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Sunday, 26 June 2011

I didn't see the 'highly visible' protest against U2 during the BBC's state sanitised coverage of the event, perhaps you had to actually be there in the mud rather than in the comfort of your arm chair. I did however see a clip on The BBC's Politics Show of security getting a bit heavy handed deflating the giant 80ft balloon with the slogan U PAY TAX 2 written on it.

So U2 haven't done anything illegal and broken the law. No, but what they have done is broken an unwritten moral law. 'Gross Hypocrisy' . Making Global Poverty History while increasing their own wealth, at the expense of their own country. U2 are guilty as charged, and just how do they deal with these accusations? like an African or Arab dictator, by silencing their critics through force.

The BBC's coverage....well I've never seen or heard such a bunch of bland boring middle of the road dross, not that I did hear or see much, cos as soon as it was announced what was in store over the weekend, you just knew....U2, Coldplay, Mumford and Sons, Fleet Foxes, Jessie J, Large Tantrum and Colonel Ghadaffi favourite Beyonce. Time to hit the remote....with a hammer!

Anyone who thinks Glastonbury is some alternative needs to think again, there is no alternative, everything has been sucked from the streets and spat back to the people, whose purchasing power has propelled the good, the bad and the ugly all into the mainstream. Aaah! The beauty of capitalism.
I'm sure there were some good bands playing, but like I said earlier, you probably had to be there, but at £190 a ticket? Fuck That! perhaps if I paid less tax I might have been able to afford it.
As I'm typing this up, there's some Breaking News coming through on the BBC's 24 Hour News Channel. It appears that a man has been found dead in the backstage VIP area. YES! there is a god....BONO'S DEAD!....no wait up it looks like it's someone called Christopher Shale....shouldn't laugh, but apparently he's the chairman of David Camerons Conservative Constituency Party. Like I said.... "So mainstream." I wonder if he died of boredom?


JamesChanceOfficial said...

Nice one...!

Longy said...

£190 ffs! What a shite line-up too. I wouldn't go to that if they payed me £190.

Anonymous said...

Difficult to imagine a worse death than croaking in a portable chemical lavvy at Glastonbury where in all probability the last thing you hear before shuffling off this mortal coil is U2.

Anonymous said...

I like to think he died wearing women's underwear with a rope around his neck and as high as a kite. Just like most Conservative MPs who die in strange circumstances. But that's just me.

I wonder if the person who went in after said "Christ. It smells like someone just died in here"

MJG196 said...

U2...what a load of samey same ROck garbage.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading that post mister Nuzz, It made me laugh.