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Sunday, 8 January 2017

ZIEZO....an Un-posted/published/edited/finished UK SUBS Review from Nov 2016.

The final UK Subs alphabet album bottles the “spirit of our time” into a fantastic and inspirational brew for those of us old and wise enough not to have fully grown up.  
I Get the same feeling of excitement as I did as an impressionable youngster when I first heard Another Kind Of Blues. The 'Subs must have made an impression, because here I am Thirty Six years later still in their stranglehold, raving about their latest album. After 26 albums one for each letter of the alphabet, Charlie Harper has achieved his (possible) Guinness World Record busting goal, and Ziezo. that's it....
Ziezo is Dutch I believe for that's it

The album cover takes the past and makes it the present as it resembles and has echoes of the Another Kind of Blues sleeve.  So where do the UK Subs go from here?
It has been a long hard road the Subs have travelled along, throughout this journey.
If this is to be their last album, well they've certainly finished up on a high and with some style and substance. Timeless.

Ska Punk Rock'n'Roll crunching riffs, powerhouse drumming give a pummelling and pounding power to the songs.
As always lyrically tuned in to the world around them, musically varied.
It's well produced, well played and just.... well fucking good! Up there with the best of 'em. Even a couple of possible fillers are killers, and Banksy has got to be up there in the top ten of Subs tunes.

Its fitting that this release was funded by the fans through pledge music
Charlie, Alvin, Jet and Jamie are the final classic UK Subs line-up from W to Z they have rocked out as powerfully as any of the previous classics 
World domination for the UK Subs, because they deserve it!

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