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Sunday, 18 August 2019

Snippets and shitbits!

Luxury water? What the fuck!
The tide is turning. Climate change is a global problem that we have created by demanding cheap, disposable products. Buy now, pay later.

Hypersensitive society media disinformation desensitised to violence and the blood and gore of physical distress, but mentally and emotionally every thing disturbs. "If scenes/subject has affected you call 0770 blah,blah,blah for support" How many times is that said after the soap opera's? Pretty much every week. I've been doing my research, and it's been traumatic.
If I wasn't feeling disturbed before, I am now! Eastenders and Coronation Street are they reflecting reality or creating reality? I can only assume it's the latter because nothing I saw bore any relation to mine or people I know's lifes.

Fragmentated and over complicated Smart Phone selfie vanity another Instagram tragedy. Identity crisis anti-social media. No imperfection allowed. Jeremy Kyle the judge and jury. Bear baiting Chav hating. We are going to hell in an out of control Uber Cab driving through the debris of our take away and throw away society.

It's a strange old world when a comedian with no political experience other than pretending to be one on a TV Show is actually elected as president of the Ukraine. Whatever next, a reality TV show host becomes president of the USA....wait up.....If this sort of thing continues it doesn't bode well for any future UK elections.... Jim Davidson becomes Prime Minister!
Nigel Farage is a one trick pony; Anti EU and that's it, what are his policies about anything else, I dunno cos he doesn't say anything other than blaming the EU and Immigrants for everything that's wrong with Britain....The Brexit Party will probably do well in the European Elections, but that's not gonna be because of their success, it's down to the Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems failings. FUCK THE LOT OF EM....C**TS! I'm gonna be voting Green, at least they stand for something other than the pursuit of power and profit.

It seems to me that there's a media campaign, were anyone that criticises Israel and the abuse of its power in trying to subjugate the Palestinian people is branded Anti-Semetic.

The age of un-reason.
Lies decet and dodgy Russian Rouble's.

Britain isn't full of Racists, but the Racists certainly fooled the people of Britain. They seem to fool some of the people all of the time
This may be a bit controversial, but....here we go....If people put in to something, then the should get something back. This is not the case, which is one of the things that can divide us....RESENTMENT

Regardless of Nationality if a person comes to Britain as an 'Economic Migrant' and they are prepared to work then fine, if they are fleeing war and persecution then it is, or should be the collective responsibility of the rest of Europe, including the UK to look after these 'Political Migrants' or to stop funding and supporting regimes fighting these 'Religious Wars' The people that had the power to change things within the EU unfortunately chose to abuse and profit from it rather than use it to fight for their country against some of the excesses of the European Union, Farage and his Anti- EU MEP Brexit cronies had every opportunity to negotiate better deals for fishing and farming industry's, but they didn't and now they are using the arguments about quotas and fishing rights as propaganda for Britain getting a better deal if we left the EU with no deal. They could have done more toward helping to end the 'migtation crisis' but then they wouldn't be able to use it as more propaganda for their form of fascism....it's all the immigrants fault, we want our country back. Blurgh, Blurgh, Blurgh!


roverinexile said...

Good to see you back & active. Troubling times.
A while back you posted a recording of a Bounty Hunters show from Birmingham Goldwyn's in 1991. I lost it in a recent hard drive failure. Do you by any chance still have a copy you could share?

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Rover, I do, but like yerself I've had computer issues I just need to get stuff on hard drives transferred to a new lap top when I've saved up some Penny's, pop back in a couple of months and I'll see what I can do, at the moment I'm using a smart phone for the blog. Take Care.

roverinexile said...

No problem. Let me know if you've lost any of the things I posted, e.g. Twenty Flight Rockers

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