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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

VIVE LE ROCK - Music For Pleasure (A Compilation)

Here's some music for all you good people. AT LAST!.... I hear you cry.... ABOUT FUCKING TIME. Will it have been worth waiting for? Too fucking right it will have! Like all the previous Vive Le Rock compilations, there's something for everyone with a love of all things Punk and Beyond. Veteran and vintage Scandinavian rockers THE NOMADS kick things off with Miles Away. Ninetees indie rockers MIDWAY STILL return to 'the scene' with Seeing Red. CATCHER, are indeed catchy with a nice line of agit pop punk. Their track Tobacco and Slavery is a great piece of social commentary, about....well the title says it all. Hear Come The Drums by JAYA THE CAT is a punky reggae groove heavy number, guaranteed to get you skanking and swaying. URBAN DOGS Not In My Name is a great acoustic protest tune. THE ADOLESCENTS do what they do best, knock out a good tune American Dogs In Europe is no exception. A Rockabilly beat and a razor sharp guitar powers GRAVEYARD JOHNNYS We Wont Back Down. DRONGOS FOR EUROPE shout it from the streets like it's the 1980's again with their track Peace, as do fellow stalwarts and survivors of the 82 Punk scene THE DESTRUCTORS, who provide some political punk rawk shouting with Stop The War. Bitten and Twisted by BITEBACK is a fine piece of sing along punk rock clatter. Catching My Breath by KILTER is a sleazy rumble slightly reminiscent of Garbage, (that's the band, not a statement of what Kilter sound like.) THE APOSTATES finish the show with Divide Me, which sounds like stoner indie rockers Swervedriver. Like I said something for everyone. Grab it here!  


Kostas said...

Hello my friend . It's a long time now without hear us . How it's going on in England ? Here in Greece the story is very-very Bad . Our fucking Politicians slave us day by day .Tomorrow we will come out in the streets , bur ....
Too much chemichals against us .

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Alright Kostas, England is much the same; politicians turning one way then the next, big distractions in the media, sex abuse allegations against high profile people dead and alive. Cuts, cuts and more cuts. Some take to the streets, most stay inside. I think the situation is pretty much the same across Europe the politicians and those with the power are doing alright, while the rest of us have to get on and live in the shit they've created, in some countries like Greece, Spain and Italy things are worse. We have the answers, it's just that they don't want to ask us the questions!because they now they are the problem and not the solution!