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Monday, 10 November 2014

ENEMIES OF PROMISE - Please Enjoy Your Punk Rock Responsibility (*A Review*)

Please Enjoy Your Punk Rock Responsibility is the debut mini-album from Enemies Of Promise, a couple of fellas from Wolverhampton who are armed to the teeth with a fully loaded pistol of six killer tracks, their weapons of choice are; a couple of guitars, vocals and a drum machine, and they have their sights firmly trained on the usual suspects; politicians, bankers and anyone else that stands in the way of social justice. This is a righteous riot of a listen, I mean check out these titles.... Palace of The Mighty, Edge of War, Please Enjoy Your Punk Rock Responsibility, You Have The Right To Strike, My Heart Is Still Red, The Man In Authority....
The vocals deliver a throaty tunefull state of the nation address to the dispossessed. and disillusioned and anyone else that wants to listen and learn. The music is toe taping and fist in the air thumping Post Punk'n'Pop Rock. Guitars chug and chop over the rat a tat, tat of a machine gun drum machine, Less is definitely more because there are times across these six tracks when Enemies Of Promise have just as much power as say.... The Jam, SLF, or the Newtown Neurotics there are also some great Punk Rock Everly Bruthas vocal harmonies thrown into the mix. This is catchy and confident stuff....pure, simple and honest. Enemies Of Promise know the power of music and how it can change lives  this album is a sound track for revolution, and it's one call up you should answer sign up at their facebook page, where you can find out details of how to get your punk responsibility, and trust me....you will enjoy it!

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