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Monday, 9 July 2007


Had a bit of an eco-politikal weekend, so didn't get a chance to post some more Clash stuff, so here we go. Mind you this wasn't the stuff I'd planned to post. Anyway look at this as a bonus download to The Clash On TV post. It's from Michel Druckers French TV Show, broadcast on 28/9/77; 3 tracks: London's Burning/Complete Control and 1977. (Thanks to Laxman, from you know where for this) I'll get round to posting what I'd planned; The Clash's Tale Of Two Cities soon. Anyway, talking of THE CLASH, there's a band from Coventry called THE ENEMY, who are treading the same path as The Clash did 30 years ago. Their debut LP We Live And Die In These Towns was released today. Thanx to the wonders of t'internet I've been listening to it for a couple of weeks now, ain't too bad as new bands go, and will probably speak to a generation of kids like The Clash did back in the day. Musically The Enemy are a hybrid of The Clash/The Jam and don't let this put you off Franz Ferdinand, lyrically they are very socially aware. Next to Send Away The Tigers by the Manic Street Preachers (who they've been touring with) it's one of my favourite new releases of the year. I'm not gonna post the album, but there's a bunch of early singles, B-sides and session stuff for ya included in this post. Enjoy.


usted said...

thanks for passing by. this is a great blog and now i'm gonna listen to the enemy.
greetings from buenos aires!

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Cheers Usted, keep on blogging in the free world.

nmos said...

thanks for the enemy. Heard bout them but hadn't listened to them yet.

zenpunk said...

top blog page mr wolf,only just caught on to this blog thing recently but seeing yours and a few others has made me want to do one myself-tried the clash link in this post but seems to be dead at the moment.

Rob Quarantine said...

went to see the coventry lads at the Astoria with the toad back in april-wasnt expecting much first 2 bands were shite,and the place was heaving but all of a sudden they came on and within the first 2 bars of "its not ok" mayhem broke loose,my strongbow can was crushed (and empty) my hat gone and id lost toad.
Luckily i found him after what was probably the best set of any band id seen live in years, The pit was mental and everyone loved it. When i did find mr toad,he also looked like he had fun but the bruises and sweat said more than the smile ever could!
I think the £17:50 i coughed up to get in was money well spent!