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Thursday, 15 May 2014

A not so safe European home!

Anti- EU feelings are growing in Britain as we approach the elections for the European Parliament. In many other European countries, far right parties are gaining support, with their anti immigration one trick pony. Imagine Brussels filled with right wing MEP's of all nationalities united as one. Supporting UKIP and their ilk is the first step toward toward a jackboot European Fascist Superstate elected through policies which target other human beings and makes scapegoats of them. They always need us to have someone to blame, because United we stand, Divided they rule!

Nigel Farage, nice British name! Married to a German, who's also his secretary, uses Eastern Europeans to deliver leaflets, and has made his wealth from being a Member of the European Parliament. This man should have died in a helicopter crash a few years back, but no....he walked away. Never mind having an egg thrown at him, it should have been a brick! He smokes fags and drinks beer, so he must be a man of the people, someone who understands them. No! What he understands is the people and how to play on their fears and ignorance, with no sense of being the hypocrite that he is.

Do we believe what the media tells us? Statistics are massaged and manipulated left right and centre to suit who evers political ends. Stories are blown out of all proportion, there may be some truths amongst the fiction, but the fact is that it is all propaganda designed and developed to win the hearts and minds of people that don't have a heart, or a mind to think for themselves!..

Take Abu Hamza, or Captain Hook as he was refereed to by the media. If stories are to be believed, it would appear that he was working for the British police and Secret Services. If this is true than perhaps the reason he was able to stay in Britain for so long wasn't because of Human Rights laws as the media told people, but because he was a servant for the Great British State. One day the truth will out, just like it has over the 'War on Terror', no wait up, it hasn't yet because there are delays in publishing the Chilcott Enquiry into the war in Iraq.

Is it a coincidence that the EU Human Rights culture exploded during the New Labour Blair years, and that Tony’s wife Cherie happens to be a lawyer who specialises in....Human Rights! Is it another coincidence that during the same time Britain became so dumbed down and de-skilled that it needed to rely on foreign labour to do the work that British workers didn't want or couldn't do.

The only people to blame are the politicians, so when it comes time to cast your vote just remember that they are all a bunch of cunts and the only people they seek to serve are themselves!  

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Logray said...

I love reading your posts, especially for the similarities of the circumstances in Great Britain and in my home country, in Germany. For years I'm telling all people who want to listen and the more to those who won't, that the education of the people is getting more worse every day so that the people can be forced by the companies with a little help by the politics to work for minimum wages or that immigrants will do their work without knowledge of their rights for the same little wage. This european super state means nothing else than exploitation of the public for the interests of a few in politics and economy.
Sometimes it seems, lots of people out there are not able or do not want to see, what's happening around them and that fact makes me very sad every day.
Greets from Germany