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Friday, 12 October 2007

So Brown 'bottled' the election. No surprise there. The chancellor 'stole' some Conservative ideas. No surprise there. Like I've said before; we are converging toward a one party totalitarian state, and these things are gonna happen along the way, as the parties fight to make sure it's their party with the control and power.


Wiff said...

The working class in this country have had no party to look towards for years now. I resigned from the Labour Party when Kinnock began expelling those of the Militant Tendency years ago. The writing was on the wall then. Through Smith, Blair and now Brown the Labour Party has become just another wing of the Tories. Right wing Union leaders do the work of the capitalists keeping their members from acting. But at least things are changing slightly. The RMT, the PCS and now the UCW are beginning to fight back. Support must be given to these unions in their struggles. Pressure from members must be kept up to force Union leaders to act. I belong to Unison and at this moment in time we are ballotting for industrial action with regards to a paltry 2.475% pay offer for local government workers. The leadership have dragged their heels and done all that they can that ordinary members accept, for example ballotting for a 2 day stike so close to Christmas. The result will sadly be in the balance.
It is time that Unions broke away from the Labour Party and stopped financing them. You would not pay a mugger to mug you, would yer. The Labour Party is lost to the ordinary working person, a new party is needed that will represent the millions rather than the millionaires

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Cheers wiff,can't really add much to what you've said, other than agree and relate to it, because I recently had the need to get Unison involved in a case at work, and to be honest they did nothing for me. I put that down to the fact that they are in the pockets of the Labour Party and were I'm working we recieve government funding. So I was basically mugged off.

Chris Ripple said...

Speaking as an ex Tory ... (Until Maggie's third term...The Poll Tax years) I think Wiff is spot on in what he says. Like him I'm caught up in the local government thing but I personally don't believe in Unions. However it must be stated that the Scottish Clown at No.10 screwed us all right royally in his previous budget when he decided to change the tax allowance and those earning less than twenty grand a year are now paying full rate. I dunno about Wiff but my earnings went down and I imagine his did too.
Isn't it strange that the working man/woman is always worse off under a supposed Socialist Government than they ever were under the Tories (If you don't believe me check the stats and facts). Apart from Maggie's ego and the Poll Tax, We as people are always allowed more money of our own to spend as we see fit under the Tories and you can go back to the first Labour Government statistically if you don't believe me and check it out for yourselves.
When this shower of shite came to power in 1997 we had to work until the second week of July to actually see any of our own wages and now we have to work until the last week of August... Ten years and they're still telling lies and taxing us to the hilt. I'm apolitical now and hate them all with equal venom... But... If we end up with a revolution in ten years time I have to admit I think it'll be a 'right wing' one and not left wing as society is currently heading in that direction.
You only have to look around you at the rise of the N.F. again, and why ? 'Cause successive governments are more concerned with looking good for the media and interfering in other countries for brownie points rather than sorting out the problems we face in our own country and actually doing the jobs that people voted them in to do. When New Labour got in in '97 they kept all the old Tory policies anyway, Now they're stealing more of them. As the Prowlin' Wolf says elsewhere... The one party state is upon us. The problem is now one of democracy... Can we as a people actually vote for the lesser of so many evils ?
I took my own stand at Maggie's third term and spoiled my ballot paper as I refuse to and have done so ever since. Give me a valid and democratic party and maybe I'll vote again, but not now, not for this autocratic bunch of shite.
If Scotland now has it's own parliament why the fuck are so many Scots in the English one ? Could it have something to do with the fact that if all the Scottish M.P's were told to go back and play politics in their own country then the Tories would get in in England by a landslide ? And that being the case why have the Scots got free university education and care for the elderly that I, Wiff and the N.P.W. are paying for ?
Ever been conned ?