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Sunday, 8 January 2017


Prescription drugs fuck you up! Stress and anxiety fucks you up! Yoga and whale music ain’t my thing. Count to 10 deep breaths....BANG! That don't work I just wanna explode. Counselling / therapy maybe, but from my experiences those doing the listening are just as fucked up as those doing the talking, except their making a living out of our feelings. Prescription drugs control the anger/energy, reduce the stress and anxiety, but suppress feelings, creativity and thinking. Just like they want the people to be. Well not this one anymore. It's been a struggle but I'm busting through and getting the writing going. Thinking hasn't been the problem....Too much? Probably! But there's been a lot to think about on the macro level; Brexit, Trump, Syria etc, and on a micro level, well....that's my war, in my head! The struggles on both levels continue and I will keep on keeping on addressing them in my own time with my own mind.

Thank goodness for Rock'nRoll to continue to shine a light in dark times. 'cos this year's seen some fucking good shit: THE RUTS – This Music Must Destroy / UK SUBS – Ziezo / SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS – Vicious / THE WITCHDOKTORS – Voodoo Eye / THE FOLK DEVILS – Beautiful Monsters /BLACK BOMBERS – Black Bombers / REACTION – Accelerator / BAD BREEDING – Bad Breeding / ENEMIES OF PROMISE / CONTINENTAL LIASONS / THE DeRELLAS /
Easy Actions continuing NIKKI SUDDEN collections, has seen a lovely 3 CD Box Set of Treasure Island hit the market earlier this or last year, complimented by the release of a blistering live set from Berlin’s Quasimodo Club
Some I reviewed and some I didn't, and I've probably forgotten to mention a few more, but.... Hey, Ho!

Had a few technical difficulties not just in my mind but also in the Laptop's, which has days were it's not responding; more memory needed, attacked by viruses and generally fucked. yeah know that feeling sometimes....now where was I? Yeah....so uploading music is/has been a bit of an issue/hassle, hoping to get this resolved.
Hold on tight cos I reckon 2017 is gonna be a bumpy ride Just gotta stay strong and keep on keepin' On!

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