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Monday, 29 May 2017


The Media manipulate and manufacture fear. Terror threat critical, Troops on the Streets. The Government cares about kids when they are blown up, but wants to stop free school meals and Youth Services are cut back. Don't fear the(ir) fear It is known that psychologically it is easier to control people if they are scared. Interesting times continue, as it all explodes in the middle of a General Election campaign, one in which if the Conservatives win by a huge majority will see Britain turn into a one party state, the media once again manipulate and manufacture. Bullshit broadcasts blind the already partially sighted. The politicians promises will manifest into lies when they get into power. It all comes down to trust and who the people belief will protect their self interests and beliefs the most. I hope enough people don't vote Tory, A Conservative consensus would see our freedoms taken away in the name of democracy, and more of our money being used to pay for this while the railways grind to a halt and the NHS falls sick. It's about the policies not the people. Strong stable leadership, or Labour co-operation, policies for the few, or for the many? Teresa May or Jeremy Corbyn? No...it's about the party; one that is for the few or one that is for the many! Together we are stronger, and don't let the media tell you anything else. If people really looked, they would see that there is more that unites us than divides us. We have more in common than the powers that we let be would like us to think we have. Divided we are ruled, together we make the rules!

Once again the British Security Services let a terrorist escape their sights, this happened on the Tory's watch, it also would appear that they haven't used special powers to 'keep out' terrorists; Temporary Exclusion Orders have only been used once to stop Jihadists returning from Libya and Syria entering Britain. How do the Conservative Party address these facts? They attack Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn and Dianne Abbott for talking to the IRA, (back in the day when terrorist left messages warning of an attack.) really, well I've got news.... the Northern Island Peace process didn't happen without all concerned parties putting aside their differences and talking. Our strong and stable leadership doesn't sound very strong and stable when in the wake of the recent attack in Manchester it accuses Labour leaders of being terrorist apologists, rather than admit their own failings in doing nothing to protect it's own citizens, or are some attacks seen as inevitable and the victims just collateral damage when there aren't the resources to watch all those suspected of being Radical Islamists, then just to complete some strange circle Internment is suggested as a means to control the terror threat, yeah look how well that worked at Longkesh in Northern Ireland.

Intern them and have troops on the streets is that really their answer? and the Conservatives say the Labour party that wants to take Britain back to the 1970's.


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Unknown said...

If you're staying free,
if you're voting left,
if you think abortion N homosexuality
are cool with Jesus, think again.
You're going to the Abyss o'Misery.

Make Your Choice -SAW
God bless your indelible soul.