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Monday, 13 December 2010

It's Been A Long Time

Well it’s been over a week since the last post. I’ve noticed that over the recent months the number of posts has declined, and also their irregularity, the quality well, the quality control department has always been a bit loose over the time that this blogs been going, which I only realised the other day is 4 years A lots happened in that time, a lot’s been said, at times I’ve started to feel like a stuck record going round and round clicking, at other times it’s felt like the DJ’s dropped something else into the mix. but hey nothing stays still, times change, to quote Karl Marx “All that is solid melts into the air” The times we Brits are living in now, are interesting to say the least. This LibCon coalition that are running the country or should that be ruining it, I dunno? Are doing what the have to do to preserve their capitalist system CLICK, CLICK, CLICK! Out of the choices the electorate were presented with, I felt that a coalition would be good for the country, I mean look what New Labour did to it in 13 years increased social mobility, but also increased the gap between the rich and poor. What about the Conservatives, last time they were in power; 3million unemployed, Miners Strike, Free Market economics that made some rich and others poor. CLICK, CLICK, CLICK. But hey….The students are revolting and doing a fine job of smashing it up, that’s if it is the students, cos quite frankly I’m surprised at how stupid the students were to think that the Liberals were any different to Labour or the Conservatives, they’re all the same! Lying, cheating and corrupt!, just in different doses. I wonder what concessions and compromises had to be done to get the Liberals to go against their pledge of no student tuition fees. Power to the protesters who take to the streets to voice their disgust, but lets not get hooked on single issues, it needs to be one big issue! Their system sucks. Kapitalism Kills! CLICK, CLICK, CLICK. Still despite their naivety now there’s a new generation whose eyes have been opened to the truth about our wonderful Capitalist Democracy. Camilla and Charles car gets a new paint job…Yes! Ha, Ha, Ha…. legitimate target? Too right! It also turns out the guy swinging from the Cenotaph flag at the recent protest was the poor underprivileged son of Pink Floyds David Gilmour; these are very ‘middle class’ revolts, but what the hell at least they’re revolting, But then I think fuck ‘em, if the revolting students come from wealthy backgrounds, then why shouldn’t they have to pay, because after all they’re gonna take the top dollar jobs on account of their university education. But what’s poor and what’s rich, to some £25.000 a year is poor, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK. Gilmour’s son has now apologised for his actions, which is just the same as the Lib Dems going back on their pledge, if yer gonna do something then have the decency to stand by your principles, and don’t blame it on the LSD, that’s Gilmour JNR not Liberal politicians, hey here’s a thought perhaps The Liberal Party compromised on tuition fees, in return for a change in Drugs Policy that would see the liberalisation of cannabis? Then again maybe not. Here’s another thought; Charles and Camilla how comes they were in the position to be ‘attacked by anarchists’ because they were allowed to be, in order for Secret Services and the Police to justify more resources for security and defence, to change the parameters of policing, if the S.A.S are already on the streets of London in case of terrorist attacks in the run up to Christmas as stories in the press have suggested then, where were they cos it could easy have been Al-Quieda and I don’t think a stick from a placard and a pot of paint would have been their weapons of choice. The media also reported that the disorder might be damaging the image of Britain, Fuck Off! Plenty of our European neighbours see demos turn violent, they turn the water cannons on the protesters and in America the people surrounding the Royal Car would have been shot. If as a senior Police chief said the ‘rules of the game have changed’ then it wont be long before the equipment used by the police changes. That’s if we believe the media reports, who themselves will be complicit in what ever the state does during our ’trouble torn times’
I’m not a big fan of Bob Crowe and his Union politics, but I did hear him on the radio the other day refusing to condem the violence at the student demos. I thought good move Bob; cos he knows that one day soon the police are gonna be dealing with grown men/women, not teenagers or young people on the streets. I wanna see the streets full of people regardless of age, or class, just pissed off people Smashing it!
Anyway what else is there to say about anything that’s happened recently….Oh yeah
Tesco’s have come under criticism for selling a pole dancing kit that’s aimed at the pre teen market.
About time to. I’ve always thought that young people are becoming sexualised at to young an age. Now it appear that the powers that be have started to question the appropriateness of clothing and goods aimed at pre teens. I blame the Spice Girls and those that sold and promoted girl power as some sort of ideology of doing what they really really wanted. Well I tell you what they wanted what they really really wanted was peoples money, without any thought of the consequences that their would have on society in the long term. Binge drinking, underage pregnancies further consequences of this girl power; be like the lads more like. Still…. I blame the parents for buying into the shit, that a new generation of kids are gonna have to live in. Talking of shit, get this….
The Smiths are reunited, well Morrissey and Marr have spoken out and agreed about their disgust at David Cameron saying they were his favourite band! Why? What’s the problem? Freedom of choice and all that if Cameron likes The Smiths, he likes The Smiths, there must have been something in their dour gloom that he liked, and yes it may be an embarrassment to the band but hey you can’t forbid someone for liking your music, thought this was a free country, or perhaps Marr and Morrissey were taking the piss. I wonder who Nick Cleggs favourite band are? I know he chose Life on Mars by David Bowie as a Desert Island Disc, but maybe he should have chosen Five Years instead.... “We've got five years, stuck on my eyes / Five years, what a surprise / We've got five years, my brain hurts a lot /Five years, that's all we've got.”

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Anonymous said...

If it would have been Cameron in that car instead of Chaz 'n 'Bowels' he may not have got such an easy ride.

Apparently the Home Secretary said in the Commons that that the blame for the violence last Thursday in London lay squarely with an "organized group of hardcore activists and street gangs" who had infiltrated the protests. So that’s the Police dealt with then Theresa, any comment on the actual protesters?

They won’t use water cannon due to Health and Safety issues. If you get tossed into the air by one (they are extremely powerful), and land on yer ‘ed…yer dead.

Keep on keeping on Nuzz. Whatever you have to say, be it repetition or not, its still thought provoking.