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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Over the years nothing has changed....

Britain is still a nation of gamblers and drunks, the times may have changed, but people haven't; they still feel the need to have and make money and escape from the mundane, they are prayed on by big business with it's cheap supermarket booze and chains of bookmakers.

The disappearance of pubs is another nail in the coffin of true community, not some forced Big Society Localism agenda, were in order to create communities they destroy pieces of existing ones.

In my town centre there was a Pub called the Edward The Confessor, or Ted the Grass as locals called it. A Badgers arse was smooth compared to this place, When North London Country Punks The Rockingbirds came to town for a gig in the nineties, they popped in there for a beer and witnessed a fight they said going in there was like pissing blood. The pub has been closed for a good few years now, although recently the YMCA had been using the property for a drop in advice centre, until they were asked to leave because a developer had been found, and the place is going to become a Paddy Power Betting Shop. WHAT THE FUCK! An organisation that helps people who are in trouble through things like debt problems caused by gambling have had to move to make way for a company that makes money from peoples greed and desperation, this must be the Big Society they are talking about. The YMCA are looking for a new home for their drop ion centre, but the council could have let them be and told Paddy Power to find somewhere else to profit from the poor, like another town

Gambling is now a new national pass time thanks to government and media approved promotion, there's never an advert break on TV that isn't telling us about another new online gambling site. We are living in a wireless world with a toxic landscape of dependency and addiction in full view of anyone that wants to play. Lets drink to the future!

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