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Monday, 3 February 2014

TWENTY FLIGHT ROCKERS - I Love To Rock and Roll (A Radio Session)

Here's a repost for the Twenty Flight Rockers, and their classic leather clad Rock'nRoll Punk; Eddie Cochran meets The Clash and the tower block rocks! Back in the day the Twenty Flight Rockers were a phenomenal live band, never saw a duff gig, and I saw a few of 'em, at places around London;  Dingwalls, The Croydon Underground, The Fulham Greyhound, The Electric Ballroom to name a few. I remember going to see 'em at Brunel University in Uxbridge and I recall there were some 'issues' because the Student Union wouldn't allow the band to put up their backdrop as it was deemed to be sexist, don't think they stopped the band wearing their leather jackets with the same logo adoring the backs of them though. A similar problem unfolded when students at Bradford Uni tried to ban The Queer Boys from supporting The Cherry Bombs, and protested during their set by handing out flyers proclaiming their name was offensive. Shortly afterwards they tucked their tongues firmly in their cheeks and changed their name to The Pretty Girls. I appear to have digressed, so back to the Twenty Flight Rockers...A planned live album Nine Yards of Dead Cow never materialised, and only two singles were released in the bands short life time. They should have been massive, they had it all; the looks, the image, the hype, but more importantly the songs! As this MP3 from my original well worn and well played tape of a unknown Radio Session from 1985 will testify. ENJOY!
Post Script
Former Twenty Flight Rockers singer and songwriter Garry Twinn is now strutting his stuff along side Glen Matlock, James Stevenson and Clem Burke in The International Swingers, who at present are recording an album, which if their recent demos are anything to go by should be worth a listen if you like yer Rock to Roll!
Thanx to Nekrodad for requesting this!


Lewdd said...

I bought a CD a few months ago at Newbury Comics in a suburb of Boston by these guys. Here is the track listing.
1. Black Leather Jacket
2. Out of Control
3. Fall in Love with You
4. I Can't Stop Dancing
5. Subway Train
6. We Are the Rockers
7. Heart of Stone
8. King of a Lonesome Road
9. Cadillac
10. Guns for Sale

I like the International Swingers stuff too. Lead singer sounds a bit like Billy Idol on those demos.

nekrodad said...

Thank you for the reup kind sir!!! the cd the post above is the nyc sessions i have it too very good.

maffof said...

Great, great band! Maff