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Sunday, 28 October 2007

2 Weeks....It's been a long time....Now I'm back....Batteries re-charged and ready to go. What's been happening in my absence, all old news but still worth a comment or two. In a bid to make themselves more electable the Liberals ditched Ming Campbell because he was too old. England did the triple and took defeat graciously as ever; It was the plastic pitch, they used illegal fuel, his toe was in. Still eventually everyone got over it, felt proud 'we'd' got there any way and accepted that....Shit happens. Talking of which California burned and superstars paniced. Once the flames subsided The Terminator summoned Bush, who rushed of to see the poor White Anglo Saxon Protestants and said he was with them; just like he did(n't) when New Orleans flooded. Fire, Water.....what next Pestilence? All change in the media..Ant and Dec finally shown for the frauds they are. Cut backs at the BBC; there's only so much you can spend on repeats. NME gave away a rather fine and free Love Music Hate Racism CD and had an article discussing the subject with today's rising stars; Tom from The Enemy is shaping up to be another generations Joe Strummer. Great stuff. On a sadder note Paul Fox, bassist in The Ruts passed away. No Ruts No Love Music Hate Racism. On a possibly lighter/bizarre/sinister note I'll end this post with a story from Southampton; where in one street 8 cats have been taken away from their owners and dumped 25 miles away. Their owners then received a letter informing them what had been done and why? the answer being that their cats had been crapping in gardens and killing birds. There's nowt so queer as folk. I wonder what would happened if they got hold of the local 'ASBO Yobs' Anyway that's yer lot. Broadcast over. If you didn't get yer hands on the NME's CD, its available here: http://www.nme.com/lovemusichateracism Worth downloading for The Enemy's brilliantly titled Fear Killed The Youth Of Our Nation and Carbon/Silicons re-vamped The Network's Going Down.


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cat said...

welcome back nuzz, good to hear ya,raven from killing joke also died last week, and the spin there putting on the killing of the brazilian at stockwell tube station, coke addict illegal immigrant acting shady while they try to apprehend him...wouldn't you if 15 blokes with guns were all over you..what's going on there. mistakes were made just fucking admit it and crack on with it..never mind..welcome back

Chris Ripple said...

Fuckin' hell, man... You could market and sell 'punkdom' to the multitudes. Way to go !
Or maybe just sell the truth to an honest man.
(If you can find one)?
And when you've done all that you can sit back and watch the re-runs
of c.c.t.v. aired on youtube of the moment the shots were fired !!!
I don't think the world sucks so much as some of the attitudes of the inmates of the 'Insanity Factory'. Since when have the po-lice ever, and I mean ever, admitted they killed the wrong person ? If ever they do you have to drag the truth out of them.
Now why is that I wonder ?

John Liedown said...

Nice to have you back mate.

Anonymous said...

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