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Friday, 27 July 2007

THE CLASS(war)OF '94

Recorded live at various gigs at The Square in Harlow, this compilation highlights all the leading lights from the 90's 'crust punk scene' basically the evolution of the 'anarcho scene' in the 80's, but with a more groove based, dub, dance element to it and less shouty, shouty. The message was still the same; proceeds from the sales of this CD went to the Hunt Saboteurs Association. So there you have it 15 tracks by: RDF/The Sea/AOS3/Citizen Fish/Bender/Scum Of Toytown/Ramraiders I.T.A/Blade/Fun'daMental/Rhythm-Ites/Zu/Blyth Power/Snuff/Credit To The Nation/Wat Tyler// Get it here, but remember next time you see any collections for the Hunt Saboteurs, put a few pence in, cos this release will have cost you nothing.


Anonymous said...

Great venue...saw some wicked gigs there...inc Newtown Neurotics playing an extended version of 'kick out the tories' very near to the the election that the tories won again! Oh well, we sung our hearts out anyway...Do one on the Sir George Robey Nuzz...now we are talking!
Mickey Penguin

Chris Ripple said...

I couldn't agree more... and who's singing the digger song, it isn't either of the versions i've got ?

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Indeed pENGUIN, the George Robey yes many a gig there from Flux of Pink Indians to The Pogues and Scum of toytown plus loads of others, even graced the robey stage myself, what a pit of a venue, but that was it's charm, remember toilets overflowing out into the hall at one gig. Chris, it's THE BARRACUDAS doing 'World Turned Upside Down' from their 1983 album Endevours to Persevere, best version I've heard and probably the first version I'd heard.

Anonymous said...

can someone please re-upload the compilation? link is dead:(