it's just there would be more haves and less have nots. Disadvantage and deprivation has always existed and always will as long as there are social divisions; Class War is a thing of the past, now it's Cash War. The more well off people are the more they spend, and the more well off people there are the more money there will be to spend on consumer goods therefore filling the pockets of an even small minority whose wealth would diminish if nobody had money to spend in the future. 

Immigration built a nation, and it will continue to do so; there are not enough skilled British workers to do the jobs that need to be done, especially with the mass house building and transport infrastructure expansions announced by the government recently. The products of a no skill low skill dumbed down in a state education nation will follow the UKIP pied pipers tune come election time when they blame immigrants for Britain’s economic and social problems. A generation reared on celebrity culture and instant credit; wants are not needs as manufacturers feed on the masses greed. A society fat from eating junk where no one takes responsibility for their actions or inactions.

What ever problems there are....We are the solution....If we question everything, if not then we will all be condemned to continue living in a society of corruption and consumption. I don't have the answers to all the questions, but what I do know is that the ones we are told and sold are wrong!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Featuring CHARLIE HARPER #1 - (*A Review*)

Those dealers of all things (calenders, car stickers, CD's etc) to UK Subs junkies everywhere; Time and Matter have done it again, this time it's a well packaged punk rocking sexy seven inch slab of white marbled vinyl featuring Charlie Harper. On this release he gives some added Harmonica blast to the garage groove'n' growl of THE BERLIN LIGHTS Hit The Floor, and takes over vocals on THE DUGZ singalong slice of Street Punk Caught In A War. Great stuff, top quality gear and long may Time and Matter keep supplying us!  get the single here.  The UK Subs new album Yellow Leader is due out on Captain Oi Records early next year. 

Saturday, 22 November 2014

“Hungry conscience
Charity hilarity
Starving millions
Prevention, cure
A few pence shed and both are fed."
 - Flux of Pink Indians

Sunday, 16 November 2014

I've seen the light....Skin up for Jesus! (A spray painted slogan and Sunday Sermon of sorts.)

Preachers and Pilgrims on Parade, getting ready for their morning raid, gathering on street corners armed to the teeth with the words of false prophets, speaking salvation to the soulless strangers they find on their door to door assault, holding people up at Bible point. Organised Religion.... Organised Crime. People wouldn't put up with drug dealers knocking on their door selling opium, (well some people might) so why should we put up with these witnesses of Jehovah peddling and pushing their drug of choice to the vulnerable who are looking for a way to cope with their life's slow suicide. We live our lives in worlds of our own making, where the only people that can change it are themselves. Drugs numb or kill the pain, religious dope brings nothing but false hope; There is no after life....just life. There are many ways of dealing with today, but they aint gonna come knocking on your door. It is up to people to find their own way, and without wanting to sound like Bono (further proof that there is no god, because if there was Bono would have fallen out of his aircraft the other day when the door opened mid-flight.) many “still haven't found what they are looking for.” Which is why on a Sunday I either don't answer any strangers knocks on the door, and if I do they are politely told to FUCK OFF!, unless they are a drug dealer!!  

Monday, 10 November 2014

ENEMIES OF PROMISE - Please Enjoy Your Punk Rock Responsibility (*A Review*)

Please Enjoy Your Punk Rock Responsibility is the debut mini-album from Enemies Of Promise, a couple of fellas from Wolverhampton who are armed to the teeth with a fully loaded pistol of six killer tracks, their weapons of choice are; a couple of guitars, vocals and a drum machine, and they have their sights firmly trained on the usual suspects; politicians, bankers and anyone else that stands in the way of social justice. This is a righteous riot of a listen, I mean check out these titles.... Palace of The Mighty, Edge of War, Please Enjoy Your Punk Rock Responsibility, You Have The Right To Strike, My Heart Is Still Red, The Man In Authority....
The vocals deliver a throaty tunefull state of the nation address to the dispossessed. and disillusioned and anyone else that wants to listen and learn. The music is toe taping and fist in the air thumping Post Punk'n'Pop Rock. Guitars chug and chop over the rat a tat, tat of a machine gun drum machine, Less is definitely more because there are times across these six tracks when Enemies Of Promise have just as much power as say.... The Jam, SLF, or the Newtown Neurotics there are also some great Punk Rock Everly Bruthas vocal harmonies thrown into the mix. This is catchy and confident stuff....pure, simple and honest. Enemies Of Promise know the power of music and how it can change lives  this album is a sound track for revolution, and it's one call up you should answer sign up at their facebook page, where you can find out details of how to get your punk responsibility, and trust me....you will enjoy it!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Doing something for a month in the aid of charity. I don't know if this is just a British thing, but we've had Stoptober (October) when the British people were encouraged to stop drinking/getting drunk for the whole month, now it's my personal unfavourite, Movember (November) when men are encouraged to grow a moustache for the month. For fucks sake what's wrong with people, why do they feel the need to do something because they have been told to. I mean give up drinking grow a moustache do whatever, but do it whenever, not when some campaign tells you to do it, and give money to charity when you want to with no gimmicks attached. As for all the people that do follow the calls because they feel they have some social obligation to do so, someone needs to wake them up by throwing a bucket of ice cold water over them....no wait up they've probably already done that to themselves with the 'ice bucket challenge'   In the bigger picture sometimes it is the small things that matter,  fascism comes in many disguises,and people do stupid and dumb things if they are brainwashed enough. 

Sunday, 19 October 2014


He wears shades because he is a cunt and they hide the guilt and shame in his eyes. He expounds self righteous revolutionary rhetoric, demands poverty is made history, while all the time sucking corporate cock and discharging the money that comes, to off shore banks and businesses.
When U2's latest album Songs of Innocence was released, in an act of tax loss generosity and megalomania the band gave it away for free to Apple Customers, who received a copy downloaded to their phone or tablet whether they wanted it or not, a bit like returning home and finding your house has been broken into, nothing has been taken, but someone has left a shit on the living room floor.  

Sunday, 12 October 2014

UK SUBS - In Progress Live! (Lock 42 Leicester, UK, Dec 11th 2010) *MPfree DOWNLOAD*

Charlie Harper's UK Subs are a punk rock institution, an influence on this young man not only when he was growing up but also as he's been growing older. Songs written over 30 years ago still resonate today, Warhead for example. Heads of state are still having fun, while we are still looking down the barrel of a gun and nations are still killing and dying.
This recording captures the band, (a month before their Work In Progress album was released) in fine levels to the red 'Pure 100% Proof Punk Rock' live action back in 2010 It is a career spanning set list of 22 songs old, new, borrowed'n'blue, by the 3rd 'classic UK Subs line-up (Charlie, Alvin, Jet and Jamie) At present the band are preparing for the release of their new album; Yellow Leader, it is their penultimate one before Charlie's mission to have each of them named with every letter of the alphabet is complete. Details and updates on the albums progress can be found over at the Time and Matter website, T&M are also releasing a series of limited edition 7” Singles that feature bands Charlie Harper has collaborated with or featured on. There is also an Urban Dogs single and album in the pipeline, and if that wasn't enough UK Subs related action going down, work is in progress on a book about the band. In the meantime enjoy a blast of the UK Subs in Leicester.


Three and a half thousand plus dead Africans and no one gives a shit. A couple of dead Europeans/Americans and it's a different story. Well not really....Remember Bird and Swine flu?
DON'T FEAR THE(IR) FEAR!....it's not like there are ebola infected terrorists ready to enter Britain illegally!

Monday, 6 October 2014

JEREMY GLUCK and ROBERT COYNE - Memory Deluxe I Knew Buffalo Bill 2 (*A Review and MPfree Download*)

If Jeremy S Gluck is the future of his own past then, here it is....Memory Deluxe, I Knew Buffalo Bill 2. his new album Unfortunately his friends from twenty seven years ago, when the original I Knew Buffalo Bill was released are no longer with us; Nikki Sudden, Epic Soundtracks, Roland S Howard and Jeffery Lee Pierce.... gone but never forgotten. Memory Deluxe might not have been made with them, but it has the same spirit and soul as its predecessor. On this trip Jeremy is joined by a couple of other friends; Robert Coyne, the son of Kevin Coyne on guitar and Werner Steinhauser on drums, together they have released a fourteen track album of beautiful, brittle and blissed out Rock'n'Roll, Suicide meet The Stones. Exile from the street, this is the future.... The 21st Century waiting at the crossroads Blues; stark, simplistic and stripped down songs with a shinning darkness that make(s) you feel warm inside.

Memory Deluxe is released next week on Flicknife Records. More stuff on Jeremy and his friends can be found on his facebook page. As a little treat for yer...Here's an exclusive track chosen by JSG for NPW Where Does This Love Come From is a ten minute plus long jam that Jeremy had with a few French and English friends in Toulouse back in 2011. Pure and imperfect, the real deal, not some heartless corporate David Cameron cock sucking Ed Sheeran shite. Enjoy! and don't forget to check out the album!!  

Jim Jones Revue with Walter Lure - Chinese Rocks, 4th October 2014

Sunday, 5 October 2014


24 Hour Apocalypse News/Planes fly/Bombs drop/Dead bodies/Mass murder/freed captives/ Beheaded hostages/It all drones on/Religious messages/I aint listening/Party Politics/I aint dancing/Governments and the rest/Militants and Terrorists/Barbarians and Savages/The dispossessed and self obsessed/Morals/Values/Possessed and repossessed/The Human Race competition/Under starters orders/There'll be no finish/No threat will be diminished/Control through fear/The price is dear/Another corpse/No remorse/No truth but yer own/In a mobile or stately home/Divided land/Cap or Gun in hand/Keeping the peace/Takin' the piss/A disease epidemic/No cure/It's not economic/Money talks/It keeps shouting/Social tension keeps mounting/It'll be over soon/Just stay tuned to Channel Doom//

Sunday, 7 September 2014

KNOX - The Vibrators / Urban Dogs / Fallen Angels (*ARTICLE / INTERVIEW*)

The Vibrators at Bowes Lyon House, Stevenage 1984. Pic: Unknown
I first met Knox back in 1984 when The Vibrators played at Bowes Lyon House in my home town, Stevenage. I interviewed him and the rest of the band for a fanzine I had being doing on and off since 1980. Unfortunately the last issue was never finished as I got myself a job so the interview was never published (although it can now be seen here on The Vibrators website) I only went for the job interview because it was in London, and the Unemployment office (or Job Centres as they now call them) paid for my train travel, and I thought it would be a good excuse to visit the smoke and buy a couple of albums from Virgin Records (This was before Richard Branson took over the world with his 'friendly capitalism') The two albums I bought were The Fallen Angels (Knox's album he recorded with members of Hanoi Rocks) and The Vibrators Alaska 127. I remember this because, some things you just remember, like being thirteen and hearing Baby, Baby on the radio back in 1977 and seeing them play Automatic Lover on TOTP a year later. The Vibrators were just as important to me as The Clash back then, and they still are.

The Vibrators were never a never a 'hip' 77 group; too old, too much hair, bandwagon jumpers (never mind Knox had been preforming this shit pre 76) they were outsiders in a movement of outsiders. Their debut album Pure Mania is a classic, as is it's follow up V2. The original bass player Pat Collier left the band after the first album. Pat became a producer, and still twiddles the knobs in the studio for The Vibrators to this day, as well as having recorder a variety of old and new Rock'nRollers over the years. Garry Tibbs replaced him for V2, after poor sales of the second album John Ellis left the band and became a hired guitar hand for a variety of bands. There was never to be a third album, just one more single Judy Says, before it all fell apart. Eddie carried on with the name and a new line-up featuring ex members of Eater and The Electric Chairs, and released a couple of singles; Disco In Moscow and Gimme Some Lovin' good as they were, it wasn't really The Vibrators. The voice that gave the band their edge (in my opinion) wasn't there.....Knox had gone solo.
Knox and The Trailer Trash Orchestra at The Victoria, Hitchin 2011 Pic: Haddy Webb

During the 80's as well as playing guitar for Alex Chilton and releasing two singles Gigolo Aunt and She's So Good Loooking) Knox worked with several second wave punk bands, producing The Fits Last Laugh E.P and recording with Chaotic Discord.
He also released an album  on Razor Records; Plutonium Express, a lost gem that is due to be re-released soon by Cleopatra Records. Knox also had the Fallen Angels who released a couple more albums In Loving Memory and Wheel of Fortune, with slightly less Hanoi Rocks than the first one, and we mustn’t forget the Urban Dogs, a partnership with UK Sub Charlie Harper that is still going strong today, their last album Bonefield is a sublime slice of the Punk Rock Blues.

1982 saw the original line up get back together, releasing three, good but slightly patchy albums; Guilty, Alaska 127 and Fifth Amendment, before John and Pat left again, leaving and Knox and Eddie to soldier on with some new troops, mainly comprising of either Micky Owen or Nigel Bennett on guitar with a variety of bassists including Mark Duncan a fella called Nik and Robbie (now in The Derellas) Tart. Many studio albums were released along the way; Recharged, Meltdown, Vicious Circle, Volume Ten, Hunting For You, Unpunked, French Lessons With Correction, Buzzin' and Energise all of them are worthy of your attention.

For the last few years, the line up has been pretty stable, comprising Knox, Eddie and Pete, although due to health issues, since 2011 Knox has been taking it easy and hasn't been touring with the band although he has contributed songs and played on their last couple of albums; Under The Radar, On The Guest List and a new one which is due out soon. He's also collaborated with The Trailer Trash Orchestra, and recorded The Knoxville Boy album, the finest County Punk this side of St Albans. What's next for Knox? Well.... like I said there's a new Vibrators album on it's way a re-release of his only solo album Plutonium Express. and a new Urban Dogs single. He can also be found contributing vocals to one track on the recently released genre busting Rhythm and Punk Review album by The Mutants. 
The Vibrators at Bowes Lyon House, Stevenage 1984. Pic: Unknown
Anyway enough of the history and I didn't even touch on his paintings, here's a interview I did with Knox via a couple of emails a couple of months ago.

If you compiled a 12 track album of Ten Knox songs, what would they be? 
This is always changing I think. Anyway today (6 July 2014) the list is:
Modern World – it just does its thing, it doesn’t pander to an audience, and has nice production.
Nazi Baby – I love its intensity.
Juice On – sing-a-long and reliably nasty, could be the theme song for Deliverance 2 (if they make it!)
Houston Tower (Fallen Angels)
How Beautiful You Are
Baby Baby – of course!! When I play it I feel like I’m on a sunny holiday.
Birdland Is Closed
Prisoner In The Mirror
Brand New
Rock ‘n’ Roll Clown

Which do you enjoy more...Painting or Song writing? (I always think your songs are like aural paintings.)
I enjoy them equally I think. I really love painting, especially if I’m doing a stress-free painting, like sitting in the garden doing a painting of the garden, just putting on the paint. Portraits always have to look like the person, so quite early on you can’t just mess about with the paint, you have to really concentrate. As for song writing, fiddling about with the early free demo’s is great and can be very exciting, but again pulling the thing together and making a good demo can be really hard work. In the past I’ve spent days and days on a song, changing it a bit and re-demo’ing it. I don’t know if people realise the amount of work that can go into a song that sounds ‘obvious’ to them.

Should the Manic Street Preachers pay you some royalties for the guitar lick in No Mercy? (Motown Junk by the Manics has a very, very similar refrain.)
No Mercy was actually written by an old bass player, Mark Duncan.. The problem is if you hear a song, or part of a song, which sounds like it’s derived from someone else’s previous song you never know how much is plagiarism and how much is ‘in the style of’ (or a ‘tribute’ to an earlier song), and then it could just be someone else writing the same tune totally by coincidence, or perhaps unwittingly.

How did the Don't Throw It All Away collaboration in 1984 with Chaotic Discord come about? (Great song!)
I don’t remember the details of how it came about at all. I must have been asked to do it at some stage, and then I remember going down to record it in Bristol. It was their song, not one of mine. I was met at the station, I think then driven to the studio and was singing within a few minutes of arriving there. I missed the last train back and had to stay the night. (I was at art school for a while in Bristol years before and in those days the trains to London used to go all night. Not that night!)

Are all the songs of yours on On The Guest List new numbers, or old unrecorded/unreleased songs?
They’re nearly all old songs. I have loads of them, and I think at the time of making the album I was quite busy and thought, I know I’ll check out some of my old home demo’s and I really liked them, and thought the ones that were chosen for the album were good. When The Vibrators are making an album I’ll present the band with more songs than they need and they choose the ones they like. It’s become slightly odd as I write and sing most of the songs but am no longer playing in the band. I’m like a tiny version of Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.

What's next for Knox musically?
I’m not sure. It’s an ever-changing landscape out there. I worked on the most recent Vibrators’ album a few weeks ago, which should be coming out here in the UK on Captain Oi!, with a different mix of it coming out on Cleopatra in the USA. I was also helping with songs for a 60’s girl band project for Cleopatra recently. I’ve been thinking of making a ska album of the Vibrators’ greatest hits as that would be a nice project. I’ve got lots of songs so I will be looking at tons of projects. I need to live another few hundred years to fit it all in! My 1983 solo album Plutonium Express should be coming out in the US sometime soon, that sort of thing. And I was thinking of trying to get a rock ’n’ roll charity shop going in Camden, plus maybe having a small pub rock type band, only playing very locally in places with gear already there (no carrying the gear!!), just to keep my hand in as it were. And I’ve got to finish my nasty sci-fi novel I’ve been messing about with for years. And I sometimes think I’d like to re-record lots of old Vibrators’ songs, but spend a lot more time on them than we were able to when we first did them, as you’re always running against the clock in the studio because of the financial restraints. I was thinking of also re-recording some UK Subs songs, spending ages on them, (it’s probably against the whole punk ethos), but I’ve not spoken to Charlie about this!

Do you find people prefer the 'classic' 77-78 Vibrators songs to the ones you've done since then?
They generally seem to prefer the old songs, but I think it’s because they are the best known by our mainly punk audience. The newer albums are not bought in anywhere near the same numbers as the first couple of albums, and I think as a result there’s not the same sharing/consensus of opinion about the songs. The fans can’t talk to each other about the songs as they aren’t so familiar with them. Fan A may not have the same albums as fan B, that sort of thing. If we were a new band doing the newer stuff, and the old stuff had never existed, I’m sure they’d like it.

Any favourite musicians you've played/worked with?
I think the biggest highlight for me was The Vibrators touring as the support band for Iggy Pop when he had David Bowie playing keyboards. It would probably be impossible to top that. I haven’t worked with that many other people, but I like doing it as other people often contribute an extra personality to the recording. Though one time when I was making my solo album I thought I didn’t like some of Dave Birch’s guitar playing. Later when the album came out I found I really missed it! I enjoyed doing the Knox and the Trailer Trash Orchestra album, “The Knoxville Boy”, a country album. It was a different area for me and I liked the opportunity to do it and all the guys in the band. And I like working with Charlie Harper of course, when we do the Urban Dogs.
Knox and The Trailer Trash Orchestra at The Victoria, Hitchin 2011 Pic: Haddy Webb

Have the new technologies (Computers, The Internet, Digital and MP3's) changed the recording and releasing of music for the better? (Discuss)
Probably. It’s difficult to answer as there’s such a massive proliferation of styles of music that it’s not like in the ‘old days’ where you had limited styles and individual songs would have more impact. I like the idea of recording songs yourself and having more control, not having to put up with people who might not share your vision or ideas for a song. The danger is that you end up sort of spiralling into yourself. I think a lot of times other people’s input can be very enriching. Also when you’re in a band it is a band and not your solo project. I think the actual recording process has become a lot easier. You don’t have to endlessly do take after take in the studio ‘til you get a good one, so long as most of it’s OK you can generally patch it up on the computer.

What's Knox's vision of the future, how do you see the world changing in say the next 10-20 years?
I really feel quite pessimistic. I think there’ll be robot computer take-over. The computers don’t necessarily have to have evolved consciousness to effect this. They already have their own computer web where they talk to each other. If the wrong algorithms get written computers could cut off the money for instance, and society would break down very quickly a few days later. Also, with the increase in what an individual can do to kill people, governments might have to bring in some form of brain profiling. This would be to find people who could potentially be a danger, extremists, lone wolves, political people, etc. The knock-on effect of this might be some form of mass incarceration or culling. Hopefully people will have developed space-travel so we can go out into the universe and damage that to our hearts content! (The sooner we break it the sooner we can get on with fixing it!) There are a few future safeguards, like the Centre for the Study of Existential Threat, but if those people miss something.... Then again I might be similar to a child who likes having a story read to them with some scary things in it. I have to say the current news is terrible depressing. I think hundreds of years ago we wouldn’t know about most of the terrible things that go on out there in the world. (End of lecture.)

I'd just like to thank Knox for his time in answering my random questions.