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Monday, 12 March 2007

'Only You Can Choose The Things That You Should Do'

I'm always listening out for new bands, not that I've heard anything too interesting recently. Came across this lot through a posting on The Clash forum (link to yer left and down a bit.) dunno what it was but they sounded like they'd be worth a listen, and I liked what I heard, a Lo-Fi, Pop, Punk racket, with a bit of passion. So I thought I'd unleash it onto an unsuspecting world. Here yer go, Its THE USUAL SUSPECTS. Anyway, I'm gonna hand you over to their publisict; Montgomery Clift to tell you a bit about 'em...........

'The Usual Suspects started out in late 2004 with Elliot on guitar, Mike on vocals and guitar, and Matt on drums. Chris later jumped on the project with guitar and backup vocals, and Elliot took over bass duties, at first Alvaro of a band Piñata Protest (Elliot also plays bass for them) was originally on for bass, but had other projects in mind. The first show was in the spring of 2005. The guys wanted to bring something good to the table with a lot of hardcore bands starting up, the punk/rock-n-roll scene was being diluted and they wanted to start something new and special. Chris and Mike had been in another band, Potential violence, which ended the same year the Usual Suspects started. Potential Violence was a well known punk rock band in the San Antonio scene but it ended after difficulty with the members, they couldn’t find time to practice or play shows or even come up with new material.

The Usual Suspects themselves had problems starting up and gaining momentum, they started playing small benefit shows but later on drummer Matt was sometimes unreachable and couldn’t show up for practices, thus they couldn’t get shows. The band also suffered from lack of good equipment.

In the summer of 2006 current drummer Mario of another band (Fire at Will) came onboard and he fit the band very well. They started practicing and after the first show it was apparent that Mario was a keeper. Shows started coming and the Suspects started to gain a following.

In the summer of 06 I started recording the band live and as an encouragement to the guys made a bit of a live cd which was posted on their myspace for a while, just to let people know that the band was revving up and to get their music heard. The quality was low-gen but it was good enough. The guys got serious about recording a demo and finally achieved it in Feb-07. The Lakeshore Sessions as we nicknamed them were recorded 50 miles outside of San Antonio in a small trailer by Lake Medina(Texas) Clayton Price was our generous host. He is of Raze Earth fame. He was producer/engineer of the Killers With Good Intentions E.P.

This E.P. was a DIY project that I helped them with, purchased silver cd-rs, sleeves and discussed the artwork with them. Printed and burned the cds. I have been following this band since they started, and have taken hundreds of photographs as well as some live footage. I really believe in what they are doing and I support them 100%'

There you have it, that's THE USUAL SUSPECTS for yer, all that remains is to listen to 'em. So what ya waiting for. It's just a click away..............

USUAL SUSPECTS - Killers With Good Intentions EP : http://www.sendspace.com/file/otc9jo

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