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Sunday, 18 March 2007

JUSTICE / HYPOCRISY. It's Oil or Nothing.

No sign of any 'regime change' for Zimbabwe. It's not surprising when there is nothing of any interest left there for countries like Britain. The minerals and metals that were there have long gone. Stolen during the empire building days of imperialism, when the area was proudly named Rhodesia after chief pillager; Cecil Rhodes. British interests continued until 1965 when the precious resources ran out. Rhodesia then sought independence from Britain and came under white-minority rule i.e the Brits who got rich as a result of imperialism. In 1970 Rhodesia declared itself a republic, that wasn't recognised by Britain or any other states. The 'free elections' of 1980 saw Mugabe come to power, (Rhodesia became Zimbabwe) and there he has been ever since. A tyrant who does what the fuck he likes to 'his people' Land Reforms saw re-distribution, but fucked their economy, critics are imprisoned and tortured, elections are rigged and his power remains unchecked. This one's down to Britain to sort out and we don't need America to make a bad situation even worse. Lets not forget that Britain went to war with Iraq for 'regime change' and a few months ago a certain Mr Hussein was sentenced to death and hung for crimes against 'his people'.

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Highlander said...

Lets start a rumour that a massive oil reserve has been found somewhere under Zimbabwe and we'll be over there (with our US friendly fire chums) faster than you can say "who's dishing out the 'rebuilding' contracts?"