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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Right then, got access to a laptop for a short while, tried getting mine sorted, but just started getting stressed with it, so I'm gonna enlist the help of a mate at work who knows more about it than me, so until the Wolf Station's up and running, It's gonna be short posts whenever I can access another PC/Laptop about whatever....not spoilt for choice, but not enough time to do justice to things like why our government is increasing it's involvement in Libya, yet ignores the increased violence by the Syrian government against it's own people. Then there's the drought warnings, why do they always announce them when the weather turns cooler and gets wetter? Once again nature strikes....the lack of April showers and long period of warm weather during spring has resulted in problems with production of crops etc, leading to increased prices in wheat....Knock on effect....food prices may rise. We are not in control. There is a greater force than humankind which appears to be going through a change. Not enough time to mass debate about the cash cow that is 'climate change' other than to say that the seasons are changing, and the answer might not be blowing in the wind.

I have just got time....that's if I can concentrate, as I keep getting distracted by the CD I'm listening to while typing this...it was given to me by a chap called Mark Astronaut, a musician who's been plying his trade for the past 30 years in bands like The Astronauts, Restricted Hours, The Otters, and it's of some of his more recent work; 8 tracks of Dub/Punk/Folk magic with lyrics that are shear poetry. Anyway where was I?....that's it....Letchworth Garden City in Herts at their Street Festival yesterday (Sat 11th June) I went over to check out THE TRAILER TRASH ORCHESTRA, who were playing on a stage in the street, outside a pub that wouldn't serve people who were wearing a hat, I kept my hat on and went elsewhere for a beer (don't let anyone tell you that just because Britain is a democracy, it's a free country!) before going back to check out the Trailer Trash Chaps, which is when I bumped into Mark, haven't seen him for a couple of years chatted about his musical ventures, then he gave me the CD, which is causing me so much distraction. This was a Knox less factor performance from the Trailer Trash Orchestra, they were also one Guitarist down, so their set was slightly less electric, but still a stomping slamming foot tapping blast of Cow Punk Rock'n'Roll. These reprobates should really be playing to festival crowds, not to the drinkers and curious onlookers on the damp concrete out side a pub, yep, it started raining half way through their set, not that this dampened the bands enthusiasm or humour, and those that stuck out the shower had a good time, what more can you ask from a band....They're playing again on Thursday 16th June at The Farmers Boy in St Albans, free entry, and I believe Knox will be joining them, If yer in the area I strongly and highly reccomend you go and check 'em out, they'll put a smile on yer face and a song in yer heart. Which is just what's needed in this fucked up world. Anyway, gotta go now, or as the Buzzcocks said...."Times up"

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Chris Ripple said...

Why are we bombing the crap out of Libya and not interferring in Syria ?
Because we trade in the millions and billions with Syria and do fuck all in Libya.

It's for exactly the same reason that we're not giving any of that 13 billion quid in overseas aid to any of the poorer nations any more, but concentrating on countries like India (richest country in Asia)Pakistan, Nigeria (richest country in Africa) and Zimbabwe.
If we can turn a profit we will, but God help you if you're poor because you get fuck all in the way of aid and help now.