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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Some Old News!

The shooting two years ago of Mark Duggan by the police was the spark for massive civil disorder and unrest across Britain in August 2012. The verdict of lawful killing at the recent inquest of his death did not go down well with friends family and the local community a protest after the inquest passed off peacefully, because it would appear that unlike the Ukrainians, people in Britain don't like to riot in the winter. Anyway I digress....Yeah, Mark Duggan might have been a dodgy character who lived by the sword, which in many peoples minds appears to justify the polices actions,; “He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.”, maybe, but surely it depends if they've got the sword, or in this case a gun in their hand at the time of their killing. In a previous court case concerning the person that sold Mark Duggan 'the gun' the jury concluded that at the time of his shooting he was not armed, yet at the inquest the Police officer that fired the shots testified that Mark Duggan did have a gun in his hand?!?!? Just who are we supposed to believe, because the police never lie do they? From what I've read and heard all the evidence points towards a state sanctioned execution of someone because of who they were and what they had done in the past, not because of what they were going to do or had done at the time of their shooting. If this isn't true then how come the killers of Lee Rigby outside Woolwich Barracks were not shot and killed when they still had the weapons in their hands?

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styreneboy said...

All I will say is that I'd rather he died than some poor six year old girl caught in the crossfire of gun crime.