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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

THE HEARTBREAKERS - Live @ CBGB'S (7th Sept 1975)

Here's a re-post by request which catches The original Heartbreakers avec Richard Hell alive and live at CBGB'S in the fall of 1975 This incarnation of the band was a short lived affair with Johnny Thunders not wanting to play second fiddle to Richard Hell.  Hell attempted to take over the 'breakers, but Johnny left taking Walter Lure and Jerry Nolan with him,  Billy Rath replaced Hell and the rest is history. Talking of history anyone with a passing interest in Rock'n'Roll really should check out the film Looking For Johnny (The Legend of Johnny Thunders) which is what it says on the can....a film that searches for some sort of truth amongst the myths in the life of one of the most enduring Rock'n'Rollers ever to pick up a six string.


Anonymous said...

Than you!

RevolutionaryBum said...

Great Documentary indeed! Looking For Johnny is a must see. Its been a while since I've visited your page, so glad its still up and running!
Life's been throwing a few to many wrenches into the mix, Death of Family member fallowed by best friend and brother from another mother both of cancer... And Fukushima is "Just Fine" 💩 I live on the west coast of WA state it's epidemic! Peoples pets riddled w/ cancerous tumers, friends of friends, starfish turning into jelly, 10 of thousands of Sea lions and squid wasing up on beaches... Its endless! But never a single mention of Fukushima... Love to here your thoughts about it. Your in the Northern hemisphere so your getting it in the rain and snowfall. Two reliable sourses... "Fukushima Diaries" Bigo has. Had some good reporting also and ??? Can recall the best one... Nuclear something its been around for years and is a reader supported group of former nuclear scientist, nuclear power plant workers who are a whatdog for all aging plants around the world... Not sure how i started with JT and morphed into a rant on cancer and nuclear power melt downs? Crazy old punk I guess ☠😈