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Sunday, 26 December 2010

This is the time 4....

Hope everyone’s had/having some good old festive fun’n’frolics celebrating/remembering in whatever way you do. It’s round this time of year people prepare lists of their Top Tens of…music/books/events etc, or makes predictions for the 4th coming year.
I’m typing this with a fuzzy head, a furry mouth and flatulent stomach (The price paid for excessive over indulgence.) So I might forget a few things I've meant to say. Here we go then.
Musically here’s a few things that did it for me. The Vibrators - Under The Radar / The Gaslight Anthem - American Slang / Manic Street Preachers - Post Cards From A Young Man / Batusis 4 track EP // New favourite old bands: The Derellas and Electric River. As for books didn’t read anything new, but I’ve just started to read Cheetah Chrome’s book A Dead Boys Tale, which is great stuff so far, Does that count? Whatever!
Any way what else got the juices flowing and the blood boiling ?
Young people getting more militant; Student Riots, boycotting and barricading Vodaphone and Top Shop stores. Hit ‘em were it hurts! Their pockets, their profits. I’m hearing business isn’t happy, getting worried about the peoples spending. In the form of snow, nature has kept punters away from the shops, and the Bank Holiday sales are on a Sunday which means shops can’t open longer than is allowed; Thank God for that! I mean how much more shit do people need? Even if it is reduced shit! It’s only reduced for a reason, cos it was shit in the first place and people didn’t buy it first time around, cos it was too fucking expensive for starters. Never mind out with the old and in with the new. OUT WITH ALL OF IT!!!
The Coalition Government, could either make or break Britain. Hopefully it’ll do both. MP’s Expenses, at last more people found out what a bunch of greedy lying bastards our politicians really are. Gulf Oil spill, a total lack of responsibility by anyone. We are bleeding the earth dry! The continued presences of forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, but it won’t be another Vietnam, how many years has it been now? And is the world a safer place? No, but a lot of innocent lives are still being lost.
The Mediaisation of Britain, everything reported live and direct from the final moments of a killers life to a fire extinguisher being launched from the roof of Tory HQ. Total bombardment….Buy this, Buy that, This is wrong, That’s right. DON’T BUY ANY OF IT! Make yer own mind up. It’s about being objective, and objecting. Vince Cable was right to declare war on Rupert Murdoch; too much power in one organisations hands. The Daily Telegraph in their expose of Lib Dem MP’s show just what the papers will do to get a story, in this case a non news story; I mean lets face it….did/does anyone really believe that the Tories and Lib Dems were gonna be happy bed fellows? All the paper has done is create suspicion for MP’s when speaking to their constituents, where by they wont tell the people how they really feel, or was that The Daily Telegraphs aim when they sent out their under cover reporters to snare Vince Cable and a few others?
The sportification of Britain. The Queens started the ball rolling in her bullshit broadcast to the nation, I mean what does she do that’s so sporting? Rides horses, yeah and she can’t even be bothered to sit on them properly; she has to ride side saddle, still more chance of her falling off and injuring herself I suppose. Expect a lot more stuff about sport in the run up to the 2012 London Olympics. Reduction in civil liberties in a bid by the state to control and suppress any civil disobedience. More differences of opinion between LibCon bed fellas, but I say lets stick with this bunch of c**ts cos they’re no worse or better than the lot trying to oppose them. I fear that despite the inactivity over recent months of the BNP who I understand are bankrupt, (well we knew they were morally now it appears they’re financially short,) that there will be a Far Right backlash.
The ‘Big Society’ would be all well and good, if we weren’t having to pay the price for their ‘New Society’ that was created over the past 30 years and started to collapse a few years ago when money became uncontrolled and out of control, when individual freedom resulted in irresponsibility and actions became protected by Human Rights and Political Correctness, leaving us in a free society where people are led to fear to mention Jesus and Christmas in case they offend other religions. What a load of bollocks! All religion offends me.
Predictions for 2011.…I PREDICT A RIOT! Cos when the c**t’s and their cuts really kick in there’s gonna be a hell of a lot of pissed off people in England green an often unpleasant lands , and I’m hoping they’re not gonna sit back and take it, forget Keeping Calm and Carrying On. GET ANGRY! STAY ANGRY and do something! The only order we need in 2011 is some disorder!
We can’t turn back the hands of time, but in the future we can either hold them up in surrender or clench them in defiance. Is it a time for New Years resolutions, or a New Years revolution. How about we resolve to be more revolting!!
I was also gonna thank various people for being out there, but thought nah! Cos I’m bound to forget someone, so thanx to everyone who‘s followed this here blog over the year or years, especially those who know who they are! Here’s to 2011 Remember it doesn’t have to be what it will be, It can be whatever we want it to be. WE HAVE THE POWER!! to change their will! We JUST need to DO IT!

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