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Saturday, 11 January 2020

PEDALJETS - Twist The Lens (*A Review*)

For the past three decades Midwest American beat combo; The Pedaljets have been err.... pedalling their unique brand of what has been labelled 'Alternative American Rock' which means they are neither Punk, Metal or Country but somewhere in-between them all. From The Rainmakers to The Replacements, the Pedaljets are part of the rich lineage of this 'Alt Rock' thang, but there is something that sets them apart from their peers....A sharp dark atmospheric and cinematic post punk pop edge. 

 ‘Twist The Lens' is their third album, and what an aural assault on the senses it is. The listener is drawn in from the start; from the alluring and beguiling cover photo to the winey, wailing and wired opening track ‘Disassociation Blues' then there's ‘Placid City Girl', a harmony laden feel good hit for the summer pop song. ‘Loved A Stone' is a grandiose heavy guitar drone, like an upbeat Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. While ‘This Is Sepsis' is dark and claustrophobic, a screeching and scratchy 21st Century post punk psychedelic freak out. The opening acoustic strum of ‘What Only Cats Chase' gives way to a fucked up fuzzed out folky tearjerker. The title track 'Twist The Lens' is a jagged and jaunty affair.  The more full on rocking tracks of which there are several like the racey, chasey and ballsy ‘Downtown' sound like a strung out REM and The Strokes dancing with the devil at a Kansas City crossroads. 

The abstract lyrics of the songs get your head thinking and the catchy hooks and melodies get your feet tapping and the emotions hit you in the heart. This is masterful and majestic stuff, an album to immerse yourself in....sit back and let yourself soar away to the places where the music takes you with this beyond brilliant collection of twelve infectious and immense tunes. 

 Out in February on Electric Moth Records. Check out The Pedaljets on Facebook or their website thepedaljets.com 

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