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Saturday, 9 May 2009


The BNP have been campaigning in the South East over the last few months, they’ve held 20 fund raising events which has netted them £100,000 for their coffers. Praying on the government weakness in handling the present economic crisis and ’immigration issues’ and peoples fears created by the media. It’s the European elections in June and the BNP could gain several seats and therefore funding from the EU, this despite the fact that they don’t Britain to be a part of Europe. Far Right parties in countries like Italy and Austria hold more power than the BNP in the European parliament and As a lot of directives come from Brussels it stands to follow that the more power the Far Right have in Brussels, the more influence they will have in future EU policies, that will effect us all in Britain. In countries such as Poland, East Germany and Russia the far right think nothing of murder as a means to their end / Hostels full of asylum seekers burned to the ground. Violence and Raciscim is the part of their ideology that the BNP don’t like to make public in their glossy leaflets that appeal to the populist opinions and views on Immigration, Crime etc, but it’s there and always will be.
The immigration issue would never have been the political hot potato it is now, if the New Labour government like other EU countries had signed up to a deal that controlled the number of immigrants. That’s why people end up in Britain, they have no other choice, because other countries have controls; it is not our brilliant benefit system that attracts migrants from across the globe, it’s that nowhere else will have them. Why didn’t the British government sign up to the quota? Colonial/empire guilt? No! cheap labour that’s what! All the time migrant workers were being allowed in wages were kept low and the money rolled in. Now the moneys gone and unemployment is rising, migrant workers are either leaving (media doesn’t report much on this) or staying and competing for available work. Resentment is rising, and people are too quick to blame ‘the foreigners’ rather than the government and it’s policies that have allowed the situation to develop and reach a point were racism and prejudice starts to rear it’s ugly head from out of the sewer. Crime wouldn’t be as much of an issue if the government did something about it, but it wont, because despite their ‘tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime’ mantra, they aint done anything tough about anything. Why not? Because if they did they’d be accused of being too right wing. If you can’t walk the talk, keep yer mouth shut. Saying that though, they have made a whole lot of new laws for any future governments to use as they see fit, just because New Labour have used them to their full capacity, it doesn’t mean any future government wont, and that’s the thing I for sure don’t want any party with Racist beliefs getting anywhere near to the state power that New Labour have amassed since 9/11; anti-terror laws etc that can have people arrested if their views are against the states way of thinking. It’s bad enough that they’re at the disposal of any party, but the BNP, it doesn’t bare thinking about. To those that say it can’t happen here, well it could if we don’t remain vigilant.


Anonymous said...

well said... funny how the master race is always so fucking dumb...not too mention often primevally ugly....

remember though that many of these arseholes are already infiltrating councils by standing as "independents" ....or "community groups".... look at Phil Andrews in Hounslow Council leader of the "Isleworth Community Group".... ex NF regional organiser who wrote pamphlets on how the far right should stand as independents or get involved in local churches or become school governors to mask their real politics.... cuddly Phil helps to keep the Tories in power in Hounslow and as Community Cohesion head honcho had access to everyones data...ahh yes but it was all a youthful mistake... yeah Phil that and bricking the black policeman too......
mr wolf please keep up the good work

Highlander said...

Agreed Nuzz - the bosses are always happy to reap the benefit of a cheap supply of labour and given that they are hand in glove with the government.... No borders, no gods and no fucking masters.

Chris Ripple said...

Christ ! I think I'm being cloned...
Sorry people, private joke.

I couldn't have put the case better, either now or back then.
Nice one... You pitched it right.

I hadn't thought about the consequences of a failed economy prior to this on the same question.
Does this make you think that soon the 'Tribal Ethnic Gang' culture is on it's way ?
It does me, and it's scary 'cos if the right need a hook to base anything on, you can bet yer bottom Dollar/Euro/Scottish Pound/Punt/£1 coin on something like that being the excuse ?

Highlander said...

Chris - I hope there isn't an ethnic gang culture on the way becuase, as you say, it plays right into the hands of the far-right and their scaremongering. I am not so sure the UK has an ethnic population big enough to strike fear anywhere other than big cities and that may disipate the BNP effect. I think a far bigger problem is the complete ineptitude of our current MPs and the inevitable backlash they are going to suffer at the Euro elections via UKIP or the BNP. Once the BNP get the funding and they legitamise themselves - coupled with the working class resentment of job losses, wage suppression et al - they will be in a far better position to spout their hate-filled rhetoric and may have a more willing audience. I hope we're both wrong and the British people - black, white, Asian, whoever - are smarter than that.

Anonymous said...

I am worried. Today, European election leaflets from Labour, the Green Party, and the BNP dropped on the mat. I picked up all three, and out of anger, instinctively grabbed the Labour one, ripped it up and binned it.