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Monday, 13 April 2020


The Easter Bank Holiday Social Distancing Uprising or a State Controlled Total Clampdown? Let the people decide! If trust breaks down that's when trouble starts! Who'd have thought it ....this time last year I wrote about the collapse of capitalism and empty high streets and here we are, not exactly what I had in mind, anyway here’s a few thoughts from the past few days/weeks/months of the Covid 19 Coronavirus 2020 Crisis and Clampdown.

The only table in Europe the United Kingdom will top this year; the highest number of people killed by their governments mismanagement of the 'Covid 19 Crisis'
10,000+ Dead, Government manslaughter. The maths doesn't add up those who died in care homes are not included. It's not a daily count, it's the numbers reported on that day, victims could have died a week ago, so therefore the figure is not accurate to show if numbers dying is levelling off. The amount of dead may have been minimized if the situation hadn't been mismanaged from the start. The delay in locking down the country looking for Herd Immunity rather than containment, or has it all gone to plan? The lack of testing has resulted in a larger number of casualties than in countries that have been testing, evidence perhaps that killing the weak and vulnerable in society, the ones who are a burden on the public services was always their plan.

Promises of billions of pounds in economic aid to businesses that have had to shut so they can still pay their workers. Disaster Capitalists are rubbing their hands, not with soap and water to keep them clean but with glee at all the dirty money they are gonna make out of the 'Covid Crisis' BOO FOR JACOB REES MOGG! and other c**ts like him!

The world has turned upside down and all that was solid has melted into the air. Social distancing and Self Isolation are uniting a nation by keeping people apart. The clampdown has begun. The economy has crashed. Free movement ends as the Capitalist system has been shut down. Now is the time for a revolution....New ideas, new thinking, a new understanding....This could be the end of Globalisation, welcome to Another World Order! One with either more cooperation and less competition, or one based on isolationism and authoritarianism.

Standing silent queuing 2 metres apart to enter the supermarket before shopping from half empty shelves. Beyond surreal, who'd have thought it would end like this 3 months ago when the first travellers returning from places like China and Austria coughed and sputtered their way back to Britain through the nothing to declare customs. Who could have imagined that Face masks and latex gloves would become high fashion chic and sneezing in public a potential crime, under new coronavirus emergency measures.  Self isolation is the new going out and social distancing brings a nation together in the fight against the spread of covid 19.

Labour turncoats may regret their vote because post Corona the north will suffer when the economic implications hit. Just when we needed a socialist government to bring country together. Everyone loves the NHS. I hope people remember that when it comes to the next Election....Protecting an austerity hit NHS, Conservatives clap their support for the crisis in the health service that they caused. The lockdown to be controlled by an underfunded Police force. How easily our civil liberties have been taken away under the guise of a war on Coronavirus. A short term measure on a long time basis? abuse of these powers already using drones to monitor people who are not doing as they are instructed.
Coronavirus is killing off the private sector. The Government has effectively taken control of the railways, telling franchises to shut down services, the NHS have been given a blank cheque to buy PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and ventilators without going through commissioning body, neither of which are available, leaving nurses and doctors dying on the frontline.

Government didn't listen to it's own advice as Boris Johnson and several other cabinet members catch Covid19, while the rest of the country has washed it's hands to the bone.  Boris Johnson is not a hero! The media will try and tell the people he is, and many fools will believe it.  The surveillance stazi state is upon us, neighbours reporting neighbours for ‘Social Distancing violations' apps to track our movements sold to the people as a weapon in the war against Coronavirus! Welcome to the ‘new normal' and it will be what the people will have been fooled into believing is that it is for their security, when in fact it is for theirs. How can you have a mass demonstration if you've gotta stand 2 metres apart from each other.

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