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Monday, 16 March 2020


Here are some more thoughts on the Coronavirus Crisis.

We haven't been given the full facts, and what we are being told is contradictory, no one can know the true extent of numbers infected as accurate testing hasn't been carried out. Thanks to Tory cuts the NHS will struggle to cope with the increase in the sick and unwell. Did the Government act too slowly and follow the wrong advice?

The truth is which experts do we believe and whose 'scientific evidence' should we be listening to when it comes to the Covid 19/Coronavirus situation Now the scientists are arguing amongst themselves as to whose response to the worsening situation is the right one. Self Isolation or to develop a Herd Immunity. The Government has chosen the later, which will see the virus kill people, in order to save more lives?! most other European Counties through authoritarian means have gone into lockdown to isolate the virus and stop it spreading. Not content with the national suicide of Brexit the Tories are willing to let some of the countries population die, collateral damage in the war on covid 19?

The UK Government has been forced into a U turn about large gatherings such as football matches, even though the FA had all ready cancelled fixtures. Waiting for the clampdown. Will there be new legislation to stop 'mass gatherings' Civil liberties and freedom of movement taken away in the name of our nations health. Non ‘essential contact’ with other people to stop the spread of the virus, what if people don't comply with the Governments request for people not to go out to places like the pub, especially as schools are still open. Is it a coincidence that if they were, then parents wouldn't be able to go to work, true that would include the police nurses and other vital services that may be needed during the crisis. Social engineering on an industrial scale.

 It's not good when PM Boris Johnson says we "should expect more people to lose loved ones." The truth or just more flimflam? 

The Coronavirus is a cull on the poor, the weak, the old and the vulnerable in society. It could also bring about economic collapse with people isolating themelves not being able to travel abroad, no large gatherings such as sporting events. UKplc is a service economy and needs tourists and people spending on the services such as pubs, clubs, eating places, hotels etc if the town centres are empty then...where else is there to go other than to unemployment, with businesses closing and jobs being lost, well not necessarily it could be a whole new labour market ready to be employed to do the jobs that will need doing in our post Brexit economy.

The Covid 19 situation is political, yes science and medicine offer solutions to the problem, but ultimately it is down to the politicians to make the decision on how to use the solutions and evidence to keep its citizens safe and secure, these are historic and extraordinary times with people imprisoned in their own homes and empty shelves in supermarkets because the media have got people so scared that they are panic buying and stock piling like it's the end of days.

There many out there that aren't happy with how the government are dealing with the crisis. Not shutting schools There are Conspiracy Theories; The world is over populated. A global clampdown, a biological attack, social engineering. Take your pick there's probably some truth in all of them. We are living in a monumental times where the solutions are either gonna be Authoritarian or Altruistic, it will all be down to the people either working together for the good of the whole, or if they act like idiots then....the shit will really hit the fan if the state has to impose control to get people to do the right thing, if it is the right thing. Who knows? I ain’t no expert only time and the body count will be able to judge if our Government got it right!


Anonymous said...

I guarantee those Tory cunts are rubbing their hands at the thought of wiping out the frail and infirm, think how much easier the NHS will be in the future without them clogging up the system. Taking back control...

Anonymous said...

So you reckon the CCP and the Tories are hoping to wipe out the whites, and use PoC to do the work. Globalism.

Be Lucky

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Coronavirus is a fancy term for the COMMON COLD. That is a FACT. That's why the only people dying with it were already dying from lung cancer, pneumonia, leukaemia, etc. Tories and the other world fascists are using a minor illness as cover to rob the treasuries, smash small businesses and bring out another harmful vaccine. Vaccines didn't save anyone, sanitation, clean water, hygiene were responsible for ridding the world of disease, autism, polio, cancer, crohn's disease, etc were all CAUSED by either vaccines, pesticides or some other manmade manifestation.