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Sunday, 12 October 2014

UK SUBS - In Progress Live! (Lock 42 Leicester, UK, Dec 11th 2010) *MPfree DOWNLOAD*

Charlie Harper's UK Subs are a punk rock institution, an influence on this young man not only when he was growing up but also as he's been growing older. Songs written over 30 years ago still resonate today, Warhead for example. Heads of state are still having fun, while we are still looking down the barrel of a gun and nations are still killing and dying.
This recording captures the band, (a month before their Work In Progress album was released) in fine levels to the red 'Pure 100% Proof Punk Rock' live action back in 2010 It is a career spanning set list of 22 songs old, new, borrowed'n'blue, by the 3rd 'classic UK Subs line-up (Charlie, Alvin, Jet and Jamie) At present the band are preparing for the release of their new album; Yellow Leader, it is their penultimate one before Charlie's mission to have each of them named with every letter of the alphabet is complete. Details and updates on the albums progress can be found over at the Time and Matter website, T&M are also releasing a series of limited edition 7” Singles that feature bands Charlie Harper has collaborated with or featured on. There is also an Urban Dogs single and album in the pipeline, and if that wasn't enough UK Subs related action going down, work is in progress on a book about the band. In the meantime enjoy a blast of the UK Subs in Leicester.


magnum farce said...

Thanx for the Subs Leicester link can't wait to listen never get tired of the classix

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