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Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Here's something visual to go with whats been posted on some excellent blogs recently. Go to the CHECK OUT THESE ! list to yer left and go through it. They're just a click away, you'll find the ones I'm talkin' about. The 80's were a time of a truly divided nation, when music really was 'alternative' and 'independent' didn't mean being dependent on Sony. Subcultures ruled; anarcho-punk, Oi, Goth, Post-Punk, Positive Punk. Each with a distinct look that wasn't available off the rail at Top Shop. CND, Anti-Nazi League, Red Wedge, Stop The City etc ruled the streets. Margaret Thatcher was in power with her extreme economic policies, which have left us in the mess we are now, individuals rule, the collective has been consumed, and at times it feels like there is 'no society.' It's down to us all to start creating a new society, we all have a part to play where ever we are, however old we are, in the search for a new global sensibility. So keep on keeping on: Higlander,Annie, Slobodan, John, Curious, Fritz. To you the readers, start spreading the word and listen to some good musik while yer doing it, because, WE ARE NOT ALONE !

No.5 of 16 LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH - Open Your Eyes http://www.sendspace.com/file/20xmzg


Highlander said...

Amen to that Nuzz (or at least it would be if I believed in God, etc) but you knwo what I mean. Are they your old gig tickets? Amazing that you still have 'em, mine went years ago :( before I found a use for all this 80's flotsam we're posting.

John Liedown said...

When you see some of the gigs you missed in London at the time, I think why was'nt I living in London, instead of sniffing glue up the mountain. Still no regrets hey. Ha! :)

Highlander said...

Nuzz, I checked out greengalloways blog from your links - he's good.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

I've got a few scrap books of all the stuff I went to in the 80's, will use somemore on the blog as and when. Still pissed off after 20+ years, that when I moved out from home my mum chucked all my old anarcho stuff out, got a few bits but not alot, did find a stack of fanzines a few years back. The guy that does Greengalloway used to do Kill Your Pet Puppy fanzine, he was good back in the day and yes he's good now. Aaah regrets, I've had a few...But it's all about where we are at now.