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Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Our freedom to think is being taken away by a generation content with having the new technologies doing it all for them. e.g. Sat Navs and apps. The power to think, at your fingertips. People are building their own cages, they are becoming prisoners of and to progress, slaves to the machine, captured and held captivated by its power, as they buy into the power of a HD 3D, Flat screen mega byte instant download world where the reality is virtual until real life explodes onto the streets like Grand Theft Auto the terrorist takeover. A Freeview freedom of endless repeats; DIY, Home swap dissatisfaction, a hundred channels of chewing gum for the eyes which tell you that your home is shit, your life is shit, but you can change it if you buy this and do that. Emotional needs and wants are manipulated. A created consciousness of life style choices, where one size doesn't fit all, and any thing different is deviant. We have been conditioned to conform. The market place sells food, alcohol and cigarettes yet people are judged and condemned if they are too fat, smoke or drink too much and then penalised if they need health care. Justice see robber bankers walking free while drug addicts are locked up. A disease is now a crime! It's all about the money the government says things are getting better the economy is picking up, some are spending while others rely on the charity of food-banks. The poor are being socially cleansed from their homes, they are priced out by Russian oligarchs, Chinese capitalists and Middle East oil sheiks buying up properties to sit vacant, while people sleep on the streets. The overweight smokers are stigmatized by a society that takes no responsibility for its actions but is quick to judge and label people. The free market has created all the social issues we see today; fast food, and cigarettes, if that's the problem, don't sell the product. They profit from the pain of people with too much choice. The poor become rich with credit as they try to buy into a Sunday Papers glossy magazine lifestyle they can't afford. Money problems! Another by product of over production.

There are solutions to every problem, but the problem is that the PWLB (Powers We Let Be) don't want to solve them, they use and manipulate them to their own ends. Terrorist evils are glamorised and condemned in the same breath and tragedies are beamed live and direct like disaster movies into viewers front rooms. A germ free society, cleanliness becomes an obsession in a cold clinical antiseptic world. You can't scrub away social decay or the blood of the war babies across the world.

Situations are set in motion..... The attack on French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo and the siege at the Jewish supermarket in Paris last week. Once again just like 9/11, 7/7 and Lee Rigby those involved where known to security forces across the Channel and the Atlantic. Attackers with faces covered leave a passport in the get away car, a policeman shot dead in the street who doesn't bleed? Just a couple of small things that might once again mean that the truth is not all that it seems in the world of global Politricks. Unseen forces at work helping to build the New World Order

The Charlie Hebdo Paris killings have taken the heat off 'Randy Andy' the Royal sex case Prince, there's no smoke without fire; let the fucker burn, just like we will if the far right take hold across Europe in a backlash against Muslims, as a result of a minority of individuals twisting and perverting their religion into something it is not and should not be, just the same as fundamental Christians. Religion Kills, especially if it's armed with Cruise Missiles and AK47's. Multiple attacks by lone wolves who are ready to strike anywhere. Public paranoia and fears grow everywhere. The forces of the far-right are ready to feed on the public’s fear and then throw it all up over them in the form of Racial hatred and bigotry. Anti Semitism is on the rise as Arabs fight Jews over the right to be become a separate free state. Radical Muslims oppose Western capitalist values of conspicuous consumption and The Far right hate them all remember Anders Breivik that Far Right supporter who gunned down 70 people in Norway a few years back.

The uncomfortable truth that everyone in the media is ignoring are the facts that the Western world has been waging war on Muslims since Sept 11th 2001 when the line was drawn, a war on terror has now become a war that is causing terror. Governments tell their citizens that they are fighting to protect the peoples freedoms while all the time security and surveillance takes them away. Fear sees people believing everything they are told, consent is manufactured.

Selective reporting by Western media means that we are told little about the two thousand killed recently in Nigeria by the hard-line Muslim fighters of Boko Haram. What price life? There has also been little comment about Western Governments involvement in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan and the number of innocent Muslims that have been killed by those Christian forces. But apparently talking about this diminishes what the terrorists have done. No, it denies that countries like America, Britain, France, Germany and Australia have done anything to contribute to the radicalization of Muslims across the world. So long as Western governments deny their actions have any effect on the radicalisation of Muslims, then nothing will ever change Humanity has diminished because of the actions of both radical/fundamental Muslims and Christians. 

Double standards and hypocrisy when the French Government speaks of freedom of expression having banned the burka in public places. It would appear that religious freedom in France only extends to satirising Mohammed in a cartoon.

Islamaphobia is fuelled by crimes such as the recent sex abuse cases cases in Rochdale and Derby which involved groups of Muslim men and young white girls the far right make propaganda from this as well as trying to link terrorism to immigration, not only are they taking our women, jobs, homes, benefits and health care, they want to kill us.  

The Far Right marched in many German cities the day before the attacks in Paris. In other European countries they are stronger than they are in Britain, the rise in support for UKIP is rather concerning, especially as they are a one trick; anti-immigration party with an invite to anyone with dubious views and opinions on women, foreigners, the disabled and homosexuals to become a member. Recent comments by Tony Blair about how the Labour Party is no longer a working class party will help push more voters UKIP's way. Their pied piper Nigel Farage is ready to play any populist tune the people want to hear, but his parties only answer to any questions is it's the fault of immigration and Europe.

We appear to be entering a New Dark Age, battle lines are being drawn, liberties are being taken with our freedom. Wars are declared on drugs, poverty and terror, wars that can never be won, the casualties just increase, divisions get wider until it all cracks and we drop into the abyss. 


Sid knee said...

Best thing you have ever written awesome....There are solutions to every problems but the greedy bastards won't use the solutions lest it harms their profits. They should check their rolex's...the time of change is approaching

Mike Oxlong said...

As ever a post that echoes my feelings and thoughts exactly, written in a more fluid and lucid manner than I could.

I too, am worried about the rise of UKIP. If they succeed in making inroads and gain seats then this country will only slip further into decline.

Wise up people, the National Front, the British Movement, Combat 18, BNP, EDL or UKIP, dress them up whichever way you want, they are all dangerous, poisonous and vile

http://www.hopenothate.org.uk/ is a good place to start

Anonymous said...

i believe that the burka here in france (i'm french) was banned because you cant identify the person wearing it.

you still people still wearing them despite the ban and it happens that when the police ask them to show their face so they can verify who their are, they simply refuse.

a couple of days ago, i've stepped on an internet page that was saying that burka, death by stoning was not originally part of the quran but were taken from the bible and adopted by the muslim