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Saturday, 18 April 2020

TRICKSTER - Welcome To Clone Town (*A REVIEW*)

From the "Boring seaside town" of Bournemouth, England, come Trickster a trio of jokers in the pack, who have been kicking up a racket around the area for the last few years, usharing stages with the likes of Disorder, Self Abuse and The Mistakes. For a three piece (Paul Hurst-Vocals/Guitar, Nick Tidiman-Guitars, Nick Uff-Drums.) outfit they make quite a disorderly and righteous row, with their own brutal brand of Lo-Fi Hi-Fury Post Punk Rock, full of angst and alienation, positivity and protest.
            'Welcome To Clone Town' is Trickster's debut album, released on a budget of less than a hundred quid, it presents the listener with a perfect picture of an imperfect and unequal society, a dark vision of 21st Century Britain blighted by; chicken shops, gun crime, homelessness, and Drug abuse.
            There are elements of 1977 and 1982 Punk Rock in the Trickster thrash, the guitar chops and buzzes, while the bass bashes the drums rattle and crash and the vocals are a snarling drawl. Imagine a massive punch up in an out of town retail park between; Joy Division, Killing Joke, Crisis, Chron Gen and The Cortinas.
            The album is available from: Pissedandbrokerecords, the bands own 'virtual' record label. Perfect self isolating and social distancing listening, and it's available for free during the Coronacrisis Clampdown. Go to www.pissedandbrokerecords.com for details!

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