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Monday, 1 November 2010


I was listening to the Radio this morning, and the presenter was saying that today was ‘officially’ the most depressing day of the year, what with the clocks going back and the days becoming shorter, they were also saying about Christmas and the economic downturn adding to the pressure….Personally I’ve had more depressing days than today, and I reckon by Christmas so will a lot more people….unofficially that is! I mean this shit is just getting worse….Footballers sip champagne while the fans make do with cheap lager, the unemployed are stigmatized as scroungers, while tax dodging celebrities are seen as role models by people. If they ever make the unemployed work for their ‘benefits’ then the undeserving celebrities should be made to contribute towards say The Arts, Sport etc, these areas are gonna see major government cut backs, so why not let those that profited (Footballers, Pop Stars etc)put something back into ‘the system’ seems fair, after all it’s the people that made them who they are. It was good to see that unhappy fans gathered outside Wayne Rooney’s mansion when his temper tantrum over how much he was worth kicked off. It’s also nice to see people demonstrating against Vodaphone and their creative methods of paying taxes. It was good to hear that people gathered together in a disused building to dance the night away and then throw bottles at the police who tried to stop people entering the ‘illegal rave’ seeds are starting to grow, even Al Qaeda have appeared again with some bombs on planes, did they ever go away, do they really exist apart from in the minds of the US and British intelligence? Coincidence or conspiracy? that a few days before the bombs were discovered on the cargo planes British Airport authorities were calling for security at airports to be relaxed. If there is a war on terror, then as in all wars the first casualty is the truth; their propaganda kills it, I mean if people hadn’t been blinded by all the fear that’s been created would they be taking off their shoes as they check in their luggage through the new hi-tech scanner, that has made the manufacturer a nice sum of money, would they accept that the police should be carrying guns and have a battery of anti-terror laws at their disposal, and as for some police units getting trained by the SAS….no one seems to think this isn’t what should be happening in a ’healthy democracy’ The fact that people seem to accept this shit on a day to day basis is depressing!


It's a **** thing said...

Fair coment Nuzz. I was saying the same about the airline security, but taking it a bit further.
It's all too nicely timed in regards to the cuts, and redistribution of funding for the security services to.
We are on the brink of something happening.

Longy said...

Good read as ever Nuzz. I can feel some major riots on the horizon. Not such a bad thing protest and survive n all that marlarki. We need to let off some steam!

Its not all doom and gloom though mate. Thatcher is looking frail and the new Killing Joke album is ace!

Music for Songwriters said...

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Anonymous said...

depressed eh?

That week in South Wales probably didn't help much.

MJG196 said...

I was across the river from the Pentagon when it was hit. After that, I could care less how much air security there is. The more, the better. Problem is, how do you extend that security to subways, public transportation, and everywhere else? It's scary to say, but we all have to face the fact that something is going to happen eventually somewhere. May be in front of Parliament, or maybe in front of the Lincoln Memorial. People want Democratic society dead.

Although my government drives me mad at times, I know I still live in a society where people still help old ladies cross the street and (for the most part) neighbors look out for each other. Al-Qa'ida wants no part of that.

At least during the Cold War, our enemy was logical in their thinking. Calculating and focused in their actions. Al-Qa'ida and all its proxies don't work in a world of logic. They work in a world of fear and terror. They think that the whole world will become Muslim if we are scared enough.