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Thursday, 25 November 2010


So students take to the streets of London again and cause some more chaos at another demo against the cuts. This time they are joined by ‘school children’ Where were the parents? They should have been there with them, it’s not just about the cuts! We need to be doing whatever we can to fight the cu*ts!! I wanna see the police on the same side as the students, united alongside the tube workers and whoever else has had enough of it all. Spread the word, Smash it up! By whatever means necessary! Our leaders need to know that their big society isn’t happy.
To be honest I don’t really give a shit if fees rise for ‘middle class’ kids. I’m fed up of hearing about people who think they’re ’poor’ because the earn less than £25,000 a year, Fuck me! I earn half that, I’ve never earned anything like that amount during my ’working life’, so I don’t care that people earning over £44,000 pounds don’t get child benefit, these people have had it too good for too long, these are the people that got richer under New Labour, while the poor got poorer, and now they’re reaping what they’ve sown and they don’t like it, and neither do their kids, I blame the parents, after saying that, at least their doing something about it. STAY ANGRY AND CARRY ON!


Annelisa said...

I earn a third of that, and support 4 children! Two of these are at University, and are barely scraping it through already. The other two should, by rights, be able to go (one wants to be a doctor), but the closer they get to the time, the more unlikely this looks to being.

To put up the fees, making further education inaccessable to those who haven't the funds, is a discrimination, which the system had, for many years, managed to work without. The last decade or two has all been downhill. Who does our government represent?!

Anonymous said...


Would you have had four children if you knew you had to pay for them yourself? At £20.30 a week for the eldest child and £13.40 a week for each subsequent child, by my calculation you must be bringing in a tidy sum each month in welfare benefits via my hard earned taxes (I also earn far less that 25K). Seems you want them all to go to University. If students and you have your way, you will presumably not only want me to help pay for you to bring up your children, but for their further education as well. I would therefore query the inference in your opening statement that it is just you, yourself, who is struggling to support your four children.

Chris Ripple said...

I earn fourteen and a half K a year, my wife is foreign from outside the E.U. works and pays tax and N.I. but can't claim a fucking thing.
We've got two at college and one waiting for acceptance at uni' and one at school...
Just who the fuck am I supporting and why the fuck should I support anybody but my own family ?

If I have to pay for every freeloading c*nt in the U.K. and every freeloading c*nt from the European Union plus every freeloading c*nt of a jihadist, then what does that leave me ?
I'll tell you now, half of fuck all is still fuck all !

Some people ought to wise up.

I'll tell you who our government represents...
It represents the people who voted the last venal bunch of cocksuckers out, which happens to be more than those who continued to vote for them, which actually constitutes a majority as opposed to a minority.
I appreciate there were millions who couldn't be arsed to vote, but if that was the way they felt, then they can't really complain now, can they ?

I have to work six or seven days a week to support my kids but I keep doing it because I care about them.
I've never complained about doing so, but I'd like to keep a little more of MY money from going to those who expect a free ride at people like me's expense.
I don't give a shit about your fucking problems...
You want to know why ?
Because quite honestly with your fucking attitude Annelisa, you don't give a shit about mine.
You just expect me to keep paying to subsidise you and yours.
Get a second job, we've had to.

I'm shoulder to shoulder with The Nuzz on this one.
You want something for nothing ?
Jerk off !