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Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Jimmy So vile

I've been slightly distracted recently by the exposure of national treasure Jimmy Saville as a trash 'child abuser'

No one has come out and defended him, all his former colleagues have, said they “heard the rumours” but knew nothing and did nothing.

The BBC, Compliant and complicit in the cover up, someone there needs to tell the truth about the past. They could have done something to stop it. Institutional.

Different times, different morals post 60's free love masculinity. People were still 'blacking' up on The Black and White Minstrel Show. There are no excuses!

Society reaps what it sows. Sex Drugs and Rock'n'Roll. Superstar DJ's, he wont have been the only one.

Why weren't concerns that were raised acted upon? The media was easily bought by his charitable stunts, when really he was just grooming and fooling the public.

Where's the truth? Dead and buried with all the lies.

Why wait until he's dead? Fear and shame kept his victims and accusers silent, and the ones that spoke out when he was still alive were silenced by walls of denial.

The dead can't defend themselves, but how can you defend the indefensible; the abuse of power. He was made to feel that he was untouchable, no questions asked.

Jimmy Saville.... Top Of The Pops, Top Of The Tots more-like.

The exposure of Jimmy Saville as a serial sex offender has confirmed something I've always thought; What a creepy looking weirdo, not the sort of bloke you'd ask to babysit your children.
Never judge a book by its cover, but sometimes something doesn't look, feel or sound right.

It would appear that no young women were safe from Jimmy Saville and his cigar; from teeny boppers to children in hospital, Jim was there with his cigar ready to fix it for them!

In reality, the Jimmy Saville story is just a small part of the bigger picture, in which the powerful abuse their power for their own ends, and to control others. Politicians, The Police, The Bosses, Business leaders, The Media. They are all guilty of abusing their power, and covering things up.

FUCK'EM ALL! (As Jimmy Saville would have said.)


Anonymous said...

Rightly said!
(but beware of generalization)

Harry The Bastard said...

Fortunately I have the nouse to work out that whilst there may be some truth in the alleged complaints (remember that despite his demise he is still innocent until proven guilty!!!), I shall wait until there is un-doubtable guilt proved before I cast any aspersions on his charachter

Despite me never really liking his personality and thinking that Paul Gadd and Freddie Starr's arrest must have some sort of ramifications for the Jimmy Saville inquisition