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Sunday, 16 November 2014

I've seen the light....Skin up for Jesus! (A spray painted slogan and Sunday Sermon of sorts.)

Preachers and Pilgrims on Parade, getting ready for their morning raid, gathering on street corners armed to the teeth with the words of false prophets, speaking salvation to the soulless strangers they find on their door to door assault, holding people up at Bible point. Organised Religion.... Organised Crime. People wouldn't put up with drug dealers knocking on their door selling opium, (well some people might) so why should we put up with these witnesses of Jehovah peddling and pushing their drug of choice to the vulnerable who are looking for a way to cope with their life's slow suicide. We live our lives in worlds of our own making, where the only people that can change it are themselves. Drugs numb or kill the pain, religious dope brings nothing but false hope; There is no after life....just life. There are many ways of dealing with today, but they aint gonna come knocking on your door. It is up to people to find their own way, and without wanting to sound like Bono (further proof that there is no god, because if there was Bono would have fallen out of his aircraft the other day when the door opened mid-flight.) many “still haven't found what they are looking for.” Which is why on a Sunday I either don't answer any strangers knocks on the door, and if I do they are politely told to FUCK OFF!, unless they are a drug dealer!!  


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MJG196 said...

No, there is no god, though the priests and popes would have you think differently...while they raped our children for centuries.

Anonymous said...

6 Hills Underpass........the memories