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Tuesday, 8 September 2015


Images of a dead child washed up on the beach of our safe European home stirs the slumbering mass into compassion that wasn't there before the picture was published by the papers. Weren't the images of children being squeezed through railway carriage windows enough? This child is just one of many that have died, the rest have remained unseen....out of sight and out of mind. It would appear that words are not enough for people; they have to see it to believe it.

Immigration, Migration are different issues, as are refugees. Lets not forget that our wonderful Western democracies are ultimately responsible for these crisis's. The media mixes and mashes the terminology in headlines until it has become one whole thing....A FUCKIN' MESS! that no one wants to clear up even though their wars and interventions have made it. They can't even work together and make a start, they just start adding more to the mess by talking about Christians versus Muslims, IS infiltrating those trying to find asylum in the madhouse that they think is a 'better life' If we are not careful this mess will leave a stain Free movement will become even more restricted as borders are shut and the barbed wire goes up around Fortress Europe. Let history be the judge, at this point in time....guilty. I mean British police are now arresting people trying to go to Syria.

Media led politics has seen British Prime Sinister David Cameron take a complete U Turn on the 'refugee crisis' before the picture was published in the papers he was adamant Britain would not be accepting refugees, after the picture he 'opened the doors' to 'the swarm'

Some people have spoken out about how we should welcome the refugees, others are speaking out as to why we should not take any....There aren't enough houses or jobs etc put “Britain First” they say....Fuck 'em that's what I say....refugees, immigrants and migrants are Britain’s future. The knuckle dragging Right Wing are gonna cause fear and panic amongst the ordinary people. Britain has seen a rise of islamaphobic attacks.
Empathy....understanding, or lack of it. People really should stop and think....What if something happened in Britain and they had to flee in fear of their life....It couldn't happen here could it? Well if people believe what the likes of the EDL, Britain First and UKIP....Yes it could, because all the Muslims seeking asylum want us to live under Sharia Law and chop the heads of Christians. Britain was built by immigrants, migrants and refugees, they were our past and should be part of our future. Whose to say that the young Syrian boy kicking around a football might not score the winning goal for England in a future World Cup final.

It's good that Bob Geldof is going to open his home(s) to Syrian refugees, otherwise he'd probably release a charity fund raising single! Spare rooms for Syrians, one way to sort out the 'Bedroom Tax'....People with extra rooms can stay in their property as long as they house a refugee.

Every nation across the world that committed and supported the war on terror should take a proportion of refugees from places like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, there is enough room in countries like the USA and Australia for example and it will be a damning enditment at the sort of society Britain has become if we stand by and do as little as possible. World War Two guilt has seen refugees welcomed with open arms in Germany, while some countries like Hungary can't wait to get rid of them, and all the while America says and does nothing, while continuing to bomb Syria. A global coalition is needed, including Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, but they need to tread carefully though what with Syria being friendly with Russia.  The world is a big place, there's room for everyone.

It has also come to light that David Cameron has illegally used RAF Drones to take out a couple of British Jhiadists in Syria, under the premise that they were planning an attack on British streets. Cameron mentioned the recent VJ celebration/remembrance day, as having been a possible target although it wasn't until days after the parade that Cameron OK'd their assassination????!!!! This is a disturbing use and abuse of political power, as the House of Commons were not consulted and as yet no evidence has been seen, plus surely if you wanted to stop an attack you'd have taken them out before the possible target event took place.

Refugees from Syria are fleeing their country because of war, as some sort of solution David Cameron is talking about Britain dropping more bombs (not that they aren't already supporting the continued US Bombing of the area.) I can't see this ending well for anyone, least of all the innocent people of Syria.

Talk not bombs! Britain’s past terrorist problem....the IRA is/has been resolved through talks and mediation not through guns and bombs. Labour leadership Jeremy Corbyn knows that talking is the way forward having shared a platform/stage with militants. This fact has been used to try and smear his campaign, when really it is the only way forward....you can't bomb an ideology, but you can talk to one and try and reach some common ground.

Unless there are some short term solutions and long term measures put in place that show compassion and humanity have progressed as much as science and technology has we will enter a new dark age.


Anonymous said...

it makes me sick to think there are people dyeing and little or nothing is being done to fix the problem

Unknown said...

You talk a lot of shit.
All I see on the news is lots of young men running away from their own country. The cowards should turn round and go back and fight to save their country like my grandparents and great grandparents had to do in their youth.
It is because of their sacrifice that a twat like you is allowed to spout the shit that you do.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

The shit this twat spouts is his truth, your comment is your truth and a fine and noble truth it is, and one I can't disagree with. Thanx Peter A for taking time to comment.