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Sunday, 16 September 2012


Today’s music is a double header of re-posts; JOHNNY THUNDERS and NIKKI SUDDEN, it seemed fitting to put them both together in one post as they crossed paths in several ways. Johnny was always big influence on Nikki, both musically and stylistically. Nikki first met Johnny when The Heartbreakers were touring Britain in 1977, they then met up again when  Nikki interviewed Johnny for Zig Zag magazine in 1980, during the encounter they scored and took drugs together before swapping certain items of clothing with each other. Five years later on The Jacobites first tour of Germany in 1985, someone in the audience shouted to Nikki “You're Johnny Thunders in disguise” Nikki responded by gesturing toward Dave Kusworth and saying “and this is Keith.” The only time they came close to a musical collaboration, as far as I'm aware, was when Nikki recorded Johnny’s Have Faith, for a tribute CD, Again...This One's For J.o.h.n.n.y. (Thunders didn't play on it) that and the Thunders covers that Nikki often slipped into his live sets. Sadly both Nikki and Johnny are no longer with us, but their music and memories continue to not only live on but grow.

The Zig Zag interview can be found at Cactus Mouth Informer. Nikki's recollections of Johnny Thunders can be seen at White Trash Soul, and some more of Nikki's writings, about Johnny can be read at What A Nice Way To Turn 17.

You can't put your arms around a memory, but you can get your hands on JOHNNY THUNDERS – Live in Stevenage.... Here, and NIKKI SUDDEN's Lost In A Sea Of Scarves....there

Remember kids the drugs do work, but they can screw you up and could kill you!  


Anonymous said...

big big thanks for the thunders repost i was at this gig in stevo and it holds many memories for me cheers........Andy

beatmichael said...

Nice post/blog. First time reader here...

I had the privilege of seeing both men preform on different occasions and of meeting them both briefly a couple of times (Nikki anyway).

Funnily enough, the first time I met Nikki Sudden was at a Thunders show in Hollywood in 89 or 90.

Thanks for the post and the cool blog.