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Saturday, 23 June 2007

GlaSTUNGbury 2007

Wish I'd gone to Glastonbury this year. I've been watching it on the telly, and maaan there's been some good shit on, and I mean shit! I should have made more of an effort to register and get my photo ID and pay a couple of hundred pounds for a ticket to spend 3 days in a cow field with the rain and the mud, living along side hundreds of middle class indie hippies who feel that it is the only time they feel truly free and able to be themselves, while giving the powers that be another excuse to bring in some sort of ID scheme, you suckers. WHAT PRICE FREEDOM?


Pogel said...


The middle class indies camping in the mud are still cooler than young conservatives or the mass of bigoted sloths that make up the rest of the populace. Even emo kids are cooler than kids that like pop music or jazz ugh!. On the question of the price its the old supply and demand again. The bands could get some nuts and make a stand. Not that I am a fan but over here Pearl Jam stopped playing gigs where Ticketmaster were involved as they jacked up the price, but apparently backed down when they couldn't get gigs. Some other things going through my mind about people spending their money on the weekend are What price happiness? and isn't it better than a cheap holiday in someone else's misery?

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Yeah that first point goes without saying Pogel, my problem with Glastonbury is I dont buy into the 'hippy vibe', with Reading and theold Phoenix festival, you know were you were with 'em..money! were'as Glastonbury gives out the non-corporate vibe but unfortunetly it's the same as all the rest, times change i suppose. Bands and punters both need to make a stand over prices, bands don't play and punters need to do like the Convoy and tear down the fences. Yes who am I to criticise what others do with their time, it's what ever floats yer boat and those who went to Glastonbury are gonna need one. Cheers for commenting Pogel, enjoying your blog. Thanx for making time to comment.