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Saturday, 7 July 2012


Creating social divisions and demonizing the young. I agree with Labour, that it isn't racist to talk about immigration. I just think that perhaps Ed Milliband should have kept his mouth shut and said nothing, because there is a chance that odious individuals and Right Wing Extremist parties will use it as a means to justify their racism, I mean the right wing press are always telling the people that the immigrants have taken all the jobs and are living in all the council houses.

David Cameron continued his attack on young people by saying that Housing Benefit should be stopped for the under 25's. The benefit system may encourage people, young and old not to work, but rather than cut/reduce housing benefit why not put a rent cap on how much private landlords can charge.
I noticed Cameron soon shut his mouth after standing in moral judgement of Comedien Jimmy Carr for avoiding paying the correct amount of tax. He probably realised questions might be asked about where his wealth came from, and that of Tory party doners, and how much tax they have avoided paying.

A something for nothing society where everyone wants something when having everything is really having nothing. Their established order of things is morally bankrupt, we've had the MP's expenses, phone hacking, bankers bonuses and now interest rate fixing. The 'something for nothing culture' is the other side of the same coin where their tax system enables the rich to avoid paying their taxes, while remaining within the law. Benefit Cheats and Tax Dodgers are both the same to me, but in the eyes of the(ir) law one is a crime, the other is perfectly legal, yet they both steal money from the public services.

The Government has ordered an enquiry into the Banks and the fixing of interest rates, this is going to be carried out by a group of politicians from all parties. What!!!! that's like letting foxes look after a chicken coup. Left wing or Right wing they all represent the interests of capital, and are all guilty of fixing everything in their own interests!  

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