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Sunday, 23 February 2014

It's been a long while.

Indeed it has. Well I'm back at least for today. Bloggers block? Or a bout of CBA Syndrome? (Cant Be Arsed) Probably a bit of both, cos life is about a balance, and I wouldn't want to be unbalanced Well, what's been going on? Pretty much the same shit, just a different year and different places.

Violent uprisings in the Ukraine and in Britain people are moaning about the weather, dodging rain showers not snipers bullets.

Nationalism unites and divides nations, the debate about Scotland’s independence from Britain continues. In Ukraine its a clash between Eastern and Western values that have turned the country into a warzone, where things will only get worse, especially with the EU countries getting involved due to the strategic importance of the area. Here's a little piece I started writing nearly a month ago about a few things:

“Nice to see fires of dissent are burning bright on the streets of Cairo and in the Ukraine. It warms my winter to see burning tyres rolling across the road towards riot cops sheltering under shields from showers of sticks and stones. Not good seeing Syrian refugees, being displaced, things must be bad if they are seeking refuge in Iraq. Talking of Iraq....What's that cunt Blair on about, it's fuckers like him and that retard Bush that have fucked the world and are now gonna blame it on religion, not ideology. Well tell us something we didn't already know; RELIGION KILLS! A car bomb in Belfast or a suicide bomber in the Sudan, and so does ideology GOVERNMENTS KILL! A drone attack in Baghdad or a Tomahawk Cruise in Tripoli. Western governments interference in areas of the world already divided by religious and ethnic grounds have made things worse, by creating power vacuums, so when Tony Blair says that it is religion not ideology that causes conflict, he is right, but it is a conflict he has created with his free-market West is best democratic globalisation ideology. Western business interests continue to arm global conflicts.”

As a footnote to the above, it is worth remembering that Europe’s gas supplies pass through pipelines that cross the Ukraine, there have been talks of dividing the country on ethnic/religious lines, in a bid to bring stability to the area. Talking of instability in the world, it has all been kicking of in Venezuela as well with protesters taking to the streets and making a stand against their government. The Venezuelan leader is blaming the US for plotting to overthrow the government. It is worth noting that Venezuela has some of the worlds largest oil and gas reserves, and that the opposition leader has strong links to American business and the oil sector. Talking of oil, one of the big issues about Scottish independence will be about North Sea oil. Like I said same old shit!


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MJG196 said...

Thrid World countries with First World militaries rarely have much to lose.