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Sunday, 23 September 2012


In the week that two women police officers were killed in Manchester, the trial was taking place in London of the man accused of selling a gun to Mark Duggan, whose killing by the police sparked the August 2011 Riots. Evidence was given that this was the gun Mark Duggan was brandishing at the police before they shot him. The man on trial told the court that when he sold Mark the gun 15 minutes before the shooting it was wrapped up in a sock, but after the shooting there was no mention of a gun found on or near Mark Duggans body, never mind a sock. Conflicting evidence or a cover up! Remember ….Who killed Liddle Towers, Blair Peach, James Kelly, and Ian Tomlinson? The police did!

After the death of the two police women, there have been calls for arming the police and bringing back the death penalty. How about a return to British seventies Sweeney style policing, some “Honest guv, he fell down the stairs” police brutality, instead of the Go ahead punk make my day Ropo-Cop hi-vis militia style we've got now.
We couldn't trust the Police without guns, so how we can't trust them if they were all armed! and as for mis-carriages of justice, or stitch up cover ups, we only need to look back at Hillsborough and the Birmingham Six.
Police stop and search tactics have alienated whole sections of society, who see the police as an occupying force on the streets where there is no 'policing by consent'
Who killed the police? Harry Roberts, Raoul Mote, and Dale Cregan did!

It's all just law and disorder.

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