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Sunday, 26 April 2015


Two weeks before the Great British Vote Off, and I thought it was about time I spewed a few snippets of thoughts your way, stuff that's been floating around my head over the last few weeks. Some of them are Election related some of them are more general.

Don't spend your life thinking, comparing or judging it against what others have or have not got. Dissatisfaction guaranteed!

Bad news and dodgy deals buried under under the wreckage of a plane crash, as the media bleed tears from the readers and viewers eyes as they watch another hyper real spectacle.

Migrants drown escaping from conflicts that Europe and America caused, then walked away from. Changes in EU policies to the way The Mediterranean Sea has been policed have made these human tragedies more commonplace, and I wouldn't put it past the powers that we let be to be complicit in the whole people smuggling business, what better way to control the numbers, sink a few boats because the dead and drowned don't need asylum.

Politicians will fight for votes with propaganda and lies....We'll do this, we've done that, we'll continue to do this, they'll do that. For the many or for the few. For the old or for the new. For the rich or for the poor. Here they come knocking on the door with their promises and lies.

What is it in our society about sex and children? If they've not been abused by Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris or Cyril Smith. Their parents have dressed them like mini drug dealers and prostitutes, now twelve year olds are freely able to access porn on the internet. A younger generation to sexed up to fuck the system, they're only heading in one direction.

Only in a dying Democracy could some politicians talk about making it compulsory for Young People between 18-24 to vote. Perhaps in the future we'll see people fighting and campaigning for the right not to vote. Then it's possible that the balance of power in this dis-united kingdom could be in the hands of the Scottish Nationalist Party, who no one can vote for unless they live in Scotland, and the SNP want to break away from English rule, or as the media are saying want to“Destroy the United Kingdom.”

If there is another coalition once again it will be an unelected government, showing once again that we are living in a dying democracy, where the buggering of boys is covered up by an establishment intent on protecting other prominent paedos; our justice system is just as corrupt as our political and economic ones, where the desires of the haves are all met and satisfied, while the have nots are brainwashed into desiring things they don't really need but, have to have. One law for one, one for the other.

Casting aside our Democratic Deficit for a moment, on May the 8th the citizens of Britain will wake to a new government, that if political pundits and their polls are to be believed will be neither red nor blue, but a rainbow colour. Old style left'n'right politics are dead; people are slowly starting to wake from their slumber and are seeing that 'traditional politics' have failed them on every level. Voters are turning to the smaller single issue parties, unfortunately this has seen a rise in support for the likes of UKIP, but in a 'Democracy' we have to tolerate their divisive, derisive and populist opinions about immigration. Nigel Farages bullshit, his so called honesty is just lies that people who are still half asleep believe to be true, but these people could awaken a Right Wing Beast if the Conservatives needed the support of UKIP in order to govern the country for another five years. Welcome to ConUK plc, so long as you are English.

Democrazy rules! If the SNP want to destroy the UK, which is what people fear about a Labour SNP coalition then fuck knows what a Tory UKIP coalition are gonna do; with their promises of referendums on Britain’s EU membership, because in order to trade with other nations you need to have something to sell them, and there is nothing Made In Britain anymore. Britain wouldn't survive in isolation we need Europe, yeah maybe some of the Brussels Dictates need to be looked at, but fundamentally just as people need to work together so do nations, but it needs to be about co-operation not competition if we cant see that then we are mad in Britain.

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