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Wednesday, 24 January 2007


Right then folks. Gonna have to do a bit of history here cos there's not been much written about SCUM OF TOYTOWN. They came from Stevenage, a new town where there is supposedly more culture in a yoghurt, I think this post proves that dum arsed local radio presenter wrong. During the 90's Scum released one tape; Fight Truth Decay, one 7" single; The Destruction of Both Houses of Parliament and one album; Strike. They built up a strong local following in Hertfordshire and were veterans of the stage at Finsbury Parks Sir George Robey. Gigged with Citizen Fish, 25th May, RDF, The Blaggers, Cowboy Killers, Snuff amongst others. Toured with Back To The Planet, whom they blew off stage each night by all accounts. Toured Germany and Poland, where they built up a loyal following. Their single got a rave review in the NME, would have been single of the week if they'd sent in a photo with it, John Peel also gave it a spin. Musically if you have to label and box 'em up, they'd have fallen into the anarcho/crusty/ska punk scene, politically they were both global and personal. There you have it, a brief thumbnail sketch of Scum Of Toytown. The first two tracks have been radically reworked by Tim Knowles, master mixer and sound geezer, who was often seen firing off samples at Scums live gigs. The original grooves have been rewound, deconstructed and reconstructed in an almost orchestral and symphonic way, taking them to a different level. Then you get the original versions and an added bonus of my all time fave Scum tune the fascist kicking Jackboot Crusade, as played by John Peel. Grab 'em soon as it's gonna be limited, cos the file sharing hosts for this post only keep 'em up for 7 days, and have a limited number of downloads. If you do miss out leave a comment and I'll re-post at a later date.
Scum Of Toytown - 5 Fingered Discount EP
1) Feedback (Off The Shelf Mix) 2) Different Drum (Alternative Drum Mix) 3) Feedback (orig) 4) Different Drum 5) Jackboot crusade. http://www.sendspace.com/file/z7ewkj NEW LINK OVER TO YER LEFT IN REQUESTS/RE-UPS SECTION!


wwwweeeerrrr said...

hello,I recommend to you the best browser in history,I really loved it,I hope you may want to download and try. thank you.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Yeah whatever

John Liedown said...

I know i'm a bit of an old duffer but i'm struggling like fuck to download this.
Would quite like it as i remember seeimg em live a few times.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Jon, I'm gonna re-post the scum stuff over the weekend using megaupload, sod making it a 'limited edition' just out of interest, whats not happening when u try and download it ?

Tony the Hippy said...

I remember Scum of Toytown from around the time Karma Sutra split up: I think they might have done a few together. Do you remember the lineup?
BTW What became of the Astronauts?

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Nice artwerk Tony. Scums line up was: Craig - Drums/Vocals, Toad - Bass/Vocals, Jon - Guitar/Vocals, Nik - Guitar/Vocals, Lea - Vocals/Keyboards.
The Astronauts are still going strong. There's some of their stuff to download on a couple of blogs I've got listed under Check Out These: Mutant Sounds and Annies Animal. Take a trip to those two, loads of other stuff as well. Cheers Tony.

Andy said...

Wow, was listening to Scum of Toytown in the car today and decided to google them. Found this blog. Any chance you could repost the EP, as I Only ever got the album.


Anonymous said...

Crikey, it's been a while since I heard that name. They used to play Bradford a bit when I lived there and stayed at mine a few times. Where are they now?


Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

I can re-post Scum and will do soon, plus I've got a unreleased number recorded in 2004 of theirs that'll I'll be posting shortly, they are still around in spirit and there's talk of more recording, but don't think they'll be touring much, but you never know a one-off gig somwhere would be a blast.

Anonymous said...

Can you repost the files?

Anonymous said...

can you please re-upload many thanx

Anonymous said...

alright nuzz...hows it goin ....toad here..nice 2 see some people remember scum of toytown!!!!...to the fella in bradford where we stayed..yeah remember that...just..!!..how u keepin??...now playing bass 4 another stevenage band...QUARANTINE...maybe mr.nuzz will put a link up 2 the myspace/myarse site or whatever they call it..if not here it is

take it easy people...

Anonymous said...

Ay up all/anyone reading this.

Just to say I'm astounded at the interest with Scum of Toytown! I was barely a nipper when they were originally going but got into them recently as a student... along with everyone else I know!

I am also culpable for the review I posted at Amazon and implore everyone/anyone to start a petition to get them to reform and play at least one more gig! Like I said there, all my non-punk and a-political mates love it and it'd be great to see them at least once!

Keep in touch.


Anonymous said...

I saw them two times in minden, germany (1995 and 96,i guess)- they were just great.

Oooh, how time runs by...