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Monday, 9 April 2012

No Work Today.

Bank Holidays are bad for the economy so a financial think tank have said. Well fuck ’em and fuck their economy more Bank Holidays that’s what I say. Bankers and Big Business have been holidaying at our expense for years, time they fucking paid.

Syria’s back in the news, not that it ever went away it’s just they; the media chose to stop telling us about what was happening there recently, dead children and mortar attacks were put on hold when the price of hot pies was under attack and the oil was gonna run out, oil that comes from places like Syria in the Middle East were they are fighting for freedoms we take for granted.

Still it’s all relevant I suppose, why should anyone care about the bloodshed thousands of miles away when any attacks on our freedoms don’t involve rocket launchers, just words and legislation that people don’t question so long as they’ve got pies to eat and petrol for their cars they’re happy in their ignorance and stupidity, blinded by the lies, the propaganda, the advertisements, and their dreams of a celebrity lifestyle.

Checking the NPW site statistics the other day, I noticed I’d received a large amount of hits from an anti-Obama site, thought I’d check out to see why? Found nothing except a load of Right Wing Republikan Rhetoric saying Obama was the devil and how he’s ruining America???? Yeah right, and the Republicans are gonna do any better, I doubt it, because whatever countries they run politicians across the globe just serve their global free market self interests.

Americans need to vote with their hearts, because their minds have been brainwashed, just like all the rest of the citizens of the ‘free world’

Over in Britain it would seem that London’s Police Force are still racist. The murder of Stephen Lawrence and the eventual conviction of the racist scum who carried it out, still means nothing if the Police force isn’t whiter than white when it comes to the issue of racism. Suspects being racially abused and black policemen leaving because they have suffered racism. Still at least the racists in the force don’t discriminate between the goodies and the baddies, they’re all targets to blind prejudice by racist officers who abuse their power.

On the subject of abusing power, there’s been political talk recently in the run up to The Olympics of banning protests, further fuelled by the recent disruption of the Oxford Cambridge boat race by a swimmer protesting about Britain’s elitist society. Then there was the cyber attack on the governments Home Office website by protest group anonymous, more have been promised. It looks like it could be game on for a summer of civil and uncivil disobedience, which makes it worrying for our freedoms, because our leaders will do anything to protect them, even if it means taking them away in the name of national security.

Will The London 2012 Olympic Legacy be a one-party police state born from an illusion that our freedoms and security are under attack by terrorists, because anyone that goes against the current thoughts and values and takes to the streets to protest could find them self labelled as being a terrorist.

Think about it….


Anonymous said...

i help my own feeble economy by not working, my holiday pay is more than id get if i worked today, so whos economy is not helped by not working?

undeadboy said...

It's already a one party state. There's no difference between the CONdems and Labour. They all promise you the moon on a stick to get your vote, then do what ever the hell they want when they get a taste of power (as long as that's OK with big business and the bankers)


Anonymous said...

if we are all brainwashed how do i know that you haven't been nuzz? or perhaps you are just stupid as you suggested the rest of us are?

The Equaliser

Hebridean said...

...thing is...people are generally cunts...

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Look after yer own economy anon, it’s theirs that’s fucked. Undeadboy knows the score! Never mind how do you know I haven’t been brainwashed Equaliser? How do I know I haven’t been brainwashed! And yes Hebridean people are generally cunts, but not all of ‘em. Cheers for yer comments