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Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Blimey, feel like a request blog. The Pistols, The Clash and now Rage Against The Machine and The Specials, well I woz gonna say that "I don't do requests," then I thought, nah fuck it, why not, then I thought hang about, I love Rage Against The Machine for their politics and shoving it in the faces of the mass market, but musically I don't like them. Then there's the Pistols, kicked down the door and brought punk to the masses, but musically, just one trick pony's, unlike The Clash. The Specials summed up the state of a nation with the sound of ska, but unfortunately I have nothing I can post, that aint available for a fiver in Tescos. So where does that leave us....Yes there will be more Clash stuff coming, but as for the rest? if I come across any live Specials stuff that'll go up, but stuff that I aint into wont. Feel free to request stuff, but can't guarantee i'll be posting everything, but I have an eclectic musical taste so yer never know.


mrmagoomc4 said...

AWIGHT nuzz hows u sun tan mate ive got a request table of uncles by the price as im trying to get hold of this !!!!!!!!!! fukn excellent band too...or some stuff by the manics cheers mate

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Suntan ? it chucked it down for 3 days, and I wished I'd packed my long jons. Got better toward rest of the week though. The Price, I'm sure I saw them once and may have something or know a man that does will check it out, cos if they're the band I'm thinking of, they were a buzzcocksy jammy sort of racket and rather good, if they don't fit that description then we're talking different bands, was someone inthem also in a band called Genius Freak? Got a Manics one to post in next couple of days, nah won't give you a clue you'll have to wait and see.