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Monday, 26 November 2018


Fifty years and nothing much has changed in France or Britain, the difference is that the French know how to hold a good protest! They're on the streets for days not hours, that's what's left of them after the paving slabs have been ripped up and thrown at the police.
Here in Britain the people are going to be brainwashed into 'Brexit Boredom' in the hope that they'll accept anything the politicians we keep in power decide what is good for us. Deal or No deal, the choice is theirs not ours, because we had our say in the referendum, when the will of the people was to leave the EU, any choices were based on untruths written on the side of a bus and populist propaganda. Prime Sinister May's deal is shite, people know it and politicians to the left and right know it, and then she's got the bare faced cheek to stand up and say that the people must “Trust politicians to deliver on the vote” when it comes time for parliament to vote deal or no deal, cos that's the choices, unless there is another referendum, or a peoples vote to see if the will of the people is still the same as it was two years ago, or if it has changed, without another vote our democracy is in danger of collapse, because no one is gonna be happy if they don't get what they voted for, especially as they didn't really know what they were voting for, but when they do....”I Predict a Riot!” Fuck Project Fear this is project the future! Because the time is right when things get tight

It was in the news a while back that the Water Canons that the then Mayor of London Boris Johnston bought in the wake of the 2015 Riots, but have never seen action, as the then Home Secretary, a one Terressa May refused to authorize their use by the Police, have been sold for scrap at a substantial financial loss to the tax payer, thanks for that. But here's a thought....oh the irony should the British people take to the streets as a result of a Botched Brexit, where are those water cannons now they're needed. No wonder there's talk of The Army being prepared for any potential civil disobedience. What with the Tory Cunts cuts in police funding reducing a Police Force to a Police Presence on streets where stabbings are common place and gangs fight amongst themselves. If there was ever a time to mobilise forces now's the time. Imagine....If the people were united; Gang members woke up from their Drug Daze, joined forces with the eco-warriers, anti fascists, Momentum supporters and pissed off people from whatever side of the political divide, and took to the streets of London for a good protest. Vive Le Differance!

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