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Thursday, 1 May 2014


Once again I find myself staring at a blank screen with an as yet untitled document open. I have a notebook with some words scribbled in pen that don't make much sense at the moment, they are just pointers to somewhere, dunno where, but lets get going and see where we end up. .

International Workers day of Revolution! UP THE WORKERS! Yeah, we get it shoved up us everyday of the working week! Work is a fucking pain in the arse!

A perpetual state of turmoil from one disaster to another disaster. Scandal after scandal, another cover up by those in power is exposed. These people run and control our country and our lives, and they cannot control themselves, they are responsible for so much and take responsibility for so little, they lie and cheat, pass judgement and watch our every move. Drones watch the drones you've been framed on CCTV. for Saturday night Prime time entertainment. Laughing at others misfortune makes others feel more fortunate. Watching others misery makes them feel less miserable about the useless lives that they lead.

The totalitarian democracy we are living in is an all encompassing machine that destroys the old and calls it progress. We have no real say, they talk of community as they kill it off with bedroom taxes and regeneration, when all it is is wealth creation.

The NHS is sick a slow death by statistics and internal markets, same with all the public services. No one looks at the bigger picture, they just see their little part in it. Strangled by red tape and petty bureaucracy health and safety madness that takes away any responsibility from anyone for their actions. No wonder no one takes responsibility, they don't know how to. An accident or injury? should have taken more care, no it was someone else’s fault. We learn by mistakes, no one is perfect but people want things to be perfect even in an imperfect world if we make no mistakes how do we learn The Modern World teaches us nothing it shows us and tell us everything how to think and what to think. It defines us then divides us. It keeps us in control by giving us no control. People are becoming programmed machines not human beings directed everywhere by sat nav everything controlled by a mobile phone. Blue tooth, blue ray, when I was a kid the only blue entertainment were films. Now I'm, older if I want to see a bunch of cunts on my TV screen I just turn to the BBC's parliament channel the House of Commons is full of 'em.

The pied piper plays the tune as people follow blindly to the death camps they call home, flat packed and semi detached living for those that think they are free when all they are is slaves detached from reality living in a virtual world of one click shopping same day delivery. Patience another human skill becomes lost in the then and now, now, now! Money back guarantees for people that don't have the money cos it's all on credit. Home owners, owned by their homes and chained to the machine working overtime cos they've over spent. Too blind to see past the smokescreens and illusions and too deaf to hear anything else except the Pipers Tune

The Big Lie, tell people they are free enough times because they are living in a democratic country with the right to vote and they will believe it show them military dictatorships in other countries to reinforce the believe that if you haven't got a gun held to your head you must be free. Well I've got news for you, the guns held to our head is fear. The fear of repossession, unemployment, the fear of having nothing after the bailiffs have been. People are owned by what they own, defined by what they have and motivated by what they haven't got, and what they want what they don't need, not that they know that, because they have been brainwashed into thinking that they are free because they have freedom of choice and a right to buy whatever they choose..

Dumbing down the dumb. Too blind to see / Too thick to think What is that fucking stink? I love the smell of bullshit in the morning, papers!


Anonymous said...

we will only learn were we went wrong when its too late. its already too late for us, the next generations gonna have it worse. the average lifespan for someone born this year is estimated at 100 years, thats 100 years of servitude, frightening

Anonymous said...

All we have is right now,tomorrow's only an i.o.u.Be well my friend ~Tymexpyres