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Friday, 15 June 2012

VIVE LE ROCK - cd (A Compilation)

Haven’t had much music here recently so I’m gonna put a stop to that with another one of Vive Le Rock magazines free cover mounted CD‘s. This one’s number six, even though the cover is a Public Image Ltd Pastiche, there’s not a PIL track on it?? But what you do get are 14 more tracks of Rock’nRoll, Punk, New Wave and Beyond! Starting off with some not so vintage FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM with a live version from 2008 of Moonchild, Carl McCoy’s growling rasping voice is enough to raise Satan. REBEL CITY RADIO follow with some melodic Rancid style punk rawk, before the legendary DEMENTED ARE GO give us a blast of their mutant psychedelic punk a billy. 
BLOOD ON WHEELS serve up a slice of chugging rock in the vein of Queens of The Stone Age.   MORGELLONS sound like a more up tempo Joy Division, before THE SKINTS provide a nice Dub Reggae break from the guitar onslaught. Veteran rockers THE DOGS return with a riff laden beast of a tune. TEMPLTON PEK have a post punk Echo And The Bunnymen vibe going on amongst their Rage Against The Machine isms. The tastefully named PINK CIGAR’s Next Generation is a punk glam stomper, while THE NO NAME JANES sound like The Clash being fed through a Green Day blender, THE ANGRY AGENDA and CRASHED OUT carry on with the spirit of 80’s Oi and veteran 1977 Southend Punkers THE MACHINES return with a newie Weekend all before Punk Rock Agents THE SHADOW sign things of with a catchy piece of Punk Rawk. Grab It Here! and Smash It Up!!


Anonymous said...

Thank You Very Much Mate.
I Love These Vive Le Rock Compilations.

Unknown said...

Hey there,
The music on the Vive Le Rock cds is always nicely diverse.....issue 6 is a personal fave as my band The No Name Janes feature on it :o)
It would be great if you would like to review some more of our songs.....if so please contact us via email or facebook.




nekrodad said...

Hey Nuzzy Nuzz, Lord Nekro here still alive and kicking in Tucson Az now. Am wandering nomad lost is a sea of punkabilly and rock n roll. Good to read u again matey.