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We're all going on a summer holiday!

No 'British combat boots' on the ground in Iraq, unless they are on the feet of alienated post-war on terror 'radicalised British Muslims' fighting for the Islamic State. Britain is reaping what it has sown....TOTAL TERROR!  

Thursday, 21 August 2014

FS1E - Once Upon a Time in Silkingrad (*A Review*)

Following on from their self titled debut single comes FS1E's debut album Once Upon A Time in Silkingrad. A 'concept album' (my words not theirs) of sorts, a record of reflection. The 10 tracks are poems, prose and raps from the past that have grown into the present. Tales of love and loss, lyrical journeys of lives lived and lives still being lived. Reflective but not regretful, emotive and uplifting, music that moves yer and takes you on a journey of discovery to different places. FS1E are beyond Reggae, beyond Punk, beyond Prog Rock, and certainly not middle of the road, they are riding their own musical path down the rock'n'roll highway, which takes you to nowhere you've been before. Vocals are sung and spoken as mournful bass lines meander along with solid and sound drums, acoustic guitars chime while the keyboards float in and out, leaving the listener engulfed and enveloped by the sound and songs.  This album is beautiful, it is haunting and harmonious, it skanks and rocks while swinging with traces of soul and jazz, it is quirky and poppy, but most of all it is brilliant. FS1E are camping outside the left field with a melting pot of musical influences bubbling and boiling on the fire. Join the gathering because “Divided we are weak, together we are strong.” Chill out music for people that should be angry instead of just chasing pound notes. You can find out more about FS1E and where to get the album here at their web site.

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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

THE FOLK DEVILS - Goodnight Irony.(*MPfree DOWNLOAD*)

This is the Third time I've posted this, about time someone got it together and issued it on CD, until then it's available here!

UK SUBS - Rarities Reissued and Reviewed.

It's been a productive past few months for Captain Oi's UK Subs releases, what with Stolen Property, Charlie Harper's solo album and the second Urban Dogs album No Pedigree, now they've gone and released another couple, more on them later but first up we've got the latest little gem from Time and Matter Recordings.
The UK Subs The Revolutions Here EP, was originally released in 2000, It's centrepiece is their Reggaeified version of Thunderclap Newman’s ode to revolution; Something in The Air, which contrasts beautifully with the in yer face punk rock anthems to revolution; Reclaim The Streets and The Revolutions Here, both these and the other tracks, Go Home, Metro, Party in Paris and Works have been re-mastered for this re-release, a gloriously coloured splattered yellow and red vinyl 10”, which also features sleeve notes by Nicky Garrett and a drawing by Charlie Harper. Be quick if you want a copy cos it's a limited pressing of 500, and is sure to sell out fast! Available from Time and MatterRecordings.
Now on to the latest Captain Oi releases, which are also limited to 500 copies. The Demonstration Tapes AKA Raw Material, is a what it says on the tin, demos and raw material, some real work in progress culled from Charlie Harpers collection of Subs recordings. Top quality embryonic stuff from the first couple of classic UK Subs line ups, circa 1980-82. This re-issue includes 4 bonus demos for their Endangered Species album, which didn't appear on either of the previous releases.
Live Kicks rewinds the UK Subs clock back further to The Roxy in London on New Years Eve 1977, where Live Kicks was recorded. Originally released by Stiff Records in 1980 by mail order only, its been re- released many times over the years, but this CD is the definitive version, including the encore, and as a bonus there are 4 tracks from their 1977 demo tape.
Both The Demonstration Tapes and Live Kicks are lovingly packaged and contain extensive sleeve notes by the Time and Matter lads, and some words of introduction by Charlie Harper. Both are available from Captain Oi. Fast forward to the future and we find the Subs have started work on their Y album, and there's a new Urban Dogs single in the pipeline.

Sunday, 10 August 2014


People have two ears and one mouth, so why then do some people talk twice as much as they listen?
I'll tell you why! It's because they don't wanna hear what you've got to say, they think they are right and you are wrong and that their opinions are more important than yours, they have no empathy, they are arrogant, self obsessed and egotistical. I've got a word for these sort of people....C**ts! The world is so fucked up because the people with the power (Politicians, Bosses etc) are C**T’s. One thing they seem to forget (if they ever even thought about it anyway) is, that.... without us they would be nothing. It's time for people to shout twice as loud in the work place or on the streets. Together we have the power to fuck the c**ts! Listen to what I'm saying and then tell me I'm wrong!?

Sunday, 3 August 2014

It's only a game.

The Commonwealth Games.....WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT! Worse than The Olympics! They are a competition for losers. England only does so well because the other nations are even shiter, well not exactly, it's just that the majority of the commonwealth have no wealth, Britain saw to that during the days of the Great British Empire, when it colonised and exploited nations across the world and imposed it's rule upon them and then took everything that belonged to the local indigenous peoples and made its self rich from them. Commonwealth, no.... Britishwealth, and then we have the bare faced check to rub their faces in it hundreds of years later by beating them at some pointless sports. What a bunch of losers!  

Saturday, 26 July 2014


From sometime in 1982 here's a list from
 ERAZERHEAD East Londons answer to 
The Ramones and The Lurkers.

Another one from 1982 this time its from 

Friday, 25 July 2014


Near Tissington, Derbyshire
I was away camping in The Peak District a bit of r'n'r, only piece of technology I took with me was a transistor radio, and a camera, so I heard the news of the shooting down of the Malaysian plane over The Ukraine, and the continued blood shed in the Gaza Strip. Wrote a few notes down in my notebook and was gonna write a piece when I got home, but....have had such a nightmare week at work, where those at the top think everything smells of roses, when it's bullshit, and have their heads buried in the sand while the workers get fucked up the arse, and when the shit hits the fan they aint gonna be the ones getting covered in it. As a result of this I haven't had the mental energy to finish the piece, so here are the notes from my notebook that I started typing up last Sunday before the week from hell at work, but hey I'm not living in Gaza and have had no loved ones blown up so as the war in my mind goes on I shouldn't really grumble.

Another 'incident' involving a Malaysian Airlines plane, this one didn't disappear, it was shot from the skies above a war-zone, leaving the wreckage highly visible for the waiting media to broadcast to the world..

The world watches in condemnation at the treatment of the murdered passengers, the majority of whom are Dutch.

Evidence tampered with, bodies looted, access denied to investigators.

No responsibility, but plenty of denials. Russia's name keeps cropping up.

Calls for sanctions are met with a luke warm response cos Russian oligarchs money is aiding economic recovery across Europe, and many countries rely on Russia for energy supplies no one wants to bite the hand that feeds them even if it is covered in blood.

I bet arms deals are still being struck with Russia; Warfare makes the world go round.

I wonder what the response would be like if 200 Americans had been on board?

It's easy to forget that the Americans don't mind shooting down passenger planes, rewind to 1988 (I think) when they shot down an Iranian civilian airliner, killing all on board.

Israel....give the Palestinians their land. Britain, America, France get over the gas chamber guilt and then perhaps Hamas will stop firing their rockets. The numbers of dead says it all....more Palestinians than Israelis have been killed! Who cares who started it, it's time to end it!

No better than savages, just with more sophisticated weaponry. Warfare makes the world go round.

So there you have it....A bit of old news, somethings never change.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

ROSCOE VACANT - Article/Review/Interview, and MPFree Download!

Since I last wrote about Roscoe Vacant he has released a new album and a tape. For the album No Attack No Decay Roscoe has returned to his roots as a solo preformer. In 2008 he released the Escape From Doom Valley (Live EP) and a year later Nothings Gonna Change, but in 2010 he was backed by the Gantin' Screichs for the brilliant spikey and post-punk sounding Reckurdt. No Attack No Decay features several tracks from this, which stand naked and stripped to the bone. This is 'Acoustic Punk and Angry Pop!' full of passion and vitriol. Nine songs where the words mean something, these are songs about the small and big political picture; From domestic dysfunction to global drama; As Baghdad burns plates are smashed in the kitchen of a broken home where culture is delivered in shortbread tins to sanitised young lovers who bought it all from the liars and thieves who will not lead us anywhere because nothing is gonna change, not unless you make it! These are songs of love, pain and betrayal on several levels. If misery loves company then it needs Roscoe Vacant for a companion, because these are also songs of hope that are more real than likes of Frank Turner and Jake Bugg.

The tape finds Roscoe backed by Lo-Fi legends The No-Men, covering three songs by the arch avant garde glam/punkster that is Steve Treatment, who also contributes some of his own musings on the flipside of this brightly coloured yellow cassette. In a world of mass production and instant downloads It's good to see the ethics of DIY culture is alive and well, thanks to the good people at Topplers Records. It is also good to see that there are still artists out there pining their hearts on their sleeve and playing it for real. The album and tape are both available here, the limited number of lovingly hand crafted physical copies have all sold out, but they are sill available as downloads.

For a bit of background to No Attack No Decay, the demise of the Gantin' Screichs and how he found himself working with Steve Treatment, I emailed Roscoe, and this is what he had to say.

“Roscoe Vacant & the Gantin' Screichs started in 2010 and we released the album "Reckurdt" in 2011. Our lead guitarist Ross Gilchrist left in 2011 for personal reasons, but he and I are still really good friends. From then on we went in a different direction, moving away from grunge into more country punk type stuff. We got a fiddle player and a new guitarist in 2012 and put out a video for our first recording with that band in January 2013 "Conrad Brooks" (on Youtube just now). The band continued for a few months but it kind of petered out - again mostly personal and interpersonal reasons. I'm still really good friends with everyone in the band but none of us really want to do it again. Releasing the EP "No Attack/No Decay" in 2013 was an attempt to go back to basics and why people enjoyed my stuff in the first place - solo acoustic punk rock. It was also a means by which I could get the song that inspired the title out - "Exit Strategy". I split up with my fiancee of 9 years in Feb 2013, so that had a baring on the band too. Being able to get back on the horse and make some music was liberating."

“I've been a fan of Steve's for about 5 years. I knew Allan from the NoMen because we have mutual friends but also because he was in the legendary Scottish folk punk band Nyah Fearties from the late 1980s early 1990s. The Steve collaboration just came out of that. I wanted to cover some of his less well-known songs and songs he'd only really demoed or played with his band The Ticket Inspectors in the late 1980s, so I recorded the 3 songs on the cassette. It was very spontaneous.” 

For more info on Roscoe Vacant take a trip to his Facebook page and you can visit Topplers Records here. 

One last thing.... I thought I'd save the best till last....Here is an exclusive unreleased 4 Track collection of Roscoe's work selected by himself for your ears only! Enjoy!

Sunday.... Sermon/Scribblings/shit* (*Delete as appropriate)

From fiddling their expenses to fiddling with kids, some of our MP's past and present have no shame in abusing their power, or should I say the power that we the people give them. In a true and pure Democracy they would be there to serve us, not themselves, and certainly not to spy on people, behind a smokescreen of fear of terrorism. “If you've done nothing wrong then you've got nothing to hide.” Is that why dossiers re Child Abuse in Westminster have 'been lost' or can't MP's be trusted to look after any information securely. Anyway....Just who decides what is wrong? The people that control the machinery of the state, that's who! Our politicians, that's right the very same people who have a perverse view of right and wrong. So....when the politicians are on the 2015 General Election campaign trail pleading for votes and promising everything, don't believe a word they say, and don't let them kiss your children!

While shit goes down in Britain, over in the Middle East the Israelis and Palestinians bomb the fuck out of each other, where is the Peace Envoy; former Prime Minister Tony Blair? Sack this self serving cunt now! If he was on performance related pay, he'd owe us. Wait up he does....we are still waiting for an explanation as why Britain got involved in the war in Iraq, don't tell me that they've lost the results of The Chilcot Enquiry, or are they just re-editing it, because it's findings are right; Our leaders took us into an illegal war against a threat of terror which wasn't really there until they started bombing Baghdad, now there are terrorists everywhere and because of this policies and laws have been drafted and created that proport to protect our freedom when they actual take it away. Tony Blair shouldn't just be put on trial for war crimes, but also for crimes against human rights.


The last surviving member of the original  Ramones line up died the other day.  R.I.P Tommy!

Monday, 7 July 2014

BAD BREEDING - *Article/Review*

Bad Breeding may apply to a lot of the yoof of today, but not to these four lads from my home of Stevenage, a place where in their words “nothing really happens except nothingness itself.” I can't argue with that. I've lived in Stevenage most of my live and the only things that have happened are when people have got up off their arses and made them happen. Respect! to Bad Breeding for keeping the musical match alight and giving the world another name (along side Fields of The Nephilim, Scum of Toytown and Chron Gen) to remember Stevenage by instead of just Lewis fucking Hamilton and a couple of football players whose names escape me.

Bad Breeding have already been featured in the NME radar page, and played on BBC Radio One by Zane Lowe. Their debut single Burn This Flag b/w Age of Nothing is released by Hate, Hate, Hate Records in August as a limited (300 copies) 7”Vinyl or Digital Download. 

Burn This Flag is a two minute Molotov cocktail of anger and frustration waiting to be hurled over the barricades and like a suicide bomber with a suitcase full of Semtex; it will blow your fuckin' head off! Age Of Nothing is a slightly longer assault that chops, changes and charges right at ya knocking you off yer feet then kicking you in the face. Bad Breeding are a blast of pure molten and brutal Punk Rock, in the vein of Discharge, Conflict and the UK Subs, but with a sound that is totally their own. This is angry music for angry times.

The single can be ordered here from Rough Trade Records and the band can be found here at their website.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

ELECTRIC RIVER - *Interview*

In a time where people are living for the now with little thought for the future; an age of all style and no substance instant access self gratification, Electric River are a storm of fresh air, they have taken their time, walked their own path and worked hard, as a result they have evolved into something very special; full of style and substance. Their album Faith and Patience is a life affirming and uplifting listen; pure and perfect, righteous rabble rousing Rock'n'Roll, they are on the cusp of greatness; with positive reviews of the album poping up in the pages of Kerrang, Classic Rock, Vive Le Rock, Big Cheese magazines, and even The Sun newspaper! Electric River are destined to be another band that really matters. Their time is now!

Enough of what I've got to say, It's time to read what Electric River's Vocalist/Bass player Sponge has got to say....  

What would you be doing if there was no Electric River?
I think it would be different for each of us, that’s what is great about being in a band together since being kids. We all lead our own lives outside the band but are very much like brothers, everyone has their own traits and; things they like to do. I’m pretty sure we’d all be playing music though,that runs through all of our veins.

Are you going to be revisiting any more of your 'old songs' for future releases?
Never say never, there are a lot of them! But right now we are concentrating on completely new material to follow up ’The Faith and Patience’. But it is very early days at the moment, we tend to write around 40 demos when getting an albums worth of material together.

Any more acoustic/stripped down versions of your songs planned?
Possibly… we’re going to be releasing some singles over the summer and have talked about what we are going to put on as b-sides/extras. Again a lot of the initial ideas for songs are written on acoustics when we are just trying to piece together what we call ‘flows’ or ‘rounds’, to make sure the melodies and basic skeletons fit together nicely for our songs.

Which ER song do you enjoy playing most? and what one goes down best with the audience?
I really like This Garden Will Grow as it has a personal connection with me and my life growing up in Ashford. I love the fast pace ending too, but there are so many. Watersong is a great one when the band is really in the zone, it's weird, it's like we are on some strange sonic level together. Obviously Keep The Engine Burning has been going down a storm and Hold Your Nerve seems to be the common ground with most audiences around the country but we just love playing, if the audience is going off, it just drives us even more.

Favourite films
I watched ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ recently and absolutely loved it, I am now a fully fledged Di Caprio fan. People probably think i’m mental but I’ve never really fully appreciated him as an actor before WOWS.

Favourite books
I read a lot of biographies, mostly music related but I also really like Ross Kemp’s books. I’ve just got ‘Things The Grandchildren Should Know’ which is E from The Eels memoirs, I’m really looking forward to delving into that. But it’s hard to pick a favourite, I think one of the greatest rock n roll books has got to be Ozzy’s, its so fucking funny.

Favourite albums
Literally couldn’t pick, there are way too many!

Favourite TV program
That's really hard, I think TV has changed so much over the last 5 years. I barely ever watch everyday TV but love a good series, some of my favourites have been Shield, Dexter and of course Breaking Bad and Sons Of Anarchy, but there are so many these days, its hard to find the time to catch em all!

Should Tony Blair be put on trial for war crimes? (Discuss)
I read Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book recently and what was interesting to find out that at the end of the day there were so many things he wanted to do for California and how fucking surprising it was that though he was ‘the guvnor’ how many people around him had to clear his every move, how it wasn’t his soul decision and how one thing would effect another parties / company / states political gain/misfortune, so he was told no or forced to do things he didn’t want to really do. What I’m trying to get at is Tony Blair was probably a face to a lot of puppets, pulling a lot of very different strings. I’m not defending him, he’s a well educated person with his own brain and political interests but if he was put on trial, they need to bring in every single person that was involved with the Iraq war and trial them too and get the whole thing out on the fucking table. I was really too young to fully understand the full ins and outs of our fucked up dealings with the middle east at that time and I am not a historian neither politician, I play in a rock n roll band! The relationship we have with the middle east is completely fucked up and I know a lot of people out there are calling for Blair to go on trial. So I would say from the point of view that we are ‘Suppose’ to live in a democratic society and Blair ‘has nothing to hide’,what harm could it do? I think the general public would get some closure from it and they deserve that.

The Clash or The Sex Pistols?
The Clash for me, I love both but The Clash were around for longer and developed into something much bigger than the initial band. I would say London Calling was a pinnacle album that ER listened to in the early years and though true ‘Punk’ fans usually don’t admit liking that album, for me it was one of the best things to come out of that era. So many diverse influences on one great record.

Rolling Stones or Beatles?
So hard… of course The Beatles just have such a great catalogue of songs and I think most kids are introduced to The Beatles at such a young age, it almost feels like part of your heritage. But The Stones definitely had that more grittier darker thing going on, which generally I would dig more if those bands both came out tomorrow… Can’t really decide, its a draw gentlemen.

Has the response/reaction to Faith and Patience surprised you?
I definitely have been surprised at the reviews, I don’t really know what we expected. We just wanted to make an album we were extremely proud of, so the kind words have been a nice cherry on the top really. I’m just glad people are connecting with it and can’t wait to get back out and tour it.

Is Britain in a good or bad political, social and cultural place at the moment?
Britain is an amazing place. It’s a cultural melting pot, however, if we believed what we read in some of the papers, then I think we’d be inclined to feel scared of that. Our perception of the country however comes from travelling it in the back of a van and with that we’ve generally always met really good people. Class struggle still exists and up the other end of the scale so too does corporate greed and corruption. A political shake up is due and I think most people are now very aware of it…but that’s a healthy thing. There’s only so long apathy can last.

Will you be voting in the 2015 General Election?
If it means it will stop other parties like the BNP or UKIP getting a run at things then yes, but that’s about as much use as I can see from my vote the way things currently stand.

What are ER's plans for the future?
We’re currently working on a bunch of music videos, and hoping to tour later in the year. We’re also writing for our next follow up to our new record.

Have you got an Electric River manifesto?
It’s not really a manifesto but more of a saying - ‘You’re only as strong as your weakest link.'

All that is left to say is ....Thanx to Sponge for taking the time to answer my questions, and if you haven't done so already check out Electric River over at their Website or Facebook page, and get yerself a copy of Faith and Patience.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Yesterdays news is still today's truth!

They only tell us what they want us to know.....An Anti Austerity Demo gathered outside the BBC headquarters in London the other weekend, before marching to parliament square, about 50,000 people attended, yet there was no mention of it on the BBC News, and scant, if any coverage in our so called free press. Why? Because we are living in a quasi fascist state where things are tolerated but highly moderated; Let the people have their say, but don't tell anyone what they are saying because the powers we let be don't agree with it, but more importantly they don't want more people knowing that there is an alternative to their present Liberal Democratic political system, which isn't working anymore. The big business corporate controllers know this which is why, in order to protect themselves the money men and women have been building a New Fascist World Order, before peoples eyes, which have been blinding for years with consumer celebrity get rich quick on credit culture; all style no substance, all image and no imagination. Make the people dumb enough and they'll believe anything they're told, and know nothing about what they're not told.

Sunday, 8 June 2014


EDL marching past Council Offices in Stevenage. (7/6/14)
“Whose streets....Our streets!” chanted the EDL foot soldiers as they marched through Stevenage on Saturday.  They weren't their streets though; as the vast majority of the relatively small number came from Grimsby, Clacton on Sea and other places , so the flags and hoodies said. Shame on you Stevenage Borough Council for allowing this event to take place, especially the day after the 70 year remembrance day for those that fought and died on the beaches at Normandy to protect our country from Nazis.
Democracy dies when messages of hate are allowed to be expressed and aired on the streets to Saturday shoppers. There was a sizeable counter demonstration, but, thanks to a large and no doubt costly Police presence neither side met, and everything passed off peacefully, before the EDL were escorted back to the station to board trains and coaches to take them back to their streets. Good bye and FUCK OFF! 
If the EDL want to come back to the streets of Stevenage again to try and stir up trouble I hope the Council tells them, that in a multi-cultural town they are not welcome with their Racist views. If they do return, then I can only conclude that certain members of Stevenage Borough Council are Nazi sympathisers, and it will be down to the people of Stevenage to take to the streets in unity against Fascism!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

ELECTRIC RIVER - Faith & Patience. (*A Review*)

If you've been in tune with the program for the last couple of years you will already know what a great band Electric River are, and will already have got yerself a copy of Faith and Patience. If you've only just tuned in then you really need to listen to this album, it's a corker! Twelve tracks of pure power and passion filled with pumping fists and lighters in the air moments. It's a big and bold statement full of self belief (This Garden Will Grow) It's a call to arms (Calling Out) It's sensitive and soulful (Watersong) It doesn't just blow the doors off, it takes the roof off (In Your Name) It's about hope when all around there is despair. (Keep The Engine Burning) It's about life, the ups and downs, the good, the bad and the ugly. These are songs to sing when standing strong and staring into the face of adversity. This is an uplifting and life affirming listen. It is the result of over four years hard graft and holding their nerve by Electric River, whose faith and patience has been repaid, and accolades will be written in their name!

FAITH & PATIENCE Is out now on Cadiz Music. For 'fans' of not just The Alarm, New Model Army, Bruce Springsteen, The Gaslight Anthem and The Clash, but for anyone that likes their music to be loud, proud, real and honest!

Monday, 26 May 2014

FS1E - fs1e (*A Single / A Review*)

Back in the 70's and early 80's the 'Fizzy' or the FS1E as its Japanese makers Yamaha called it, was a bike popular with the teenage yoof of the day. In the year 2014 FS1E are a band of yesterdays youth refusing to grow old gracefully or otherwise. Their debut single and theme song, (if I can call it that) fs1e is a blast of pure post Brit pop prog punk. It roars down memory lane with a carefree fuck you abandon while also stopping and starting along the way. (rather like a ride on the back of a fs1e.) It's a road trip through the past and into the present with no rose tinted motorcycle goggles on for protection. It's got clever lyrics that observe and reflect, there's a great Jam reference were down in a tube station in the morning, full of City workers “there's no smell of brown leather, just the scent of money calling” It's three and a half sublime minutes of rather brilliant quirky, catchy pop music that could only be Made In Britain. For 'fans' of XTC, The Stranglers, Blur, The Kinks, and for anyone that fancies a blast of something fresh and completely different. Pay No More Than 79p. Available from I-Tunes and Amazon.

“Life is so short for everyone. Never mind! What might have been is what you've seen,what you've done. Life is so short for everyone. Get out there and have some fun!” - FS1E



Sunday, 25 May 2014

CHARLIE HARPER and KNOX a couple of URBAN DOGS (An Article)

Charlie Harper and Knox, a couple of inspirational people to me, not just back in the day when I was a kid, nearer to fifteen than fifty, but also in the now. Through out the years they have provided a soundtrack to my life. For over thirty years they have kept the faith and the punk rock flame burning with their respective bands the UK Subs, The Vibrators and when they join forces as the Urban Dogs.

During the Nineties New Wave Of New Wave/Brit-Pop/Dance Culture when Rave was being called the New Punk, The UK Subs and The Vibrators soldiered on with campaigns on home soil and in foreign climes, keeping the real Punk Rock fire alight, when a lot of people had left the camp.
The whole New Labour Retro-Lution of re-branding, re-packaging and re-selling the past saw record labels releasing back catalogues and collections of demos and rarities by classic punk bands on CD, more fuel for the fire; as older Punk Rockers re-discovered their youth and a whole new generation of kidz picked up on the past and used it to influence their present.
During the Noughties both The Vibrators and UK Subs have released some of their best albums; Under The Radar and On The Guest List from the 'brators and Work In Progress and XXIV from the Subs, and lets not forget the sublime and superb Urban Dogs acoustic album Bonefield.

Thirty eight years since Punk Rock exploded in the faces of a generation of bored teenagers and boring old people the fire is raging bright; With new bands like The Reverends, The Derellas, Electric River, Deadcuts, The November Five, Continental Liasion all possessing the punk rock spirit sound or sentiment. We've also seen the return of bands like The Fits, The Outcasts and The Mob. Then there are new albums from veterans Chelsea and The Boys due out soon, and lest we forget GLM.    I'm only scratching the surface here, because there are also hundreds more bands young and old out there in bedrooms, garages and rehearsal rooms across this land bashing out a punk rock beat. One such young group are A-M-I who haven't just got the punk rock spirit and sound they have punk in their blood, as guitarist Marley Perez is Charlie Harpers grandson, who had a song Baby Marley written about him on the third Urban Dogs album Wipeout Beach. If A-M-I continue as long as the Subs or Vibrators than I'll slip into death or dementia happy in the knowledge that punk rock will never ever die.

Captain Oi Records, have been responsible for compiling and packaging many of the classic punk CD re-releases. A couple of their recent releases have been by Charlie Harper and the Urban Dogs. Charlie s 1982 solo album Stolen Property is what it says on the tin. A bunch of other peoples including Chuck Berry, Lou Reed, and Bo Diddley tunes plus a couple of Harper originals are given a dirty punk rock blues makeover. Timeless stuff!.
No Pedigree by Charlie and Knox's side project the Urban Dogs was originally released in 1985. Their self titled debut album was a full throttle Rock'n'Roll assault. No Pedigree is a darker, broodier Rock'n'Roll attack with the songs slowly throbbing and thumping their way into your head. Brilliant stuff!
Further proof that the past becomes the present can be heard on the fourth Urban Dogs album Bonefield (released in 2012) with its Stolen Property acoustic blues vibe. The 'experimental' phazed garage fuzz of No Pedigree can be heard on the Too Much Reality EP that Charlie Harper and Captain Sensible released in 2013..

Stolen Property and No Pedigree are available from Captain Oi Records, but be quick cos there are only 500 of each available. Bonefield by the Urban Dogs and Charlie Harper and Captain Sensible's Too Much Reality EP are available from Time and Matter Recordings, as is A-M-I' s debut album Anti Meat Head Inc. Respect to Captain Oi and Time and Matter Recordings for keeping the fire burning especially at a time when fuel prices are high. Given the choice of turning the heating on or buying a CD...I'd put another jumper on and pogo to keep warm!


Thursday, 22 May 2014


In the wake of today’s Local and European elections in Britain and in preparation for the wave of next years General Election, lets hear it for The Right Not 2 Vote, or possibly the right to vote NO!....A big fat X in a box that says “None of the above” (because they are all a bunch of kunts who are gonna fuck the people when they get into power.) Defaced ballot papers aren't, as far as I'm aware counted in the results, so no one knows how many people didn't believe there was anyone worth voting for. How many more people might vote if they were able to say NO! A right to vote means nothing if you can't cast it because you don't believe in the politics of any of the parties standing. It might even be against a persons Human Rights, I wonder what Brussels would have to say about it. Perhaps it's time people were given the choice; to become a number and stand up to be counted!. Lets see how many people are up for a revolution! How many signatures/hits does an online facebook petition need before the question has to be brought to parliament? Probably a Monster Raving Loony of an idea....but....just a thought!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

A not so safe European home!

Anti- EU feelings are growing in Britain as we approach the elections for the European Parliament. In many other European countries, far right parties are gaining support, with their anti immigration one trick pony. Imagine Brussels filled with right wing MEP's of all nationalities united as one. Supporting UKIP and their ilk is the first step toward toward a jackboot European Fascist Superstate elected through policies which target other human beings and makes scapegoats of them. They always need us to have someone to blame, because United we stand, Divided they rule!

Nigel Farage, nice British name! Married to a German, who's also his secretary, uses Eastern Europeans to deliver leaflets, and has made his wealth from being a Member of the European Parliament. This man should have died in a helicopter crash a few years back, but no....he walked away. Never mind having an egg thrown at him, it should have been a brick! He smokes fags and drinks beer, so he must be a man of the people, someone who understands them. No! What he understands is the people and how to play on their fears and ignorance, with no sense of being the hypocrite that he is.

Do we believe what the media tells us? Statistics are massaged and manipulated left right and centre to suit who evers political ends. Stories are blown out of all proportion, there may be some truths amongst the fiction, but the fact is that it is all propaganda designed and developed to win the hearts and minds of people that don't have a heart, or a mind to think for themselves!..

Take Abu Hamza, or Captain Hook as he was refereed to by the media. If stories are to be believed, it would appear that he was working for the British police and Secret Services. If this is true than perhaps the reason he was able to stay in Britain for so long wasn't because of Human Rights laws as the media told people, but because he was a servant for the Great British State. One day the truth will out, just like it has over the 'War on Terror', no wait up, it hasn't yet because there are delays in publishing the Chilcott Enquiry into the war in Iraq.

Is it a coincidence that the EU Human Rights culture exploded during the New Labour Blair years, and that Tony’s wife Cherie happens to be a lawyer who specialises in....Human Rights! Is it another coincidence that during the same time Britain became so dumbed down and de-skilled that it needed to rely on foreign labour to do the work that British workers didn't want or couldn't do.

The only people to blame are the politicians, so when it comes time to cast your vote just remember that they are all a bunch of cunts and the only people they seek to serve are themselves!  

the DeRELLAS - SLAM! BAM! (*A Review*)

The DeRellas stick it to the man and kick ya ass with their new album SLAM! BAM! Twelve tracks of no nonsense fuck you 'Glam Stomping, Punk Rock Pogoing Rock'n'Roll.' No difficult second album for these guys; The DeRellas are loaded with an arsenal of anthems all waiting to blow yer brains out. From start to finish SLAM! BAM! Is a no frills thrill of a ride on the Rock'n'Roller-coaster. The Heartbreakers meet The Clash in a switchblade street fight, good time Rock'n'Roll doesn't get much better, this.is real solid gold easy action Play loud and wake up the zombie nation! SLAM! BAM! is out now on Crushworld Records. You'd be a mutha fucker not to check it out!   

Thursday, 1 May 2014


Once again I find myself staring at a blank screen with an as yet untitled document open. I have a notebook with some words scribbled in pen that don't make much sense at the moment, they are just pointers to somewhere, dunno where, but lets get going and see where we end up. .

International Workers day of Revolution! UP THE WORKERS! Yeah, we get it shoved up us everyday of the working week! Work is a fucking pain in the arse!

A perpetual state of turmoil from one disaster to another disaster. Scandal after scandal, another cover up by those in power is exposed. These people run and control our country and our lives, and they cannot control themselves, they are responsible for so much and take responsibility for so little, they lie and cheat, pass judgement and watch our every move. Drones watch the drones you've been framed on CCTV. for Saturday night Prime time entertainment. Laughing at others misfortune makes others feel more fortunate. Watching others misery makes them feel less miserable about the useless lives that they lead.

The totalitarian democracy we are living in is an all encompassing machine that destroys the old and calls it progress. We have no real say, they talk of community as they kill it off with bedroom taxes and regeneration, when all it is is wealth creation.

The NHS is sick a slow death by statistics and internal markets, same with all the public services. No one looks at the bigger picture, they just see their little part in it. Strangled by red tape and petty bureaucracy health and safety madness that takes away any responsibility from anyone for their actions. No wonder no one takes responsibility, they don't know how to. An accident or injury? should have taken more care, no it was someone else’s fault. We learn by mistakes, no one is perfect but people want things to be perfect even in an imperfect world if we make no mistakes how do we learn The Modern World teaches us nothing it shows us and tell us everything how to think and what to think. It defines us then divides us. It keeps us in control by giving us no control. People are becoming programmed machines not human beings directed everywhere by sat nav everything controlled by a mobile phone. Blue tooth, blue ray, when I was a kid the only blue entertainment were films. Now I'm, older if I want to see a bunch of cunts on my TV screen I just turn to the BBC's parliament channel the House of Commons is full of 'em.

The pied piper plays the tune as people follow blindly to the death camps they call home, flat packed and semi detached living for those that think they are free when all they are is slaves detached from reality living in a virtual world of one click shopping same day delivery. Patience another human skill becomes lost in the then and now, now, now! Money back guarantees for people that don't have the money cos it's all on credit. Home owners, owned by their homes and chained to the machine working overtime cos they've over spent. Too blind to see past the smokescreens and illusions and too deaf to hear anything else except the Pipers Tune

The Big Lie, tell people they are free enough times because they are living in a democratic country with the right to vote and they will believe it show them military dictatorships in other countries to reinforce the believe that if you haven't got a gun held to your head you must be free. Well I've got news for you, the guns held to our head is fear. The fear of repossession, unemployment, the fear of having nothing after the bailiffs have been. People are owned by what they own, defined by what they have and motivated by what they haven't got, and what they want what they don't need, not that they know that, because they have been brainwashed into thinking that they are free because they have freedom of choice and a right to buy whatever they choose..

Dumbing down the dumb. Too blind to see / Too thick to think What is that fucking stink? I love the smell of bullshit in the morning, papers!

Saturday, 26 April 2014

A-M-I Anti Meathead Inc (*A REVIEW*)

Suck on this George Bernard Shaw! Youth isn't being wasted on this bunch of Brighton youngsters.  With a combined age of 55 four piece punk rock upstarts A-M-I are a young band. At 15 years old Guitarist Marley Perez is old enough to be Charlie Harper from the UK Subs's grandson....wait up the press release says he is! Looks like punk rock is in the blood.

A-M-I first got together back in 2010, and released a single Meathead/Billy No Mates in 2012 (Co-produced with Charlie Harper.) Anti Meathead Inc is their debut album, and what a gem it is, a real blast of youthful punk rock metal exuberance with a message of what matters to them in the world today; Consumerism, Bullying, Environmentalism, Rebellion and Treachery.  The antithesis of One Direction.

A-M-I are carrying the punk rock flame deeper into the darkening years of the 21st Century; lighting the way forward for a future generation who have had enough of being sold the shrink wrapped pre packed garbage pop that is the X-Factor and The Voice. The Kids are Alright, it's the adults that are the problem! but not in this case cos A-M-I have had the likes of the UK Subs and Captain Sensible mentoring them, which can't have been a bad thing as just one listen to their album will testify. A-M-I have a musical maturity beyond their years and have developed a sound that is not just their own but also a reflection of their influences; The Clash, Crass, The Ruts, Metallica, Slipknot. The songs are: Fast and frantic, chugging and chopping, tuneful and thoughtful. Through the crystal clear production, the Guitars thrash the drums crash the bass bashes and the vocals shout, scream and shriek, Ten tracks each one as catchy as nits in the school playground and just as hard to get out of yer head. If as another old saying goes “you are only as old as you feel” then after listening to this album several times I'm gonna be fifteen this year and not fifty.

Anti Meathead Inc is available for £5 from Time and Matter Recordings. It's a nicely packaged CD and is available in 3 different colours (Red, Orange and Green) Highly Recommended ***** 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Continental Liaison are not quite like anything I've heard for a long while; they have ripped it up and started again with a unique deconstructed post punk rock'n'roll mash up that hits you like The Human League on heroin,  a garage rock Sigue Sigue Sputnik or Throbbing Gristle play Pop. Continental Liaison have plundered the past, and made it their own, with an agitated and angular attack on the senses. A raw soulful synth throb battles with fuzzed up, frantic guitars, topped by some moody, monotonous and monotone vocals that offer words of meaning. The sound of 80's Disco-Pop fed through a 21st Century Rock'n'Roll blender. Boy this is brilliant stuff!  
Continental Liaison's debut limited edition single Series Of Events b/w Secession is available from Rough Trade, purchasers also get a download code for a couple of further tracks Future and Hypercompress. Check it out if yer bored with the bland and banal, you wont be disappointed. More details are available on their facebook page. Here's an exclusive for you....an as yet unavailable and unreleased except here demo(scuzzy mix) of The Sonics garage rock classic Strychnine. Vocalist Bam Liaison tells me it took as much time to record and mix as it does to listen to. Take the time and feed yer mind!

Monday, 31 March 2014


Not a lot of Socio/Political comment of late. If words are our weapon then some times my ammunition either runs out or keeps on firing at the same targets. Unfortunately that's how it is. So whats been going on...Probably a lot more than they are telling us, they only tell us what they want us to know, and when they want us to know it.

Russian leader Puttin has stopped posturing like King Kong with a hard on, and is now negotiating, with the rest of the world over the Crimea. Russian oligarchs have had their assets frozen, which should stop 'em buying any more English football teams for the moment.

In a case of life imitating art, or at best a long running drawn out TV drama; Lost.  A plane went missing over three weeks ago, in a high tech world it disappeared when persons unknown (terrorists or a suicidal pilot) turned off the radar signal. Relatives grief and demand the truth when conspiracy theories have been the only answers, which have caused more questions. The truth is out there....two miles down at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, but we will probably never know why!

UKIP gain popularity after the EU debate on the Radio last week. If there was no UKIP where would the bigots and racists turn? Here's a thought UKIP's stance on immigration could potentially stop far right extremists from Europe coming to Britain to stir things up? Fighting fascism with fascism. Unfortunately UKIP are a necessary political evil in a democracy, they are both a pressure cooker and blender for Right Wing Anti-Immigration views. Both the Labour and Conservative parties have to address public opinion to stop it boiling over, they will use diluted policies based on UKIP's stance, in order to win next years election. The frightening thing is that a growing percentage of the British public belief all the bullshit propaganda that UKIP are peddling, even more than the bullshit broadcast by the Labour, Conservative and Liberal parties.

I heard another early shot in their battle for the hearts and minds of the electorate on the radio this morning, there are plans a foot to charge people for using the NHS. Free at the point of contact, but should someone be admitted to Hospital then there are proposals to charge people for their stay, Like it's a fucking hotel. There's also talk of raising prescription charges, how about the NHS buys the drugs from the pharmaceutical companies at a cheaper price, negotiate the deals, isn't that what a free market is all about? But no we'll make the people pay for the corporate share holders profits. How about making those that can afford to pay for their health care....pay! For example all those politicians that insist on using the NHS to show the belief they have in it and that they are the same as the people they represent....charge them, because it's those most in need that will suffer (the elderly and the poor) who no doubt will also be judged on the lifestyle choices they have made, if they had a choice!
The state can't afford the expense of the NHS, because successive governments both Left and Right have spent billions on wars and national security, all done in our name. God and Allah forbid there is another terrorist attack in the UK, but I fear that something will happen again, my faith in organised religion is the same as it is with politicians. They aint gonna save us, they're gonna kill us. So then....if there was another 7/7 bombing, would the injured be charged for their stay in one of the new Hospital Hotels?

As I type this I can hear the 10.00 clock news reporting that climate change is going to be a big problem in the future; food shortages and more extreme weather. The far right are on the rise in France, and licensing laws will change during the World Cup so England fans can drink later while they watch England play. “Here we go, Here we go, Here we go again!”

Take aim....Fire!