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Monday, 1 May 2017


A check up from the neck up. If the health of a nation can be judged by the rate of suicides, then we are not in a very good place; According to Gov.uk in May 2016 they were are at their highest for 20 years. I don't think things have got any better for the British people, cos that was before Brexit, Trump, more terror, Syria, North Korea etc, etc, so who knows how many more people have ended it all, with feelings of alienation and anomie. Due to social stigma the recorded stats for suicides are also a lot lower. In Jan 2017 some sections of the media said it was a 'national crisis' as miss recording of stats was hiding the full extent of suicide in Britain. In March 2017, prior to President Trump there was a report that said the USA was facing an epidemic of “deaths of despair.”
So there you go the pursuit of total free market capitalism with it's focus on individualism and competition kills.... as suicide is the ultimate act of selfishness!

£12 million of British tax payers money has been spent on the hunt for Madeline Macann, all because a couple of selfish middle class parents didn't look after their child, she wasn't stolen, they just cared more about themselves, and as a result during all the economic hard times the people have been paying for this couples mistake. Most decent people would have said enough is enough, the money could be spent for the good of a lot more people than just us, but hey who said the Mccanns were decent people, because if they were then they wouldn't have left their child alone while they went to stuff their faces. They are the epitome of what has been wrong with this country for the last ten years; selfish, indulgent, inward looking and a sense of over importance.

There are two sides for the few or for the many. The individual or the collective, but it will always be about the money and how to distribute it public or private. Work together or get torn apart. The individual has ruled for too long. Time for a collective reaction and some action. Fuck the few and up the many! We've been shafted for far too long now!

As our leaders take us into Brexit negotiations, they still believe that they are gonna be in control of the table with their no deal is better than a bad deal for Britain attitude. Well I've got news....they aint and it wont be! Teresa May declares the forthcoming General Election’s gonna be a “Brexit election” and promptly none of the parties say anything, it's all about the NHS, Taxes etc, well I've got more news, there wont be much money for anything if we don't get a good deal sorted out with the EU They can try and get our votes with promises of increased funding for this and that and having to have a strong economy, but with what? and from where, when for the next few years we don't know were the pennies and pounds are gonna be coming from. What about the shortfall in funding that we used to receive from Europe? If during this election campaign no-one addresses the elephant in the room that is Brexit then we will be crushed by it, and if our leaders accept no deal then they will be committing Britain to a slow suicide.

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