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Sunday, 8 March 2020


The radio phone- in is about Coronavirus aka Covid 19 and "are too many people talking about it" and creating fear and panic buying. If that is the case....STOP FUCKING TALKING ABOUT IT! Fear and panic only exists in the minds of the brainwashed mass media believers.

I also hear talk of people confronting other people if they are coughing in the wrong way or not sneezing into a tissue and being unhygienic by not washing their hands to the bone. Worse still several Chinese people have been racially attacked for "bringing their disease over here" 

Panic buying facemask wearing self isolating zombies. It's war on the virus! Before it brings Economic meltdown and a social clampdown. Foreign travel, social gatherings. This virus pan(ic)demic outbreak could change patterns of behaviour, and bring about a Reordering of society, with or without its citizens consent. People will sleepwalk into living in a state where the Government could have the power to shut down the streets at the drop of a snotty tissue. If they don't stop and think about what they are doing and how their irrational actions and reactions can justify future Goverment thinking around social control, I hear mention of Social Distancing Policies, i.e keeping people separated from each other no mass gatherings for example, so as not to spread 'The Virus'

Who benefits? The airliners losses are the Pharmacists profits. While we are all being told about Corona19 , what are they not telling us about? Dodgy Brexit No Deals, HS2, Migrant crisis in Greece, you name it any bad nrw will be buried along side the bodies of those killed by 'The Virus' even though the loss of life has been minimal in comparison to other diseases.   So is the response to the virus over exaggeration or relative to a 'real danger' Conspiracy theories abound; a population cull, chemical warfare. The world has gone Coronavirus Crazy, and now I'm gonna stop talking about it. COUGH, COUGH, COUGH!

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